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Mar 30

Worst. Week. Ever.

Posted by: Samuel Clemens at 11:39 pm | Leave a Comment (3)
Category: Random Notes

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got it pretty good.

I have a job that allows me to pay my bills.  I have a loving family that puts up with me.  I have a great group of friends.  And I get to cheer for the sports teams of the greatest University in this here land.

But I’ve gotta harp on something for just a minute…it really sucks to be me right now.

Admittedly, had things gone a little differently on Saturday night, I’d be singing a much different tune right now.  I’d be in the midst of giving you folks all of the Sammy that you could possibly handle – coming at you each day with laundry lists so full of things to do that you’d think you were Christmas shopping for John and Kate’s eight kids.  I would have loved it.  And you would have too.

But that isn’t the case.  As we all know, our mighty Cats fell one game short of college basketball’s final weekend.  And thus, I find myself fully embedded in the midst of the Worst Week Ever.

You see, I currently live in downtown Indianapolis – just a hop, skip, and a jump away from this weekend’s events.  I work just a couple of blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium.  I live just a mile from the center of all things Final Four related.

Everywhere I go, every time I turn around, there’s more and more Final Four paraphernalia for all to see.  I can’t get away from it.  Heck, things are so bad for me right now that I even have to drive under the large structure shown above at least twice a day during my daily commutes.

Last week that signage was a ray of hope, a badge that would forever be linked to my Kentucky Wildcats, much like the logos from the Meadowlands and the Alamodome.  This week, it’s nothing more than a somber reminder that the road didn’t end where it was supposed to for the most entertaining group of Wildcats I’ve ever laid eyes on (sans the Dance Cats, of course).   By now, I’m so tired of it that I think I might just pack some rocks and a slingshot tomorrow and test out the strength of that glass.  But I digress.

I can’t ask you to cheer up, fellow Cat fans…because, quite frankly, I have yet to do so myself.  But I would appreciate it if you paused for a moment to think of your fellow brother in blue, the one who is stuck right in the middle of the most depressing Final Four this side of 1997.

Much like the Grinch, I’ll be watching Whoville from atop my perch this weekend, envious of the happiness displayed by all.  You see, after Saturday night, I’m afraid that my heart is still a few sizes too small.

Mar 30

Coach Carousel 2010

Posted by: Ryan at 10:00 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Random Notes

Tubby Smith identified and contacted by Oregon.

Steven Lavin headed to St. John’s.

Rick Pitino getting a 4-year deal and a $3 million dollar bonus.

Renegade Tim Floyd coaching at UTEP.

Billy-ray Clyde Gillispie still in the mix for Houston.

Central Arkansas hiring Corliss Williamson, yes, that Corliss.

Auburn firing Jeff Lebo, hiring Ex-Calipari player and assistant, Tony Barbee.

Skinner fired at BC.

Kevin Willard fired at Iona, only to take over at Seton Hall.

Cal staying at Kentucky, priceless!!! Remember, only one year ago today we were wondering what the future held. Funny how things work out. Thank god for our “savior”.

Mar 30

Back from the Fog with Random Thoughts

Posted by: John Clark at 8:02 pm | Leave a Comment (1)
Category: Random Notes

Drunk Ass Billy

Evening Cats fans. After the performance we had I quickly found myself in a drunken haze for the rest of the weekend. (A little self medication to numb the pain of a horrible loss to “The Sweat Suite”)

So to swipe my blogger V-Card…here are my thoughts and memories about this year’s team:

Pat and his 3 pointers.
We were lucky to have Wall wear Kentucky over his superman logo.
Cuz is a beast.
Big Blue Madness. (My first one)
Senior Night featuring Pat.
Celebrities at the games other than the beautiful Ashley Judd.
Happy Bledsoe is turnover city so he comes back to play another year.
Orton has great potential, shot block extraordinaire.
Miller is only confidence away from a Jodie like performance.
The power and greatness of The Godfather.
The great feeling of being hated again.

Forgot one…Fred Cowgill’s post game coverage with fans yelling “Baba Booey, Baba Booey”

Mar 30

Calipari/Kentucky Recruiting Scandal?

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 5:00 pm | Leave a Comment (3)
Category: Basketball

Mar 30

Should They Stay or Go Now?

Posted by: Ryan at 4:26 pm | Leave a Comment (1)
Category: Basketball

Daniel Orton is not in the top 60…..

Mar 30

“5 Guys are leaving”

Posted by: Ryan at 1:45 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Recruiting

According to recruiting guru Jody Demling’s twitter page and in an interview with CJ Leslie (John Wall’s old Word of God Teammate)….. Leslie remarked that he was told “5 guys will be leaving” and that none of those 5 are seniors……

If CJ knows whats sup, then we would love to have him and should be prepared for a major roster shake up. Thanks Mr. Obvious!!!!

Mar 30

Joker Presser

Posted by: Ryan at 1:22 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Football

Mar 30

A Long Way From ’98

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 12:30 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketball

In 1998 Tubby Smith brought “Orlando’s magic” to Lexington, along with a 7th national championship.  The Cats returned to the Final Four for the 3rd straight year, and won their 2nd title in as many years.

Bernadette Mattox and her lady cats were coming off a less than stellar year.  The ladies finished the 1997-98 season with a 13-15 over all record, and a 5-9 mark in the Southeastern conference. Mattox was only 5 years from leaving the UK program when it was decided she would step down.    It was obvious at the end of 1998 the men’s and women’s programs were going in drastically different directions.

Since the 1998 season, both programs have gone through 3 different coaches.  Bernadette Locke-Mattox, Mickie DeMoss, and its current coach, Matthew Mitchell for the girls.  Tubby Smith, Billy Gillispie, and its current coach, John Calipari for the men.  Mickie brought plenty of excitement to an excitement starved women’s program.  She actually got me out to a few games, including a game with West Virginia in the WNIT and one of the greatest sporting events I have ever attended in person, the upset over the #1 ranked lady Vols in Rupp Arena.

Billy Clyde brought similar hope to the UK program after the departure of Tubby to the University of Minnesota. I probably don’t have to tell any of you, (well, maybe our recent visitors from Poland) how the BCG experiment turned out.  Around the same time BCG was hired on at UK, Mickie suddenly departed from the women’s team.  After a very short lived retirement, she took a job as an assistant on the university of Texas lady horns staff.

Enter John Calipari and Matthew Mitchell. Mitchell, a Pat Summitt prodigy, was named the 2010 Coach of the Year in the SEC.  He guided the lady cats to a 2nd place finish in both the SEC regular season and SEC tournament.  The girls finished 11-5 in the SEC and set a school record for wins that is still rising.

John Calipari came to UK last march after the firing of Billy Clyde.  He wasted little time in starting the rebuilding of the greatest tradition in college sports. Cal locked down the #1 recruiting class in the country in what seemed to be hours after his arrival.  7 returning players were joined by 6 newcomers in the fall of 2009.  Cal’s cats wasted little time marking their spot on the UK history books. Early season wins over North Carolina, UConn, and Louisville put the men’s program back into the middle of college basketball’s elite.  The 34-3 cats were defeated in the Regional Finals of the tournament last Saturday.

“damn it R.A.! Get to your point!” I hear you loud and clear Poland! I have pointed out several similarities’ between the two programs over the past few years. Coaching changes, NITs, etc… Back in 1998, if I were to ask you who would get to the Final Four first between the 2 programs, would any of us have ever dreamed it would be the lady cats? That is exactly what may happen tonight in the Regional Finals of the Women’s NCAA tournament.  Tonight, Matthew Mitchell’s 28-7 lady cats will face the #3 seeded Oklahoma Sooners with a chance to play in the Final Four on the line.  Coming off an upset win over the top seeded Nebraska Cornhuskers, Mitchell’s girls have been proven to be for real.

Tonight the girls will take a shot at the Final Four for the first time in school history.  Did any of you see that coming?  After Tubby gave us #7 12 years ago, did you think that the women’s program would make it back to that level before the boys?  Me neither, but tonight at 9:07 p.m., that may very well happen.  Good luck to Matthew and the lady cats!

Mar 30

By the numbers: 2009-2010 Team Stats

Posted by: Ryan at 11:00 am | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketball
Date Result
11/13/2009 Kentucky 75, Morehead State University 59
11/16/2009 Kentucky 72, Miami 70
11/19/2009 Kentucky 102, Sam Houston 92
11/21/2009 Kentucky 92, Rider 63
11/24/2009 Kentucky 73, CSU 49
11/25/2009 Kentucky 73, STAN 65
11/30/2009 Kentucky 94, Asheville 57
12/5/2009 Kentucky 68, North Carolina 66
12/9/2009 Kentucky 64, UConn 61
12/12/2009 Kentucky 90, Indiana 73
12/19/2009 Kentucky 90, Austin Peay 69
12/21/2009 Kentucky 88, Drexel 44
12/23/2009 Kentucky 86, Long Beach State 73
12/29/2009 Kentucky 104, Hartford 61
1/2/2010 Kentucky 71, Louisville 62
1/9/2010 Kentucky 76, Georgia 68
1/12/2010 Kentucky 89, Florida 77
1/16/2010 Kentucky 72, Auburn 67
1/23/2010 Kentucky 101, Arkansas 70
1/26/2010 South Carolina 68, Kentucky 62
1/30/2010 Kentucky 85, Vanderbilt 72
2/2/2010 Kentucky 85, Ole Miss 75
2/6/2010 Kentucky 81, LSU 55
2/9/2010 Kentucky 66, Alabama 55
2/13/2010 Kentucky 73, Tennessee 62
2/16/2010 Kentucky 81, Mississippi State 75
2/20/2010 Kentucky 58, Vanderbilt 56
2/25/2010 Kentucky 82, South Carolina 61
2/27/2010 Tennessee 74, Kentucky 65
3/3/2010 Kentucky 80, Georgia 68
3/7/2010 Kentucky 74, Florida 66
3/12/2010 Kentucky 73, Alabama 67
3/13/2010 Kentucky 74, Tennessee 45
3/14/2010 Kentucky 75, Mississippi State 74
3/18/2010 Kentucky 100, East Tennessee State 71
3/20/2010 Kentucky 90, Wake Forest 60
3/25/2010 Kentucky 62, Cornell 45
3/27/2010 West Virginia 73, Kentucky 66
Overall 35-3
Conference 14-2
Non-Conference 21-1
18-0 At Home
7-2 Away
10-1 Neutral
UK FG 47.8%
Opp. 37.8%
UK 3-PT 33.1%
Opp. 31.3%
UK FT 66.8%
Opp. 68.8%
UK Rebounds 1584
Opp. 1277
UK Turns. 547
Opp. 531
UK Blocks 273
Opp. 119
UK Stls 279
Opp. 261
UK Points 79.3%
Opp. 64.9%

Mar 30

Selby Wins McDonald’s Dunk Contest

Posted by: Ryan at 8:17 am | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Recruiting

We are not huge on recruiting over here at TGR, but we do recognize talent and especially when that talent may come to Lexington next year. Here is video on UK target Josh Selby winning the McDonald’s dunk contest: