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Jul 19

Looker of the Week

Posted by: Ryan Richardson | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: Looker of the Week

The word “LOOKER” has been in my vocabulary for around 4 years now.  I used to use the word so much I lost the meaning of it.  At first I started using it for goofy looking people that I would see in my small hometown of Winchester, but after a while it took on other meanings.  Just about everyone I see, I can use the word “look” to describe them.  Sometimes I remind myself of a young obnoxious middle school kid that keeps going on and on until you want to beat them in the face with a crowbar.  Our normal LOOKER poster Nasty Nate reported that his dog ate his post and we were left scrambling to put together this weeks post, but fortunately for you all, we live in a world full of Looks.

Have you ever been so frustrated with something or yourself to where you threw a temper tantrum like a spoiled rotten 5 year old?  Well New York Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett went off Saturday afternoon after a horrendous third inning, banged his hands against a clubhouse door causing lacerations on his palms.  This man felt so stupid that he made up a lie to cover it up and then came out the next day at a press conference to tell everyone the truth.  In my opinion this guy is a ‘look’.

When I turned 16, Kentucky changed the law for getting your permit from 30 days to 6 months.  Well, I patiently waited my four BS months, never letting a day go by without cussing at our wonderful new law.  17 days after I got my license I was at a party and needed to go pick up this chick.  After a few drinks I left to go pick her up.  Well needless to say after pulling out of the driveway, I hammered the gas, went through someone’s front yard and ran a stop sign all without missing a beat.  Cops pull up behind me, I get so nervous that I let go of the wheel and run straight into a guardrail.  Let me remind you, I waited the 6 months to get my license and then 17 days after I get them, I loose them.  I thought I was stupid until I saw this article about a 17 year old Amish teen that runs a stop sign and leads police on a chase through his town on his horse and buggy.  He then proceeds to make a bad turn, crash his buggy, then leads police on a foot chase.  He was later arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol, overdriving, animal reckless endangerment, failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.  Can someone please tell me what the police were driving in order to catch this look?

If you’ve got an off looking cat that you work with, or you’re out at dinner and see a potential looker of the week, send pics and info over to our boy Nate.

Let’s hope that our man Nate comes through next week cause after writing this post I just might be your next “Looker of the Week”.

R.A.Pedigo said on 07/19/2010 3:52 PM

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Ryan Fertig said on 07/19/2010 8:26 PM

Stupid is stupid does Roberto!