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May 30

Pool Day Links

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: General News

I plan on playing in the yard and possibly going to the pool. So should you…. Enjoy some links for now:

Demarcus Cousins attracted over 2,000 fans to an autograph signing at the Town Mall in Elizabethtown

LZ Granderson of ESPN says Big Cuz is Fat, and that’s a problem he needs to overcome

Antoine Walker recently filed for bankruptcy and was foreclosed on, then reached out to Rick Pitino to help him get back in the league

The Los Angeles Lakers closed out the Suns to move on to the NBA Finals against the Celtics

Jerry Tipton catches us up with Harrelson and Hood’s trip to China

In what really shouldn’t matter one way or the other, Derrick Rose tells Cal to stay at UK

John Clay of the Herald Leader wonders how many times Calipari can claim he had no clue

Another Jerry Tipton masterpiece, States that Bledsoe’s coach in high school was no fan of UK

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