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Apr 23

Looker of the Week

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 10:31 am | Leave a Comment (6)
Category: Looker of the Week

You might have noticed we have a permanent link on the site labeled, looker of the Week.  The word ‘looker’ has been highly over used through out TGR nation for several years.  The word, as we use it, has several definitions.  If you look at the first 2 ‘Looker’ nominees, they are two different representations of these meanings.  A ‘looker’ can be just about anyone and anything.  A stupid drunk, a hot chick, a funny looking person, a person who had done something dumb, or just about anyone else who entertains us in some way.  Each Friday we will introduce our Looker of the Week.

This week’s ‘Looker’ has been riding the Big Blue roller coaster of popularity for the last 14 years.  He went from the most beloved of all UK personalities to the most demonized through out that time frame.  He is relevant today because of what he managed to do, or not do, for his current employer yesterday.

At 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the recruiting class this man has boasted of for the past 2 years came crumbling down on him like the London Kentucky Bridge.  His 2011 class of highly touted blue chip recruits had been his selling point to his school’s fan base for a very long time, and yesterday it slipped through his fingers like fine Ohio River silt.

He had recruited Marquis Teague of Indianapolis tirelessly for the past 2 years.  He coached the young man’s father in Boston, he hired the kid’s slimy AAU coach on his current staff, and he attended about 15 of the kid’s high school games, which is unheard of in recruiting.

After one of his 2011 verbal commits had already decommitted earlier last week, he could not afford to lose Teague. He put all of his chips on the table for this particular young man, and he was showing 2 kings.  The only problem was the dealer was wearing a big blue suit, and hit blackjack! As of yesterday afternoon, Marquis Teague was officially the straw that broke the Cardinal’s back.

Congratulations to Louisville’s own, Rick Pitino, You are a looker!

Apr 19

Just Don’t Get Too ‘Trashed’

Posted by: Nate Lowe at 9:00 am | Leave a Comment (10)
Category: Looker of the Week

In June of last year, a member of the TGR crew forwarded a story to the rest of us about a lawyer in Jeffersonville, Indiana (a neighboring town of Louisville, Kentucky, which makes the story even more worthwhile for us UK fans) who was found “asleep” (a.k.a., passed out) in his neighbor’s trash receptacle by the local police.  Needless to say, the lawyer had been undergoing some difficult times in his personal life, which probably led him to drink heavily at times; a pastime that, as we all know, can lead to someone engaging in “very unusual behavior,” as a colleague of the lawyer coined it.  Regardless of his personal issues, the photo of him passed out inside the trash receptacle is priceless.

Courtesy of

Honestly, the hilarity exudes from this photo.  Just think:  the man went from being known as a reputable litigator and leader within his community to becoming known, literally overnight, as “that guy who passed out in his neighbor’s trash.”  Personally, I think the label is well-deserved.  You have to consume a great deal of alcohol to achieve the status of this cat.  In some drinking circles, in fact, this man may be applauded for his ingenuity.   As one TGR member said, this man gave the term “trashed” a whole new meaning.

I’m sure there are a few of these guys stumbling across tailgating circles around the country (think Bourbon Street in New Orleans upon the Saints’ thrilling victory in the Super Bowl…you get my drift, right?).  Maybe you know someone who has engaged in such “very unusual behavior” after a night of heavy drinking.  Heck, maybe you are “that guy.”  The point is to not become “that guy,” whether you’re tailgating, at a pub after the game, or at a wedding reception.  One can enjoy the good food, drinks, and friends that typically accompany any tailgating party without drinking to the point where you think, even in your fully inebriated mind, that the inside of a trash receptacle is a reasonable place to lay your head.  Plus, in my opinion, it gives valid grounds for any passer-by to freely micturate on you.

So, with that said, go out there and enjoy yourself.  If you happen to see “that guy” at a party, a bar, or, preferably, a tailgate, take his photo and send it to us with a brief description.  Each week on this site we will have the “Looker of the Week,” which undoubtedly includes people like “that guy.”  Feel free to drink heavily, my friends, but just don’t get too “trashed.”  If you do and someone sends us your photo, well, you just might be the “looker” for that week.

Apr 16

Looker of the week: first edition

Posted by: Ryan at 8:52 am | Leave a Comment (8)
Category: Looker of the Week

Name this lady. She is a celebrity in my household and I am sure you recognize her at every home game. I’m not talking about the bald one with the head piece…