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Jun 30

Orton Issues Apology

Posted by: Ryan at 11:03 pm | Leave a Comment (24)
Category: Random Notes

Remember all of the harsh criticism Daniel Orton received when he announced he was leaving for the NBA? Well, D.O. has come to his senses (sort of) to issue a formal apology to the BBN through Twitter. Here it goes:

“Okay there are some things that I’ve been needing to address, but I was trying to focus my attention elsewhere. As far as the classes I want to apologize for not doing what I said I would. I messed up bigtime and hope I can be somewhat forgiven. I messed up on a few due dates on my online class and I just lost focus in school. I apologize. Then the thing about the Kansas comment. I was more so set up on that question. We all know the media and how they like to get people but i was asked was there any other school that I would have gone to. At first I said No because I loved UK and I loved my experience and my teammates there. Then he proceeded to say. I know Kansas was recruiting you hard, you never had any thoughts of maybe you should have gone there? Of course I thought that at times I won’t lie about that I’m sure atleast two Players on every college team this year question their decision but in the end I am happy that I went to UK. As far as leavin early, I cant Really justify myself there. So sorry UK fans love yall and yall are the best Ima miss it!”

So there you have it. Orton does feel sorry for losing focus in school and says he was happy during his time at UK. Let’s all move on and wish Orton well during his time in the pros and in life.

Once a Cat, always a Cat!

Jun 30

Patrick Patterson After the Draft

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Category: Basketball

Jun 30

Kentucky’s Top 25 of 2011

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 3:40 pm | Leave a Comment (1)
Category: Basketball

Jody Demling of the Courier Journal has ranked his Top25 from Kentucky in the class of 2011. Chane Behanan is Jody’s obvious choice as the top player in the state. The Bowling Green native brought home the MVP of the NBAPA camp a few weeks ago, and as Jody points out, will probably be ranked in the top 20 nationally when the new rankings come out.

With two players in the Top 10 in the state, the George Rogers Clark boys better give me another 10th Region championship and a nice run at a long awaited state title. C’mon Vinny and Robbie, I am getting old, won’t have many more shots.

1. Chane Behanan, Bowling Green, 6-8 – Simply put – he’s a stud!

2. Remy Abell, Eastern, 6-4 – Gets to the basket as good as anyone else in the state and arrives with a bang. He’s gotten stronger and more confident.

3. George Fant, Warren Central, 6-7 – The addition of Behanan to the city of Bowling Green has helped Fant pick up his game – he’s improving.

4. Vinny Zollo, Clark County, 6-8 – The former Kentucky commitment has grown, gotten strong and improved his game. He’s solid.

5. Tony Kimbro, Jeffersontown, 6-4 – Former Manual star is back after two years at prep school. He could go up in the rankings or drop depending on how hard he plays.

6. Treg Setty, Mason County, 6-8 – Love this kids game. Had a tough Sweet 16 but has worked hard and is living up to his billing.

7. Robbie Stenzel, Clark County, 6-4 – He’s just a solid all-around player and has been that was since he started as a freshman for the Cardinals.

8. Timmy Knipp, Elliott County, 6-8 – Led the state in scoring last season and when he gets on a roll can score from anywhere on the court.

9. Anthony Hickey, Christian County, 5-11 – Wasn’t highly thought of this time last year but has improved and is a solid point guard.

10. DeVante Parker, Ballard, 6-4 – Yes, I know he’s a football player. The Louisville commitment would be getting big-time Division I attention on the hardwood if he only played basketball. Can jump, is a great shooter, lock-down defender and great ballhandling skills. Not much he can’t do.

11. Donovan Kates, Christian County

12. Jordan Shanklin, Warren Central

13. Josh Forrest, Paducah Tilghman

14. Kameron Woods, Eastern

15. Lyonell Gaines, Eastern

16. Jermaine Jackson, Iroquois

17. Veontae Lewis, Christian County

18. Ryan Fucci, Tates Creek

19. Tanner Shotwell, Scott County

20. Scott Schuette, Lexington Catholic

21. Kevin Shaw, Seneca

22. Marcellus Barksdale, Tates Creek

23. Jordan Gilbert, Mason County

24. Taylor Martin, Lexington Catholic

25. Armon Marks, Eastern

Jun 30

Where In the World Is Billy Gillispie?

Posted by: Ryan at 2:00 pm | Leave a Comment (3)
Category: Random Notes

I have no clue either, thought you would know… In all seriousness, what in the world is this guy up to? Is he coaching somewhere? Is he attending AA classes? Is he improving his public speaking in 100 level classes? Is he at the local YMCA? Is he baking your bread bowls at the local Panera? Is he drinking gambling his settlement money away? Is he teaching DUI classes for the local police? Where in the world is BCG?

Jun 30

Cal’s Legacy??

Posted by: Ryan Richardson at 1:30 pm | Leave a Comment (5)
Category: Random Notes

From the desk of Ralph Lee:

I know it might be a little early for UK fans to ponder the thought or the question, but what might be the legacy left behind in 5, 10 or 15 years when Coach John Calipari walks away from coaching the Big Blue. It always a poignant thought when a coach walks into an historic franchise, whether it be on a Collegiate or Professional stage, where he will fit in amongst the great coaches at that institution or organization. Of course there are several things that factor into this; such as what did the past coaches due or accomplish, how many Championships (both Conference and the whole “Shabang”), what kind of players the coach can attract or recruit and how “clean” of a tenure he has. So with that being said, let me look at a few scenarios (realistic of course) based on Cal coaching UK for 10 years (9 more to go of course) and see where each may leave Coach Cal standing in front of the eyes of Big Blue Nation.

Scenario 1…. He coaches UK for 10 years, reels in 7 SEC Championships (3 in a row), produces 18 All-Americans (1st, 2nd or 3rd) team, 21 First Round selections in the NBA Draft, 3 Final Fours, 6 Elite Eights and 1 Sweet 16, 1 NCAA Championship but 3 different investigations into the eligibility of players based on grades or received improprieties. Where would this scenario land Cal on the list of coaches to ever coach at UK?

Scenario 2…. He coaches UK for 10 years, brings in 6 SEC Championships (4 in a row), produces 16 All-Americans (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) team, 19 First-Round selections in the NBA Draft, 1 Final Four, 6 Elite Eights, 2 Sweet 16’s (one year they get bounced in the 2nd Rd), 1 NCAA Championship but a NCAA investigation accuses Cal and UK of some violations and threatens to strip them of the Championship and place them on probation. Where would this scenario land Cal on the list of coaches to ever coach at UK?

Scenario 3…. He coaches UK for 10 years, brings in 6 SEC Championships (however, none consecutively), produces 19 All-Americans (1st, 2nd or 3rd) team, 26 First- Round Selections (including an unprecedented at least 2 per each Draft for the remaining 9 years), 3 Final Fours, 5 Elite Eights, and 2 Sweet 16’s and the only blemish being the current investigation into the Eric Bledsoe situation right now. Where would this scenario land Cal on the list of coaches to ever coach at UK?

By the way, each of the aforementioned scenarios also includes at least 25 wins per year with 7 of those years being 30+ wins. These are three very real instances in which UK Fans may be happy or disappointed depending on the scenario but one thing is for sure, everyone would have an opinion on where he would rank among the UK coaches. Consider that his opposition is Adolph Rupp, Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, Tubby Smith and Eddie Sutton if we wanted to rank the Top 5 Coaches of all-time at UK. Where would Mr. Calipari Fall in your opinion? I will deliver my verdict on an up coming dialogue.

Jun 30

UK B-Ball; Far From Over

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Category: Basketball

Jun 30

Where’s The Excitement For Joker?

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 11:30 am | Leave a Comment (3)
Category: Football

The head cat, Joker Phillips, has been traveling around the Bluegrass recently with his GAM3DAY READY Tour.  The tour stops included Hyden (home of Tim Couch), Danville (home of Jacob Tamme), Central City (home of Patrick Sparks), and Louisville (home of a great deal of former players as well as crime and nastiness). Unfortunately, the tour did not stop in Winchester, but from all indications, it was a great success across the board.  Hundreds of kids and adults showed up at each tour stop including Craig yeast (of Hal Mumme era fame) and Andre’ Woodson (of Stevie getting loose fame).  I think it was a great idea for Joker to get out in the state to re-introduce himself to the fans and I think this was probably induced by the state wide tour of Coach Cal last summer.  Once again, Cal’s fingerprint shows up on a University of Kentucky program he is not involved directly with.  If the athletic department has learned one thing from Calipari, it is how to get the UK brand out there and how to promote the hell out of it.

The introduction of Joker as head coach has been an odd process.  I attribute this, for the most part, to Phillips being named the “coach in waiting” by Rich Brooks and the athletic staff a few years ago.  Not only has UK and it’s fans not dealt with a similar situation, it has only become fashionable to  name the “coach in waiting” in the past 4 or 5 years through out college football.  To me, because of the fact Joker did not have the giant introduction to the fan base and the initial “honeymoon”, the fact Joker is head coach kind of seems fake.  I am sure it does not seem that way to the players who Joker put through spring practice or the guys enduring Rock Oliver’s “Rock Out” work outs, but I almost feel as if Joker has been cheated.  Of course, I am sure Joker doesn’t feel that way.  He has managed to avoid the normal hype and expectations that a brand new coach gets in their first year.  There is some excitement, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t feel it the way I felt it when Rich Brooks was hired.  The Nation was split when the “old man” from Oregon was hired, but there were not many who didn’t have an opinion on the hire, one way or the other. Over half of the “hard core” football fans I have spoken with recently seem to be in a “holding pattern” when it comes to coach Phillips. They saw what he did as coordinator during his time in that position, but honestly have no idea what kind of head man he will be. Personally, I think this is the most responsible way to go about it.  No one has a clue what kind of head coach he will be in the Southeastern Conference, because he has never done it, obviously.  Anyone who has an intense opinion, one way or the other, is simply guessing or has some sort of varying motivation for thinking the way he/she does.

I am all in!  I would never think of wishing Coach Phillips and Operation Win anything less than over whelming success. I think of setting up shop in that Red Lot off of University everyday of my life. Nothing brings me more happiness than a long Saturday afternoon around Commonwealth with friends and family preparing for a battle on C.M Newton Field! Do it to it Joker! Go cats!

Jun 30

Joker’s C/O 2011, Gettin’ Some Love!

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Category: Football

I have posted several preseason rankings from various media outlets over the past few weeks for varying football related subjects. Frankly, none of them have been very pleasing for me or any other UK football fans. They either have us ranked as a team in the 50’s nationally or they have Randall Cobb as the 64th best player in the South or they have Joker Phillips as the dumbest coach in the world. But, I have found good news Kentuckians! The Bleacher Report has shed positive light upon the UK football program! Joker’s 2011 recruiting class has been mentioned in the BR’s 10 Surprise Recruiting Classes in the Top 25 Rankings for 2011.  There has been a bit of a buzz in football fan circles about the class Joker  is building and it has now been noticed nationally by a  few different outlets, including, The Bleacher Report.

Here is what they say about the “cats to be”…

“Even with a new hotshot coach at their direct rival, and sitting in the most difficult recruiting conference in the country while it operates at peak strength, the Kentucky Wildcats have put together a top-25 effort out of local products and players abroad. The Wildcats best signees joined early. TE Jon Davis is an absurdly talented athlete unlike anything I’ve seen from Kentucky’s offense. He joins four-star defensive back Glen Faulkner and athletic tackle Darrian Miller—who chose UK over offers from Alabama and Tennessee—as Kentucky’s top signees. WR Darien Thomas and DT Clint Tucker are two more great gets, though they fall under the project heading.

In all, Joker Phillips has pulled in 14 commitments so far. If the SEC is to ever have parity again, it will be because of coaches like Phillips who are capable of recruiting against all odds. “

Jun 30

Bledsoe Introduced as a Clipper

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Category: Basketball

E-Bled got sh_t right in Playa Vista, CA Monday at a presser where himself and Al-Farouq Aminu were announced as the first round picks of L.A.

The Clippers took Aminu, the 6-foot-9, 215-pounder from Wake Forest, with the eighth pick in the first round. Aminu as a sophomore averaged 15.8 points and 10.7 rebounds last season. The Clippers traded a future first-round pick to Oklahoma City in exchange for Bledsoe whom was drafted with the 18th pick. Bledsoe averaged 11.3 points and 2.9 assists at Kentucky.

Here are some notes from the press conference on Monday:

On going to L.A.:

“I’m glad to be here. I’ve played on a team with five first round draft picks. Being here feels great and I want to thank everyone who made the trade possible to bring me here. I’m looking forward to coming here and putting this practice facility to good use…”

On how the draft went:
“I was getting nervous. People were saying that I was going to slip into the second round. I really wanted to come to L.A. anyways because of the great city and the great fans.”

On going to Kentucky:
“I knew what I was getting into when I signed with Kentucky. John Wall is a terrific ball player but I knew what I was getting into when I signed my letter of intent. I was able to learn how to play off the ball and it was a big adjustment but it helped me out a lot.”

On his preferred position to play:
“I prefer to play the point guard position. I like to press the ball so I like to play the point. I can’t wait to learn from Baron Davis.”

On advice from other people at UK:
“I talk to Tony Delk a lot. I talk to him every day. He just tells me to come in and work harder than everyone else on the court and that will help me a lot.”

On of Baron Davis
“I like Baron’s toughness. He goes out every night and just plays. It doesn’t matter who he goes up against. He still goes out and performs every game. I’m looking forward to playing with him and learning from him.”

Jun 30

Wednesday Morning Links

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Category: Random Notes

New Jersey Nets owners Mikhail Prokhorov (which by the way has more money than Jerry West and Mark Cuban combined) and Jay-Z put up this billboard outside Madison Square Garden.

Larry Vaught has some videos up from the basketball camp in Danville.

NCAA committee ready to debate new 68-team tourney.

Reebok calls John Wall an “aspirational” player.

This blogger thinks that Cousins has the talent to be the best player in the draft.

Earmonn Brennan thinks Kanter needs some work but will start immediately at Kentucky.

A Sea of Blue:  Kentucky Basketball:  The Great Experiment

Dajuan Coleman has received an offer from Kentucky.

2013 point guard Rodney Purvis was inspired Thursday night by John Wall.

2012 UK recruit Perry Ellis still has 9 schools listed but none of them have an edge.

John Wall stopped in to watch and counsel Quincy Miller.

Courier-Journal:  Calipari looking for ways to get young teams to finish strong, win titles.

Hearald Leader sports editor Gene Abell thinks Calipari should be given credit on helping Cousins mature.

Adonis Thomas has a big game while Gilchrist chips in 12 point and 8 boards as USA wins in an exhibition over Lithuania.

Sports Illustrated:  Newest Roacket recounts thrill of draft night, being selected No. 14.

Lex18 talks with Tayshaun Prince who wishes that Daniel Orton and Eric Bledsoe stayed.

Rick Pitino has landed Memphis transfer Roburt Sallie, but after year one, Calipari has dominated.

People that surround Josh Harrellson say he is on a mission.

The SEC could have some first rounders in the draft next year.

Fox sports Jeff Goodman’s 2011 NBA mock draft.

The Bleacher Report has a list of the top 20 most annoying athletes on the planet.

The Naughtiest Cheerleaders in History, and Louisville makes an appearance.

The Hottest Chicks in Soccer Jerseys.