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Jul 12

Looker of the Week

Posted by: Nate Lowe | Leave a Comment (16)
Category: Looker of the Week

LeBron James is ridiculous.  We’ve known this for several years now.  Until last Thursday, however, we’ve reserved his ridiculousness to describe his skills on the basketball floor, as well as his ability to handle his superstar persona with great maturity for such a young person.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I surely don’t feel the same way about LeBron.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s still ridiculous; just in different ways.  His ego is ridiculous; his slyness is ridiculous; and his ability to be a complete a-hole is ridiculous.  Let me explain.

As more details have been uncovered in recent days, the more I’ve grown a strong distaste for LeBron, and the more I come to agree with the words of Dan Gilbert in his infamous letter, which now has created controversy of its own (think Jesse Jackson’s comments and Jason Whitlock’s rebuttal).

For example, there are reports that LeBron, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade had been discussing the deal to all sign with the Miami Heat for months, not just weeks.  In other words, it definitely wasn’t a last minute decision.

We could also note the fact that LeBron paid Jim Gray for the interview (and Gray’s travel arrangements) on “The Decision” special that aired on ESPN last Thursday.  The details surrounding the special are sickening.

Then, we could point out how James turned his back on his city and hometown fans for a quick chance to win a ring to be built on money and egos, not hard work and genuineness.  This left one local sports writer in Cleveland to change LeBron’s nickname from “King James” to “Cling James,” as in “cling to players that can carry your back.”  Priceless.

With all of this said, TGR has decided to award “Cling James” with this week’s “Looker of the Week.”  Hey LeBron, we’ll be sure to send your “TGR Looker of the Week” t-shirt to your new address in South Beach.  You’ll never be truly comparable to Jordan now; hell, even Kobe for that matter.

As always, if you have a good candidate for “Looker of the Week,” please let us know.  And remember, refrain from making dim-witted remarks and/or engaging in ludicrous acts, or you may just be our next “Looker.”  Cheers!

Ryan Fertig said on 07/12/2010 3:14 PM

I think Delonte West (aka Poppy) would be mad about this post.

Kustin said on 07/12/2010 3:22 PM

“What ever happened to the pursuit of a championship?”

R.A.Pedigo said on 07/12/2010 3:22 PM

Best T-Shirt yet from Cleveland…”You Can Head South But Your Mom Is Riding West”..Classic!

Ryan Richardson said on 07/12/2010 3:23 PM

I’ve got to get one of those t-shirts

Kustin said on 07/12/2010 3:25 PM

That is the greatest shirt ever.

Ryan Fertig said on 07/12/2010 3:35 PM

Hopefully West got that face mess cleared up.

R.A.Pedigo said on 07/12/2010 3:46 PM

The heat will be fun to watch, but tough to chear for. Sad thing is I like Wade a lot…

M.A. Hounshell said on 07/12/2010 4:30 PM

Couldn’t agree more with this peice, Nate. The whole production just made me want to throw up in my own mouth. I can’t believe one of his PR people didn’t say, “Hey Lebron, maybe not a great idea to have an hour special to break the hearts of thousands of kids from your hometown.” I mean even if some of it were for “charity,” it was still nothing but a big ego trip for him. I lost all respect for “His Majesty” and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. And did anyone pick up on one of the ESPN guys saying the Heat will have the top 2 players in the NBA next year with Lebron and D.Wade. C’mon people, give Kobe some love. I like D.Wade and I like(d) Lebron, but Kobe is overlooked a lot. Dude is a baller, could be as good as “his greatness” himself, MJ. I’m serious folks. Kobe is underated. I’m not a Laker fan, but you gotta give the boy some props. He wins with some really mediocre-to-good role players around him and doesn’t need the any super star dynasty teams to win a championship. I’m just sayin’. Stay well boys. Miss dropping some lines now and then, just a busy Mom though. Later.

cc lowe said on 07/12/2010 5:11 PM

Man, I gave this young man the benefit of doubt until last week. I actually thought he was n somewhat control of his ego. Huge NO!! It’s amazing the people he has surrounded hisself with! Such gaudy tactics!! Oh, by the way, that whole espn crew, they’re a piece of work also,huh? Keep em comin TGR!!

JANE ALLEN said on 07/12/2010 8:11 PM


UK Great said on 07/13/2010 9:14 AM

Quit sweating Lebrons balls. I like this web site, but I don’t like your pro Cleveland attitude. Quit being a baby and write something a little closer to the truth.

NastyN8 said on 07/13/2010 9:51 AM

@UK Great: Sweating LeBron’s balls? Pro-Cleveland attitude? Write something a little closer to the truth? Pa-leeeze!! You want the truth? LeBron just pulled a Tiger Woods; that is, for years, he lived a life of the “perfect” superstar in which every little kid idolized him. Then, the real LeBron was revealed to the world last Thursday; one that is self-centered and lacks empathy. You go tell an 8-year-old kid that this little stunt was “just business.” He’s just another professional sellout. Peace.

Ryan Fertig said on 07/13/2010 1:56 PM

UK Great, thanks for reading the site, appreciate it. I think we clown Lebron on here more than we praise him. There is no “pro-Cleveland” mentality here…. Have you ever been there?

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