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May 29

Don’t Buy The Stuff They Are Selling

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Category: General News

In just a matter of hours this morning I have received too many text messages and emails to keep up with of people jumping the shark. Let’s not jump to conclusions just yet…

Coach Cal is sure to be the scapegoat in this story and year in and year out he is the poster child of wrong doing acusations. Countless writers in the media go after him like it’s nobodies business and this will continue as long as we are bringing in high-profile athletes and having immediate success with them.

It’s very comparable to the rumors surrounding Cal to the NBA. Not true until proven. The Alabama school system and the NCAA have approved Bledsoe’s transcripts and he was considered eligible to play this past season. How does that fall on UK?

I, personally, am not going to buy into the hype at this point. I am asking you all to stay strong, take the shots for now, and when the smoke clears we will all be OK.

May 29

Saturday Morning “Looking Into” Links

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Category: General News

Here’s the accusations from the NY Times on Eric Bledsoe

Yahoo! Sports weighs in on the breaking NY Times article

The Celtics closed out the Magic in game 6 in Boston, Rondo had 14 points, 6 assists

The University of Kentucky is the next best thing to the NBA

We linked it last night, but this Yankee fan had to be starving

UConn and Coach Jim Calhoun have been cited in 8 NCAA allegations, take that!

The Cincinnati Reds are still in first place, off to their best start in 6 seasons

May 28

NY Times Reporting NCAA Looking Into Bledsoe

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Category: General News

Here at the TGR we try to keep everything positive or at least add a positive twist to things that don’t necessarily reflect well on our beloved program. With that you may be waking up this morning to learn that the New York Times posted a story on how the NCAA is “looking into” the recruitment of one Eric Bledsoe. Obviously a stretch of a report from a dying medium…

First and foremost, many sources have confirmed that the NCAA has not contacted the good folks at UK and that there is no “official” investigation into the Kentucky program or Bledsoe. The NCAA typically keeps these types of investigations on lock down and you won’t know anything until it’s OFFICIAL. They are like Fort Knox with what they are probing.

At this time what you have here is sources of sources that have sources who talked to sources that got their info from a source that doesn’t want to be named in fear that they will lose credibility as a source. In other words THEY GOT NOTHING!

Nothing is official just because the New York Times blogs a story about a player’s high school curriculum…. Even ESPN is citing the story on the NY Times because they don’t know anything.

Let’s all take a deep breath and understand that this article is a stretch at this point. You are talking about a high school basketball player in Alabama. You are talking about a college coach that doesn’t want to be named. You are talking about a pissed off landlord because she didn’t get paid her rent. You are talking about pure speculation at this time and someone had the gonads to post it…..

Also remember, Bledsoe was heavily recruited by Alabama, Duke, Florida, Cincinnati and Memphis. Any of these schools could be mentioned as well in the article because this apparently occurred when he was in high school. Coach Cal was only a few weeks on the job at UK when Bledsoe committed. The story implicates months of payments and over a year of grades that are in question. I am no mathematician but it seems to me something doesn’t add up here.

Oh, and if you want to send an email to the article’s author, Pete Thamel, click here.

May 28

Good Evening On Tap

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Category: General News

As Rob so kindly touched on in his Friday Flatulence, the Celtics look to close out the Magic tonight in Boston for game 6. Rondo hasn’t been his normal self during the last two losses, only amassing 7 apg, 2 off his playoff average. I believe this is the single reason the Celtics have not closed the series out sooner……Hopefully Rondo will step his production up if the Celtics want to move on to the Finals after tonight. Tune into ESPN @ 8:30 for the goods.

Today we also learned that Daniel Orton wanted to go to Kansas, or so some have said. I agree that his words were twisted a bit but still bold statements from a man that only averaged13.2 mins and 3.4 points per game.

The D.C. United, an MLS team, that is Major League Soccer, beat A.C. Milan in an annual summer friendly between MLS teams and world class soccer. Even with Ronaldhino, the Brazillian guy with long hair, the Serie A team could not withstand the power of American soccer…. Moving on…

For playing in Portland this upcoming season Coach Cal and the UK basketball will receive a special gift in return. The Portland Pilots (wonder what their mascot looks like) will return the favor and make two trips to Rupp, one in 2012, one in 2013.

For what it’s worth, I have found great joy in the recent transgressions at Kansas and UConn. Say all you want about Coach Cal and his past but I find it absolutely ridiculous that both stories have not gotten more attention. It seems as if the Kansas story has all but dissipated after one day, even though the names brought about in the ticket scam aren’t the big names we have come to know… And, the UConn story is still fresh, but you would think it would be plastered all over the place.

Another story that seems to have disappeared is the Preston Knowles story. Both sides have made their statements, a dude is left with a shattered noggin, and a basketball player remains un-phased. But what is crazy to me is that the local media has all but backed off this story… Very similar to when the Maisiello ticket scam surfaced, that very day the main story was the raising of the UK GPA a fraction of a point… It is starting to become blatantly clear that the local media here in Louisville is scared of the power of the University in this town.

Our very own Ashley Judd graduated from Harvard University yesterday, earning a Masters in Public Administration. Congrats to Ashley for the great achievement and becoming the first person ever out of the state of Kentucky to graduate from Harvard. Kidding again but very well could be true.

Ever heard of a pork chop on a stick? Me neither, but this Yankee fan sure as hell wanted one. The problem? It wasn’t his….

May 28

Q and A with Randall Cobb

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Category: Football

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Ned Colegrove of had a quick (cause that is how Randall likes it) question and answer segment with Kentucky’s Randall Cobb.  This is a little of the interview, but you can read the entire q and a right here…

“Q. What has the transition been like going from Coach Brooks to Coach Phillips?

A.  I think the biggest thing is just the intensity.  A lot of things are the same.  Coach Brooks and Coach Phillips have kept us very disciplined over the years, and Coach Phillips came in and realized we’re a good team with a lot of talent.  One of the things we haven’t been in the past is physical while playing fast.  That’s one of the things we wanted to incorporate in our spring practice.  You saw a lot more intensity because people started to care about their jobs more and take care of their responsibilities.

Q. That game on the end of the schedule every year must mean a lot to you being from Tennessee (Alcoa HS).  Right now you guys are 0-2 against the Vols so far in your career.  What is that game like playing against them for you and what do you hope to show them this season in Knoxville?

A.  I was waiting on that question!  The last two years, we had our chances but we just didn’t get the job done and finish like we needed to.  It’s rough on me because I have to go home and listen to all the UT fans and my friends messing with me, so it’s a very important game to me.  But I want to take it a game at a time and focus on Louisville and get ready for the season.

Q. With a lot of experienced players returning on offense, tell us what the feeling is like around this team for what kind of season the Wildcats are capable of this fall?

A.  Coach Phillips has really installed “Operation: Win”.  The feeling around the team is that we really don’t get the national respect we deserve.  We’re going to use that as motivation and prove something this year.  We’ve been known as a basketball school and we want to make this a perennial powerhouse as far as football and basketball go.  We just need to start finishing these close games and start winning.  We just have to win games.

Q. So if you had to pick one word to describe this team as you guys head towards the 2010 season, what would it be?

A.  Motivated.”

May 28

Friday Flatulence

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Category: Random Notes

Photo courtesy of

Each Friday, when I wake from my drunken slumber, I will review the biggest and most interesting stories in the UK and pop sports worlds of the past week.  The views and opinions expressed within this post do not necessarily represent the views of the TGR Crew. The author (R.A.) of the post is solely responsible for the content.  In other words, holler at your people!

After weeks of speculation, it was announced this week that former Louisville Cardinal player, Kenny Payne will be the replacement for Rod Strickland as assistant coach on Coach Cal’s bench.  Payne has been at the University of Oregon for several years as an assistant and has become one of the most well known recruiters in the country.  Payne had been rumored to have a relationship with Kentucky commitment and financial aid signee, Terrence Jones.  Saying that, Payne did not successfully recruit 1 five star player to Oregon.    That obviously doesn’t mean he is not a great recruiter, but if he is “great”, what are the guys we already have at UK?  Welcome back to the bluegrass Coach Payne and the Payne Family! I am sure Louisville fans are thrilled you are back in this capacity.

The NBA conference finals are in full swing, I guess. After the Celtics and lakers grabbed control of their respective series, the script has officially been flipped. The Greatest point guard of all time, Rajon Rondo, and his Celtics had a 3-0 lead on Anfernee Hardaway and his magic, that lead is now 3-2 after Dwight Howard decided to show up to play  in the past couple of games.  I would care so much more if Dwight Shrewt played in the NBA.

In the Lakers/Suns series, the series also stands at 3 games to 2, with the Lakers winning game 5.  One thing about this series that bothers me, when did Grant Hill stop playing for the Detroit Pistons?  It seems like yesterday that he signed a shoe contract for Fila.

Orlando “Tubby” Smith was in the news this week, and surprisingly, it was not for donating a boat load of money to a charity or for helping an elderly woman across the street.  Tubby and the University of Minnesota were sued by jimmy Williams, a former assistant coach at Oklahoma State.  Williams claimed that Smith offered him a job on the Gopher coaching staff and after Williams quit his job at OSU and moved to Minnesota, he was told he did not have a job there.  Minnesota’s athletic director made the decision not to hire Williams after it was revealed Williams had several NCAA violations on his resume. To make a ridiculously long story short, the jury found Tubby falsely represented that he had the authority to hire Jimmy Williams as assistant coach, and awarded Williams $1.25 million.  In my opinion, Tubby’s days in Minneapolis are numbered and if he is offered a decent job in the next calendar year, he will get out of there as soon as possible.

UK released the grade point average for its athletic program this week. The cumulative average for all 22 varsity teams at UK was 3.04, the best in Mitch Barnhart’s time as athletic director.  Barnhart set a goal of a cumulative 3.0 average, and he should be congratulated for doing so, so, congrats Mitchy!

Coach cal announced this week that his basketball team showed some improvement on the academic front this spring too. The basketball team’s GPA went from 2.025 in the fall to 2.18 in the spring. Daniel Orton dropped out after the season, and presumably received a 0.0 GPA, so, for UK to have improved is more impressive than it seems.  I believe it was Boogie Cousins that said before the Cornell Sweet 16 game, and I paraphrase, “This is basketball, not a spelling bee”, he was correct, and by the looks of the GPA, thank god he was.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the oil spill still taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.  I would like to  start by saying that all of us at TGR that are not atheist are praying for you and your families, those of us who are atheist are doing whatever we do for you. Selfishly, I can’t help but think about all of the beautifully delicious shrimp and crabs that are being destroyed at the bottom of the gulf right now.  I can nearly taste the butter soaked crab legs as I write. Fisherman and other wise are having their livelihoods turned upside down right now because of a company’s half ass attempts at safety on an oil rig out in those waters.  We can save Haiti after an earthquake, we can save Afghanistan, we can liberate Iraq, we can put a man on the moon, and we can construct fitted hats big enough to fit Fertig’s melon, surely we can plug this oil well in a week. Mr. Obama, I beg of you, save my crabs!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

May 28

Who’d Ya Rather?

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Category: Random Notes

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TGR……. Who do you want at QB  first game? 

Morgan Newton, Ryan Mossakowski, Mike hartline???

May 28

Daniel Orton: If I had done it differently I would have gone to Kansas.

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Category: Basketball

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Daniel Orton is doing nothing to endear himself to the Big Blue nation.    His latest comment that will upset the nation was made to in an interview.  Here is what Daniel said…

“ With the lack of opportunity this past year at Kentucky, if you had to do it over again, would you have gone to a different school?

Daniel Orton: If I had done it differently I would have gone to Kansas. But with the way things have worked out, in the end, no I wouldn’t have done anything differently. “

I’m going to be interested in seeing how the Orton troop spins this into him being “misquoted”…Oh well…

Update: I just read another site, and they are of course saying Daniel did not mean what it sounds like he meant.  I might have believed this if there had not been so many instances were Orton seemed unhappy at UK.  He did not have a great relationship with cal while at UK according to everyone I know close to the situation and the fact he dropped out to head out to Cali shows he could not get out of Lexington fast enough.  It has been said that he did it to prepare for the draft, and I am sure that is the reason, but none of the other UK guys did it, so it was not a necessary move in order to be drafted.  If John Wall or Demarcus Cousins were interviewed today by the same reporter with the same question, I bet you a dollar to a bucket of dirt neither of them mentions another school when asked that question, I’m just sayin’…

May 28

Fitty Drops Fifty?

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Category: Random Notes

Photo courtesy of  US Weekly

Yesterday afternoon my wife, as she usually does, strapped me down and stole my TV remote in order to watch her celebrity shows, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, etc.  I normally put my head phones in and chill out to the relaxing tones of Howard Stern’s afternoon replay on Howard 100, but yesterday my attention was grabbed by a story on one of those shows.  The extreme weight loss of Mr. 50 Cent is beyond belief.  The hip Hopper went from 214 pounds to 160 pounds for an upcoming movie. Fitty has a role in the movie, “Things Fall Apart”. as  an ex football player with cancer. Sir Cent went on a liquid diet and did 3 hour treadmill walks for 9 weeks.

I will also be participating in a liquid diet this Memorial weekend, but something tells me I won’t lose any weight.  I hope Fitty recovers from this; eat a Kentucky Hot Brown or something. G-Unit!

May 28

Alex Smith, #4 Frosh at Tight End

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Category: Football

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The football cats continue to get some preseason love, on an individual basis.  This time the ‘man crush’ falls upon one of Joker’s incoming freshman, tight end, Alex Smith.  It is no secret that the cat’s offense has basically played without a dependable blocking and pass catching tight end since JT left for the NFL. Smith, a 4* recruit out of Ohio, seems to be exactly what we have been missing. The folks over at feel Smith is going to be large for the cats too; they have included him in their Top Five Tight End Signees For 2010.  Here is what they had to say about big Smith…

“4. Alex Smith – Kentucky – The Wildcats are lucky to have Smith after he originally committed to Cincinnati and North Carolina. Smith also considered schools such as Tennessee, Wisconsin and Cincinnati. Smith (6-5, 225) is an athletic tight end who still has room to grow to become a better blocker in the SEC.

Kentucky focused on the tight end position in 2010 because of the Wildcats’ need to strengthen the position. Smith has All-SEC potential for Kentucky.“