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Feb 27

Cats Locked and Loaded for Knoxville

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Category: Basketball

Strangely enough there isn’t much talk about the Cats playing in Knoxville today at lunch time. Maybe it’s the sweet buzz of revenge that is silencing the Big Blue Nation, but we must move on and focus on the next stepping stone at hand; faded-orange Tennessee and dem lo, down, dirty, snitches. (best part is the garbage truck driver convention comment)

Many of you remember our last trip to Knoxville like the profile head shot of the person next to you in your cubicle. Rob wrote on it earlier but we have to mention one of the greatest performances in Kentucky history, Jodie Meeks and his 54 point smack down on the Fanta orange thugs.

The Cats need to turn around quickly from the battle last night and piece together the energy necessary to win on the road in a hostile environment. And, since this game is touted as a rivalry (not sure why, UK leads all-time series 142-65), UT will be amped up and ready to roll as if it were Kansas all over again. Can UT match the tenacity they brought that night against the fog? Are Kansas and Kentucky comparable? Not really.

#17 UT is reeling, sitting at 8-5 in conference play and 20-7 overall, and got punched in the gut by Florida on Tuesday night 75-62. They still have managed to salvage their season without star Tyler Smith whom was kicked off the team for packing heat and playing with narcotics, and are making a good run at a decent seed in the NCAA tourney.

Wayne Chism isn’t likely to be 100% when he takes the floor this afternoon but he is still the team leader in rebounding (6.9 pg) and tied with Kentucky native Scotty Hopson for scoring, averaging 12.9 points per contest. Look for him to play the entire 40 if the fighting Pearl’s want any shot at knocking off the more dominant Cats.

Still, the Cats need a solid performance from Patrick Patterson again to take the heat off of Demarcus Cousins. Most of this game will be played in the paint due to UT’s lack of depth in the middle. Look for that to free things up on the wings for Dodson, Miller, and Liggins to make some outside shots. Yes, this has pretty much been our game plan from day one because we are the biggest team in the country which makes since, but easier said than done. Wall and Bledsoe will then be able to penetrate when they want and hopefully both protect the rock.

I don’t think this team has to worry about conditioning and the tight turnaround time between games, but they will need to keep the defensive intensity up all game in order to keep Tennessee reeling, as they have been accustomed to lately.

Cats 88

Them 79

Feb 26

Pregame Nonsense

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 9:36 pm | Leave a Comment (5)
Category: Random Notes

I know you are all familiar with Tennessee’s living mascot, Smokey. The lovable blue tick hound roams the sidelines for the Vols athletic teams. At first glance Smokey looks like a pleasant pup, but from reports recently submitted to the Tailgate Review, things are not always what they seem.

An unnamed source informed the TGR News Crew that Smokey is quite a problem for his handlers. Smokey was thought to be named such, because of the close proximity to the Great Smokey Mountains. Turns out, this is not the case at all. Smokey suffers from an addiction to smoking crack cocaine. I know “R.A, you silly fool, dogs don’t smoke crack!” Believe you me, I thought the same thing when I heard the news. How could he even light the lighter, he doesn’t have plausible thumbs or anything like that? Is someone helping him hold the pipe? Could it be one of those basketball players that are toting around pistols and marijuana? I am getting upset by this news, and I have known about this for months, it is very disturbing.Are crack dealers selling the crap straight to the dog, or is there a middle man?

We got this news only because the crack scene was about to be exposed by the local authorities. They had a lead on a University of Tennessee employee, and were about to go in to take the criminal down, but he bolted for the west coast. Seems he found a better boss out there that will allow him to get away with more than what UT was. I have heard that UT knows about the entire situation, but have chosen to protect their former hired
Gun, instead of looking out for the well being of Smokey.

I don’t look down upon Smokey from my ‘drug free’ pedestal. Instead, I pity the fool as Mr. T would. I hope that the University of Tennessee can find time in their busy schedule to help their long time mascot. Instead of using more than 8 hours to paint the entire body of their men’s head coach orange, why not take a moment to help out their biggest fan.

If you are reading this Smokey, I care about you. If you ever want any help escaping your momentary high, to join a circle of friends as high as you can be on life, holler at your boy dawg!

Feb 26

54 Points in 54 Seconds

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 8:54 pm | Leave a Comment (5)
Category: Random Notes

Feb 26

The Vol Killa

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Category: Random Notes

Feb 26

J.W. Looking for Next Gear

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 7:00 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Random Notes

In Gary Parrish’s “Friday Look Ahead”, he has tagged John Wall as his “Player trying to get rolling”. To me, John looks poised for the stretch run, he seems to be bored at times with the last few regular season games he has played. I look for a big performance tomorrow afternoon in Knoxville.

Here is what Gary had to say about “The Great” and the Cats…

-Player trying to get rolling: John Wall is still terrific, and anybody suggesting otherwise is crazy. But it is a fact that the super freshman is 7 of 26 from the field in his past two outings with eight turnovers and five assists, and that’s no good. Kentucky is so talented that it can get by when Wall is in a funk, proof being that the Wildcats are 27-1 and on an eight-game winning streak. But next up is Saturday’s game against Tennessee at Thompson-Boling Arena — otherwise known as the only place Kansas has lost — and Wall probably needs to be sharper for UK to escape.-

Feb 26

That Night in Knoxville

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 1:38 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Random Notes

The last time 20,474 inbred hillbillies filled Thompson-Boling Arena to watch their Vols battle the Cats, they were ‘Witness’ to the single greatest scoring performance in the history of the UK basketball program. Jodie Meeks, to the delight of the Big Blue nation, was beyond ‘hotter than a pistol’ for 39 minutes against the Volunteers on January 13, 2009.

Despite Billy Clyde Gillispie, Meeks put on a shooting display never before seen in college basketball. Meeks hit a school record 10 3 point shots, he hit all 14 of his free throw attempts and hit five 2 point shots to break the 39 year old scoring record of Dan Issel.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will not live long enough to see another scoring performance like the one the kid from Norcross, Georgia put on that night in Knoxville. After about the 4th long one he hit, it looked like every one of his shots were going in, and most of them were. I have never received, and answered, as many phone calls as I was during that game. Normally my friends and I do not talk during a game, but that night was special.

It could not have happened to a better kid, and could not have happened to a better opponent. My favorite part of the night was late in the game. Meeks was sitting on 49 points and was fouled. He stepped up to the line and drained the first. After sinking it, he looked over at Bobby Mays, who was continuously talking trash as he was being torched, and said to him “FIFTY”. It was absolutely one of the best moments of my sports life.

Cheers to Jodie for that night and all of the great moments he provided us, and here’s to another big afternoon in Knoxville! Go Cats!

Feb 26

Cats say “Bye Bye” to First Round

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Category: Random Notes

The cats clinched a first round bye with their win last night in Lexington. The below article gives the standings and match-ups (before last nights action, don’t think anything changed) for the upcoming tournament in Nash Vegas. I can’t wait for some Tootsie’s action!
Check out the forecasted SEC Tourney bracket here!

Feb 26

Wall Makes Final 11 On Cousy Award List: Click to Vote

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Category: Basketballparents=singleGeneral News

Wall makes the final 11 for the Bob Cousy Award, click here to vote on our guy.

Feb 26

I Beg of you Darius

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 9:30 am | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Random Notes

I am probably going to regret this, I mean, every time I flip-flop back over to not hating on him, he plays another bad game well, here goes anyway. Atta boy darius! That is what I am talking about brother! You played exactly the kind of game we need you to play. You attacked on offense without hesitation, you attacked the ball on defense, and you showed a willingness to do the little things, finally. I am not even going to copy and paste any stats in to this post, they don’t matter. You should take the same approach; your STATS do not matter. Let’s see some of that 10th Region blue collared style, not this weak, soft, hesitant nonsense.

It has been thought throughout the Big Blue nation that you are the key to the team taking itself to the next level of ‘greatness’. We don’t need 10 points and 10 rebounds out of you each game; we only need the aggressiveness you showed last night. If you can hit 2 or 3 from the arch, that is great, but that is not what is going to get you more playing time…It is that grit you showed last night. Here is to you darius, A True Blue hero, at least for one night.

Feb 26

Cal and Players Talk Gamecocks Win

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Category: Basketballparents=singleGeneral News