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Feb 27

What was that? Cats trail UT 40-29 at the half…

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (1)
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I’m not sure the Cats translated the message Cal was sending when he said we are at war. Look lackadaisical and slow to respond of defense. Wall leads the Cats with 8 pts but nothing else is really going on.

The Cats have failed to get back on defense several times and UT put together a big time run of 18-0.

Look for the Cats to step up the intensity on D and get UT into foul trouble. WE HAVE TO HIT OUR SHOTS. The Cats need to shoot better if they want to win. Let’s focus on D and chip away at the lead in the paint.

Points UK 29 UT 40
Field Goals 7-29 (24.1%) 16-33 (48.5%)
Free Throws 14-19 (73.7%) 4-7 (57.1%)
3-pointers 1-10 (10.0%) 4-15 (26.7%)
Rebounds (Off) 19 (8) 20 (5)
Assists 3 9
Steals 5 3
Blocks 4 4
Turnovers 6 5
Personal Fouls 8 13 said on 07/1/2014 6:33 AM

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