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Jun 30

Where In the World Is Billy Gillispie?

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (3)
Category: Random Notes

I have no clue either, thought you would know… In all seriousness, what in the world is this guy up to? Is he coaching somewhere? Is he attending AA classes? Is he improving his public speaking in 100 level classes? Is he at the local YMCA? Is he baking your bread bowls at the local Panera? Is he drinking gambling his settlement money away? Is he teaching DUI classes for the local police? Where in the world is BCG?

R.A.Pedigo said on 06/30/2010 2:25 PM

What are AAA classes? Do you learn how to call for roadside assistance in those?

Ryan Richardson said on 06/30/2010 2:39 PM

He must not use spell check too well, maybe he has been drinking with him.

BOONES said on 06/30/2010 2:42 PM