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Apr 29

Tyreke Evans wins NBA rookie of the year award

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Category: Basketball

Congrats to Tyreke, well really Coach Cal for producing the NBA rookie of the year. Much is to be said about Tyreke as a player and his recruitment was full of ups and downs. But, Tyreke went to Memphis and played a decent freshmen year under Coach Cal. Tyreke even went out on a limb to say that if Coach Cal stayed in Memphis that he would too and come back for his sophomore season.

Thanks to Coach Cal for coming here and producing the talent he does!

Apr 29

Cal Cracks the Code: “*thd#j r &ftwxim ^ei* @$xf 6$2 T*^$!”

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Category: Basketball

Earlier in the week Coach Calipari tweeted (still don’t know if I am saying that right) a code to decipher, “*thd#j r &ftwxim ^ei* @$xf 6$2 T*^$!”. Everybody speculated what this could mean, from Michael Jordan appearances to scrimmaging an NBA team in the off season…. But tonight Coach Cal pulled out his kriptix and deciphered what the hell he really meant by saying that the idea him and Coach Larry Brown discussed was a JV squad for the University.

I have to admit, that’s it? That’s the big news? We’ve had one before (in the Pitino days) and it produced one most notable product in Charlotte Bobcat, Nazr Mohammed. But I was hoping for a bit more…

But, needless to say I think it’s a great idea for the program. I just wish they had one during my heydays, 1999-2005 (yes mathematicians, 6 years. It’s what happens when you change your major 3 times). I would have gone out for it. I am sure this gives many kids the opportunity to live out there dreams and there is nothing wrong with that!

Here is what Coach Cal had to say: “OK, I know it’s been killing you guys to know what Coach Larry Brown’s great idea was for our program…. Well, it was to wear one piece uniforms made of tinfoil!…No, really it’s to have our own Junior Varsity team…. It’s not a done deal but that was what Coach said. I talked to Roy Williams who has one & I’ve asked UK’s administration 2 look into it…. It’s a great way 2 get more KY kids in the program. We r the commonwealth’s team! The secret code was “having a varsity team plus aJV team!.. Keep in mind, my first coaching job was the JV coach at Kansas and that was also Roy Williams’ first coaching job at North Carolina.”

Apr 29

The Derby party, at Our House…

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Category: Crazy Stories

There are few better days to be a Kentuckian, not UK related, than the first Saturday in May. It is bred in all Kentuckians to love thoroughbreds, gambling, and a damn good party.  I have been lucky enough to have attended 3 Derby’s in person, 2 in the infield at Churchill and once out in the tents on the first turn.  The two experiences in the infield were two of the most unbelievable experiences of my life, and not for all the right reasons.  Some of the things I witnessed, and some of the things I participated in, even I would not write about. I know that the infield for the Derby is on a lot of folks ‘bucket list’, but if you are someone who considers yourself to be a fairly classy and upstanding citizen, I would stay away.  Just mark it off, and retain your integrity.

In the past few years, I have resorted to the “Home” Derby party. I have had a few at my house, my in-laws have had a couple at their house, and last year my brother and sister in law had one in their sparkling new basement. No matter the location, the parties basically involve the same types of activities, heavy eating, heavy drinking, and heavy gambling, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Here is an over view of a normal Kentucky Derby party, in my world…

  • You invite everyone you know that enjoys at least one of the following: eating, drinking, or gambling. This involves most everyone you know, except the weird old woman down the street that seems to be scared of her  own shadow, and that will call the authorities at the drop of a hat if one of your guests wonders to close to her house to relieve themselves.
  • You make it very clear that the party will be BYOB, even though you will have some extra brews and bourbon in stock. Your friends abide by this and bring their own drink, but manage to finish off your bottle/beers before they get into their own.  If they are full before they get to theirs, they do not hesitate to take theirs home with them when they leave.
  • You don’t always ask folks to bring any food, but you also don’t tell them not to, if they insist. Pot Lucks normally creep me out, but once I am loaded, I will eat anything.  It seems like the guy who insists he is bringing something, normally shows up with a pack of beef jerky that he walks around the party with asking people to try. If you don’t take a piece, and tell him how good it is, he will stand their explaining why it is good and you are wrong for at least 20 minutes.
  • On Derby day everyone becomes a gambler.  Everyone has a tip on a horse, everybody has a strategy, and everybody is dead broke. My in-laws have introduced me to grid bets.  You can buy squares on a grid, similar to a multiplication table.  Boxes normally cost either $2 or $5 a square.  It is always a struggle to sell all of the squares, and it never fails that someone breaks out a check book.
  • Gambling fever goes on through out the day.  My wife and I set up a account online to bet on races all day long from the Downs. When people figure out that this is going on, they want some action too. After a while, you have 10 people around you while you are on the computer, and everyone is yelling numbers at you.  No one ever seems to win when they use your account, and when they hand you a fist full of $1 bills (they cashed in about 53 $1 lottery tickets on the way to your house), it always feels like you are being screwed somehow.
  • Derby quickly turns into a long day when you have a house full of drunken idiots, including yourself. While moving around your house, you find different pockets of people you had no idea were there. After they tell you that they love your 4-wheeler, and compliment you on how nice it rides, you figure out someone has had your Rhino out of the garage and you instantly become enraged. When you peek into the garage and your prized possession is gone again, you ponder clearing out the entire party and having everyone leave.  The only reason you don’t?  You are told it is your wife that is giving everyone rides.
  • By the time the actual Derby goes off, your house is no more than an insane asylum. 4 of your most over weight friends have their shirts off and are belly to belly in the back yard, arguing over a corn hole game. One of your wife’s friends, the one with kids, has her yard apes over by the pond letting them wing rocks at the ducks and swans. One of your cousins has taken one of the grid sheets to the old lady’s house down the street to try and finish off the boxes, the only problem is that he also has a fifth of makers and his pet albino snake around his neck. A couple of your buddies have dared another friend to chug the barbecue sauce out of the crock pot that once held the cocktail wieners, after he vomits, your kitchen counter, your stove, and  your miniature wiener dog are covered in brown sludge.  The 2 guys now dare someone else to lick the sauce off your poor dog. Your mother in law has asked you 20 times what race the Derby is and you say you don’t know19 times, but the last time you say something that will scar your relationship forever.
  • Finally, the race is about to start, and the traditional singing of My Old’ Kentucky home is about to begin. People are stumbling around to find their beers, a seat, or whatever else makes plenty of noise and forbids you to hear the song played. Everyone is grabbing for their pieces of paper with a horses name on it they have drawn out of a hat, so that they will know who to cheer for. Once the noise dies down a bit, you can hear the mumblings of the wrong words to My Old’ Kentucky Home throughout the entire house and porch.
  • When it comes time to load the horses into the gate, there is always someone their who seems to have every horse picked. This guy is known as “Digger Phelps”, because he is not ruling out anyone to win.  He has $2 to win on every horse, and you are sure to hear about how he knew the winner was going to win for months after the race is over. You also have the guy/girl who can’t remember who he/she bet on.  They ask their husband/wife over and over until it has to be written down for them like they are twelve.
  • And they are off! This is either the best 2 minutes of your party, or the worst. You find out very early on that the guy/girl that could not remember who they had bet on is pulling for the wrong horse. As they normally do, a few people who bet on the speed horses have called the race over after a bout a furlong into it and are celebrating. About10 seconds later, they are all ripping up their tickets and walking out of the room faster than their horse is fading. Around the 3rd turn, your in-law, realizes that the horse he put $2 to show on is making a move.  Even though he is one of the favorites and the guy stands to win about.20 cents if he makes it into the money, your in-law begins cheering like it is no body’s business. He is on all fours as the pack starts down the stretch, and is pounding his fist on the ground with each stride of his pick.  The entire party becomes a small roar as the horses cross the finish line.  There are high fives, there is disappointment, and there is confusion because the guy/girl who was cheering for the wrong horse realized she/he did not win, even though the horse she/he pulled for finished first. The guy who was on the verge of a .20 cent win fall is right up against the TV, because he lost track of his horse, and is waiting on a replay. Your wife slips off to the computer room to check on your wagers, and she returns with a smile on her face.  She tells you that depending on the official results, you may have just hit the Trifecta .
  • When the results are official, it starts another sequence of emotions. Your in-law is dancing on the couch, because he has a new .20 cents in his pocket.  The girl/guy who was confused about what horse he/she had is still very confused, and they are being consoled by a friend.  One of your over weight friends has passed out with his shirt off in your back yard, and someone has drawn a male genitalia on his back.  During all of the excitement, your little barbecue sauce covered wiener dog became nervous and moved her bowels in the living room floor, and no one has cleaned it up. When your wife gets a glance of the final results, she can not control her excitement, and also moves her bowels in the living room floor; again, no one cleans it up. You are not affected by these events, because this means you did indeed hit a big one, and it is now time to party! I, I mean, you roll over to the stereo and play the song below as loud as you possibly can!  Happy Derby day!

Apr 29

Secretariat Movie Trailer

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Category: General News

In the spirit of Derby Week here is the trailer for the Disney movie “Secretariat”. I can assure you this is the first and last time we ever post Disney material on this site.

On a side note, at work I drew two horses and feeling pretty good about them: Dublin/D. Wayne Lucas and Jackson Blend/Nick Zito

Apr 29

The Assumption of the SEC

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 10:04 am | Leave a Comment (6)
Category: Random Notes

Photo courtesy of

A few weeks ago I received an email from the SEC, Southeastern Conference for our Taiwanese readers. It was basically a newsletter giving updates on recent SEC happenings, how great Georgia’s gymnastics team is, how snotty Steve Spurrier still is, and how silly Tennessee’s school colors are. Not a lot of breaking news, to say the least.  Towards the bottom of the email, they had a trivia question that you could answer by replying to the email.  The question was, What SEC team currently has the most players in Major League Baseball? I don’t remember signing up for this newsletter at all, but I apparently had signed up for it both at work and at home, because I received the same letter in both inboxes. I answered the question both at home and at work, using a different answer for both. About 15 minutes after I submitted my guess from work I received back an email informing me that I had been the only person to correctly answer the question, and that they needed my address so that they can send my prize. I never win anything, so this was one of the best moments of my life!

Yesterday, when I got home from work, there was a package at my front door.  The box said something about the SEC, so, I was pumped immediately. My prize for correctly answering their trivia question was a pretty nice SEC backpack, a really nice SEC flashlight, and some sort of aluminum SEC thermos/canteen thing. My next thought was, what does this all mean?  Are the folks at the SEC telling me to go camping?  Or to go get lost in the woods? Since I sent them my Kentucky address, do they already assume that I don’t have indoor lighting, or a safe place to put my clothes? Are they assuming I am fat, they assumed correctly, and that it might benefit my well being to go for a hike? Do they think that I have used up all of my money to go to the SEC Tournament year after year and have no way to store precious water?  Is that the reason for the canteen thing?

You might have assumed and guessed correctly in most instances SEC, but remember, assuming only makes an ass out of u and me!  My 3rd grade teacher told me that, long ago. Thanks for the gear though, but if you don’t hire some new referees, I am burning it.  Oh yeah, the answer was Florida.  Go cats!

Apr 29

2010 Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

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Category: General News

Congrats to 3 former Cats for being inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame yesterday; Mike Pratt, Dan Neal and Wilbur Hackett. Below are there inductee bios:

Mike Pratt – Basketball

Pratt helped lead the University of Kentucky to three SEC championships and two Elite Eight NCAA tournament appearances; Kentucky finished the regular season ranked No. 1 his senior season. He was co-MVP of the 1970 team with Dan Issel.  He was a second-team All-American in 1970, and was a two-time first-team All-SEC selection by the league’s coaches (1969, 1970). Pratt also was named an Academic All-American in 1970. Pratt went on to play for the Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association and later coached on the college and NBA levels. Since 2002, Pratt has served as radio color analyst for UK men’s basketball games.

Dan Neal – Football

Neal is a former University of Kentucky offensive lineman who was team captain in both his junior and senior seasons. He spent 11 years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Colts: 11 years as a player, 15 years as a coach, for an overall 26 total years in the NFL. The Corbin, Kentucky, native was an 11th-round draft pick by the Colts and spent perhaps his best years playing for the Bears, from 1975-1983, when he spent time blocking for the great running back Walter Payton.

Wilbur Hackett – Football

Hackett served as a pioneer of integration in SEC football, becoming the first African-American team captain in SEC history in 1969. He began his career playing with the freshman team, and later served as a three-year varsity starter, earning sophomore All-SEC honors in 1968. Hackett was also named The University of Kentucky’s co-Most Valuable Player as a senior and later served as a graduate assistant coach for two seasons. Hackett just completed his 12th season as an SEC football game official.

Apr 29

Phil Mickelson’s Krispy Kreme Links

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Category: Random Notes

The picture above is of Phil Mickelson stopping by a local Krispy Kreme wearing his Green Jacket.

Dime Magazine:  C.J. Leslie explains his commitment to N.C. State in his latest diary entry.

Larry Vaught:  Cats need another big man; sources say Jones may be a Cat.

Terrence Jones to make a decision with Terrence Ross on Friday at 6:30.

Larry Vaught writes that Pitino has finally had a better week that Calipari.

Jason King from Yahoo Sports says UK should be in the mix for an SEC title and possibly a deep run in the NCAA tourney.

Larry Vaught caught up with ESPNU’s director of recruiting Paul Biancardi and says Knight and Kanter will be very good.

Louisville takes down Kentucky 10-9 in the bottom of the ninth.

Pat Forde of ESPN has a great article about Thoroughbred Racing and the Derby.

The National Enquirer has a story about Dale Earnhardt stealing former Kentucky football player Tommy Cook’s wife.

Apr 28

2009-2010 Cats Summary of Accolades

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Category: Basketball

Thanks to the SEC for providing the info, you can see the rest of the SEC players here. For now, let’s focus on the Cats….

DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky
Associated Press First Team All-America
John R. Wooden Award All American Team First Team All-America First Team All-America
Yahoo! Sports First Team All-America First Team All-America
NABC Second Team All-America
Sporting News Second Team All-America
Basketball Times Second Team All-America
USBWA Second Team All-America Freshman All-America Freshman All-America
Sporting News All-Freshman First Team First Team Freshman All-America Freshman All-America
Oscar Robertson Trophy – Finalist
2010 Wooden Award – Ballot
USBWA All-District IV Team
NABC All-District 21 First Team
Sporting News First Team All-SEC First Team All-SEC
Sporting News SEC All-Freshman Team

Eric Bledsoe, Kentucky
Sporting News SEC All-Freshman Team Freshman All-America

Patrick Patterson, Kentucky
Associated Press Honorable Mention All-America
Yahoo! Sports Honorable Mention All-America Honorable Mention All-America
USBWA All-District IV Team
NABC All-District 21 Second Team First Team All-SEC
Sporting News Second Team All-SEC

John Wall, Kentucky
Adolph Rupp Trophy National Player of the Year
Yahoo! Sports National Player of the Year National Player of the Year
USBWA National Freshman of the Year
Basketball Times National Freshman of the Year
Sporting News National Freshman of the Year National Freshman of the Year National Freshman of the Year
Yahoo! Sports National Freshman of the Year National Freshman of the Year
Associated Press First Team All-America
Sporting News First Team All-America
USBWA First Team All-America
NABC First Team All-America
Basketball Times First Team All-America
John R. Wooden Award All American Team First Team All-America First Team All-America
Yahoo! Sports First Team All-America First Team All-America Freshman All-America Freshman All-America
Sporting News All-Freshman First Team First Team Freshman All-America Freshman All-America
Oscar Robertson Trophy – Finalist
2010 Wooden Award – Ballot
NABC Bob Cousy Award – Finalist
USBWA District IV Player of the Year
USBWA All-District IV Team
NABC All-District 21 First Team SEC Player of the Year
Sporting News SEC Player of the Year SEC Player of the Year
Sporting News SEC Freshman of the Year SEC Freshman of the Year
Sporting News First Team All-SEC First Team All-SEC
Sporting News SEC All-Freshman Team

John Calipari, Kentucky
Adolph Rupp Cup National Coach of the Year
Naismith Coach of the Year – Finalist Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year – Finalist
USBWA District IV Coach of the Year
Basketball Times South District Coach of the Year
Sporting News SEC Coach of the Year SEC Coach of the Year

Apr 28

Leslie to NC State, On to the next one….

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Category: Recruiting

Apparently, the news from earlier has been confirmed, C.J. pulled a 360 and re-affirmed his commitment to N.C. State by verbally announcing his decision to stick with plan A today to a Raleigh newspaper.

I for one still find it hard to believe that he would hold out this long only to tell a few people where he was going. All signs pointed to him coming to Lex. I am still skeptical on his decision and we will see if it holds firm come the fall.

So what/who are next for the Cats?

– Terrence Jones (Decides Friday, does this make it easier for him?)

– Marcus Thornton (Clemson De-Commit)

– Terrence Ross (Most likely headed to Washington)

– Eloy Vargas (Who? Right, click here)

– Chris Hill

– Elijah Pittman

We will see how the week plans out, but I am definitely disappointed that we missed out on Leslie. He was the agile, athletic PF the Cats needed for next season…. Oh well…

Apr 28

Drake Concert

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Category: Random Notes

Thanks to KSR for sharing this earlier, thought we might as well share. Cal is a PR genius.