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Apr 30

The TGR Derby Pick

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Category: Random Notes

Everytime I come around yo city, Bling bling, Pinky ring worth about fifty, Bling bling, Everytime I buy a new ride, Bling bling, Lorenzos on Yokahama tires

Bling bling!  Who likes free money!  Shake your tail feathers at your computer!  Not sure why, other than to greatly entertain your co-workers. It has been a while since the TGR Pick has rocked your world and your bank account, seems it was around the same time that those damn dirty hillbillies came out of them there mountains and bitch slapped our bare ass’s, but that is neither here nor there.  We have proven our gambling genius when it comes to college basketball, now we will show our skills when it comes to the other thoroughbreds, the four legged variety.

As always, the boys and girls out in the lot sitting on their tailgates have put together their collective minds to pick for you, the winner of the 136th Kentucky Derby.  We have really gone out of our way to provide to you the most comprehensive Derby information available, and not only do we have a winner for you, we have 2nd place, 3rd place, and 4th place picked for you too.  This brings all of the exotic bets in play for you, our loving readers!

We will start just out of the money with our 4th place finisher…

13. Jackson Bend 15-1

I just wonder which Jackson’s Bend this horse is referring to, Michael’s, Phil’s, Tito’s, Janet’s, or Marty’s (Former Winchester Police Chief).

3rd Place- Show: 17. Dublin 12-1

This horse’s name describes what everyone betting on the Derby is hoping to do with their money, or he’s Irish.

2nd Place-Place: 2. Ice Box 10-1

In the movie, Little Giants, there is a girl who is torn between football and cheerleading.  Her father coach’s football and she is very good at football, but she wants to be more girly and more like Al Bundy’s kids.  Her nickname in the movie is ‘Ice Box’, because she is breaking beotches off! How Rick Moranis did not win the Oscar that year is still a mystery to me.

1st Place-Win: 11. Devil May Care 10-1

After the year Rachel Alexandra, Zenyatta, Oprah, and lady gaga have had, how can you go against the girl?

No matter what Tim McGraw tells you in sappy old country songs, do indeed, take the girl!

Others receiving votes:

Noble’s Promise, Awesome Act, Stately Victor, Sidneys Candy, Conveyance, and Super saver.  I had to make sure everyone felt important.

So, to review, here are your top four and your money making horses for Saturday’s Derby…

11. Devil May Care
2. Ice Box
17. Dublin
13. Jackson Bend

Now go make some money!  If you have a pick, put it in the comments section, and you will be given many props if you have the winner!  Good Luck!

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