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May 7

Dealing with the rumors

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill

Another page in Kentucky lore changes this summer as the season has been long over. Recruiting is wrapping up with the Cats currently ranked #2, and possibly better. Finals are over and graduation takes place this weekend. So what do we do as fans to keep the fuel going?

Unfortunately when you are back on the map, and on top, the rumor mill gets going. Well, technically, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is for BBN, somebody has a source that tells them something. They share that info on Facebook or a text to a buddy where that info gets skewed and they run and tell their whole office. We are all guilty of it in some way, shape or form.

So, let’s deal with the most current ones we know of:

– Hot and new off the presses…. Brandon Knight is thinking of going to Europe and playing instead of attending UK in the Fall. WRONG. Coach Cal recently tweeted, “Wow, I hear the latest rumor has Brandon Knight going to Italy. Am I going w/ him? Come on folks. What’s next, I’m headed 2 Turkey to coach?” Earlier today Brandon Knight’s dad was interviewed by Zag’s Blog and stated, “That’s not true… All that is is people trying to mess up Kentucky’s recruiting.”

Daniel Orton is coming back next season. WRONG. Larry Orton, Daniel’s father, spoke with Alan Cutler today squashing all hopes of a comeback and he will likely stay in the draft.

– Eric Bledsoe’s stock in the draft has slumped recently and he will most likely come back. WRONG. Though his stock has fell quite a bit, he has given no indication as to what he will do at this point.

Here are some others I have heard:

– Darnell Dodson has left the team and didn’t finish the semester.
– Calipari and the UK administration do not get along.
– Terrence Jones has already committed to UK and is waiting to submit his LOI.
– UK is done with their roster for next season and will only have 9 scholarship players.

Feel free to give us some you’ve heard in the comments section.

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