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Aug 16

Looker Of The Week

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (4)
Category: Looker of the Week

This week’s ‘Looker’ is well known within the TGR circle of morons.  He is known among us as a man who has perfected the “Sprinkler”, “Lawn Mower”, and “Shopping cart” dances over his years as class clown. He drinks Pearl in a can and Jack Daniels Black and Chews tobacco from a mail pouch sack.

Some find his politics to be nothing more than communist rhetoric.  His political status’s on face book bore even the most left handed liberals.  President Obama actually downloaded the “dislike” button on face book just to show his disagreement with one of this man’s views.

The reason that we are honoring our friend today with this most prestigious of awards is for only one reason.  Over the past months, this man has taken this day and post to inform you, our readers, of something dumb or ridiculous another of our fellow citizens has done in order to embarrass themselves or their family.  He has taken great pleasure in informing you of the person’s down fall as a human being.  Today, I am here to inform you of his.  You see, the man I am speaking of has one weekly post on this fine website that he is in charge of.  The “Looker of the Week” has been his project for some time now.  He is rarely, if ever, asked to produce any more material for the site, only the one Monday post. In the past few weeks, he has failed to produce this, his only post, twice now.

It is for this reason that I would like to proudly present this week’s ‘Looker’ to the one and only, Mr. Nasty Nate! I will not lie to you, as you have done to past winners, and tell you that we are going to send you a TGR t-shirt, those don’t exist.  Instead I will only wish you god’s speed and wisdom in your later years of your life.  I love you, looker!

Ryan Fertig said on 08/16/2010 2:31 PM


jane allen said on 08/16/2010 3:11 PM


Jon said on 08/17/2010 11:30 AM

Hey! That’s my hat.

hefalimp cardijon said on 07/27/2014 8:16 PM

The Slave of the Husband…

Trying to get forward to learning more from you afterward!……