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Aug 30

The Joker Call-In Show

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Category: Football

Here is the link to the first Joker Call-In Radio Show. It will surely be a hit. Starts at 6pm.

Aug 30

Joker On Louisville Today

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Category: Football

Aug 30

UK Football Depth Chart

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Category: Football

Aug 30

Looker(s) of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Due to my two-week hiatus from this website, I have a lot of catching up to do.  So, let’s get right to it.

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

“Why?”  This is the question I would like to ask Roger Clemens.  Not only did the man incriminate his self by originally testifying before Congress in February 2008, but now he has decided to “take that sh*t to trial,” to quote the great The Last Mr. Bigg.  Is his ego really that big?  C’mon, Rog, everyone knows you took the juice.  Do you think we forgot about your little “roid rage” incident during game two of the 2000 World Series?  Allow the photo above to remind you.  You should have just admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in the beginning and moved on with your life.  Now, for someone who should have been a no-doubter, it’ll be a good decade before you’re even considered to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Courtesy of VH1

Have you seen Chad Ochocinco’s show on VH1―”Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch?”  Well, if you haven’t, please do yourself a favor and watch an episode.  A forewarning, though, you might experience intense mixed emotions after watching 10 minutes.  It’s a helluva time.  My lovely wife has DVR’d every damn episode, which I shamefully look forward to watching each week.  It’s sad, I know.

Courtesy of

Beyond his show, however, did you also hear about his recent Twitter tweets?  During a preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Ochocinco tweeted during prohibited hours, which is apparently a violation of NFL policy.  In fact, the use of cell phones, computers, or other electronic equipment by players and coaches is prohibited from 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of the game.  Then, more recently, ole Chad tweeted about his relationship with Evelyn Lozada.  And, no, she is not one of the women from his show on VH1.  You can imagine how well this went over with the VH1 producers.  Attaboy, Chad.

Finally, I would like to turn your attention to the infamous Glenn Beck.  For those of you who don’t personally know me, my political commentary can sometimes be misconstrued as “communist rhetoric,” as Pedigo recently noted.  I simply referred to my commentary as the truth; you can accept or refute it, I don’t care.  Anywho, I’m sure many of you are well aware of Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally this past weekend at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in our nation’s capital.  Unfortunately, I was unable to watch this “historic” talk; however, after listening and reading numerous commentaries this morning, it seemed to be as somewhat uneventful.  I found this to be a bit surprising, since Beck is a well-known entertainer in the news media industry, along with the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Keith Olbermann.  Thousands of sheeple were in attendance, which leaves me wondering who is the greater “looker”―Beck or the sheeple?  You tell me.

Until next week, folks, stay elevated.  Go Cats!

As always, if you have a good candidate for “Looker of the Week,” please let us know.  And remember, refrain from making dim-witted remarks and/or engaging in ludicrous acts, or you may just be our next “Looker.”  Cheers!

Aug 30

Welcome to Papa John’s Stadium

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Category: Football

Something we plan to do here each week at TGR is provide info about the town or stadium that the Cats will be visiting on the road. We will be joining up with  other team blogs to provide vital information to make your trip with the cats as enjoyable as possible.  Information about the actual stadium and it’s attributes is always nice to know, and today I will provide you with some info from Louisville’s Papa John’s Stadium.  I have added some commentary of my own between the *’s.  Enjoy your trip to Jefferson County!


The venue is located on the south end of the University of Louisville campus at 2800 S. Floyd Street. It provides a home for Cardinal football…a state of the art design and fan-friendly environment that hosts concerts, soccer matches and conventions. Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium is one of the finest in the nation.

* To each is own, but “state of the art”?  Work on the width of those hallways before you go that far.  To bad you haven’t mastered the art of filling that dump yet.*

Unauthorized Ticket Sales

Resale of tickets to a sporting event for more than the face value of the ticket is prohibited by law, as is the resale of any tickets to any event on PJCS property. The University of Louisville does not authorize selling individual or season tickets for more than face value. The U of L Athletic Department reserves the right to revoke the ticket privileges, including season ticket renewals, of an customer who scalps tickets. Please no reselling of tickets on PJCS grounds.

*Scalping?  What is the point?  If there are 9,000 empty seats, who needs to scalp?  The scalpers get the tickets so cheap (free), they can sell them for half of face value and make profit.  Please don’t flatter yourself U of L.*

U of L Alcohol Policy

Kentucky law prohibits public intoxication, possession of alcoholic beverages by those under the age of 21, and unauthorized distribution of alcohol on any licensed premises. Unless dispensed by authorized caterers, possession of alcoholic beverages at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium is prohibited by law and subject to legal enforcement. The sale of alcoholic beverages will be discontinued in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium at the end of the third quarter.

A limit of two (2) alcoholic beverages may be purchased at a time. In Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, Sections 109 and 209 up to rows LL are alcohol free.

Consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited in these sections.

*Wonder why you stop selling at the end of the 3rd?  Could it be that you have no customers due to the fear of traffic back to their cages? Or jail cells?  I love that you are trying to point out your morality, but if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?*

The U of L Athletic Association reserves the right to revoke the ticket privileges and/or expel from the premises anyone whose conduct is deemed objectionable, dangerous, or deprives other fans from their enjoyment of the game. Please be responsible. Thank you for your cooperation.

*What on earth would you have to do at U of L to have it deemed ‘irresponsible’ by the U of L administration?  Would someone have to bleed out or something?  It is almost worth the trip to Louisville to find out what you could get away with before you were booted from the ‘Pizza Pit’.*


In Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, smoking is allowed only in designated areas. Please, no smoking in the restrooms or any enclosed areas such as the L-Club room. Smoking is also prohibited in the following seat sections: 109, 110, 111, 209, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215 and 216.

* Are these the lamest seats in the stadium or what?  Who sits hear? Nuns? Loosen up and fire one up sister!*

The University of Louisville reserves the right to relocate to another area or eject from the stadium anyone who does not comply with the smoking policy.

* Seriously? Firing up a heater will get you booted?  Are we still talking about U of L football games?*

First Aid

Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services Registered Nurses will provide treatment for the fans in the First Aid Stations located on the West, East and South sides of the stadium. A volunteer physician and ambulance personnel will be available to coordinate any emergency medical services needed by the fans.

* I wonder how many visiting fans have been treated for knife wounds?  Taking a look at the Cards performances the past few years, heart break is probably a common ailment.*


All the restrooms in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium are fully accessible and have wheelchair accessible facilities. Entrances to the restrooms are located on the outer side of the concourse. Additionally, there is a companion restroom available on the East and West side of the concourse level at the 50-yard line. To access the companion restroom, please see the representative in the customer service booth. Baby changing stations are available in most of the restrooms.

* Rick Pitino was probably a fan of the ‘companion” restroom being added to PJS’s design.  One thing we know he will not be using is the baby changing area, he made sure of that.*

Parking and Shuttle Service

U of L season ticket holders have the opportunity to purchase prepaid parking for lots at PJCS. Lots are assigned depending upon seat type and location. Single game patrons are encouraged to park in surface lots west of the stadium and at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center. There will be no curbsideparking on Floyd Street.

* In other words, in order to have our fine cities criminals have a better shot of stealing your stereo out of  your car, park as far away from PJS as possible.*

Season ticket holders who wish to purchase a Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium handicapped parking permit must first have a Kentucky handicapped parking tag. Handicapped spaces in the red reserved lots will be assigned to eligible ticket holders. Access to the handicapped spaces in the green reserved lot is first-come/first-serve for the qualified season ticket holders.

*In  other words, we have been burned by creepy Cards fans who have rented a wheelchair from the local convalescent store and then come to get a better parking pass, bring your stickers!*


Everyone over the age of two (2) must have a ticket. Please retain your stub. Student tickets are stamped STUDENT and require a valid student ID for admittance.

student tickets must not be re-sold or given to anyone without a valid ID. Lost tickets cannot be replaced or duplicated. Please be sure to secure your tickets in a safe place between games. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office located near Gate 2 on the east side of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium and the Student Activities Center, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ticket office at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium will open at 9 a.m. on game day and remain open through halftime of the game.

* 2 years old?  Taking a child of that age to a University of Louisville game should be  considered child abuse.  Who in their right mind would expose their precious children to such a savage place? *

Will Call

The Will Call windows are located in the ticket office near Gate 2 on the east side of the stadium. Will Call opens two hours before kickoff. Identification is required to pick up tickets.

* It will be the booth covered in bullet proof glass and titanium bars. *

Customer Service

Customer service booths are located on the East, West and South sides of the concourse. If you have special concerns or need assistance at the game, please see the Customer Service representative at these locations. Lost and found may be taken to the customer service booths.

* Hello, I have lost my prison made shank. Has anyone turned  one in? *

The Brown & Williamson Club

The Brown & Williamson Club at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium can be exclusively yours for your next event. For private and social gatherings, corporate and community functions, the unique, elegant and spacious club can accommodate your every need. Call the Brown & Williamson Club Events Coordinator at (502)852-2779 for rental information.

* This would be a perfect place to celebrate the day your closest friend or family member who loves the Cards gets out of jail! *

No Throwing Footballs in Parking Lots

Throwing footballs or objects of any kind is a safety hazard to others and is prohibited in the parking lots and inside the stadium. Anyone who throws objects is liable if their actions result in damage to property or injury to others. Please DO NOT THROW OBJECTS anywhere on Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium grounds.

* No throwing footballs inside the stadium?  It is amazing that every single one of Louisville’s quarterbacks have followed this rule since Brohm left. *

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency – PLEASE – REMAIN CALM. Follow the instructions of the Stadium Security and Ushering Personnel and the Public Address Announcements.

* Get Lisa and ‘dem!”


Tailgating is limited to the parking lots designated for game day parking. (Tailgating is not allowed in the Floyd Street Garage). Your parking pass is good for only one space. Tailgating must be confined to each vehicle space and all vehicles are limited to one parking place. Bottles and open containers may not be carried around the parking lots. All drinks should be placed in plastic/disposable cups and consumed at your tailgating location.

* In other words, cards fans are designated  to only a parking spot to consume their wine coolers.  I wonder if they consider a brown paper bag around a Colt 45 as a container? *


To help assure the security and safety of our fans, coaches and players; no cans, kegs, glass or plastic bottles, nor backpacks, bags or coolers of any type can be carried into Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. All containers, baby bags and purses are subject to inspection and searches. Thank you for your cooperation.

* Mentions nothing about40 oz plastic bottles of malt liquor, so, someone call the Private Stock people!  We need plastic! *


Fans may not carry food or drinks into Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Concession stands, conveniently located on the concourse level, offer a wide variety of refreshments for your enjoyment at the game.

* that is very sweet of you! *


For the comfort and safety of all, umbrellas are not permitted inside Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Please be prepared to use rain gear or ponchos during inclement weather.

* I absolutely love this rule and wish all outdoor arenas or stadiums would adopt the same policy. *

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium Operating Time Kickoff times are subject to change. Please consult the media for correct times. Stadium entrances open two (2) hours prior to the start of the game. The Street Festival booths open three (3) hours prior to kickoff. Tailgating and parking lots will open five (5) hours prior to kickoff. Plan to come early and enjoy tailgating and the Street Festival before the game.

* What time do the whores come out? *

Concealed Weapons

University of Louisville policy prohibits possession of a deadly weapon or destructive device on any U of L property. Violators of this policy are subject to expulsion from the property. (1996HB40)

* Possession of a weapon does not prevent you from participating on one of the universities sports teams though. *

Cardinal Fans’ Safety

Please do not use profanity or engage in behavior that keeps others from enjoying the game. For the benefit, safety and pleasure of guests attending events in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, our gate attendants’ and officials are instructed to deny admission to anyone having in their possession: umbrellas, bottles, alcoholic beverages, containers or weapons of any kind.

* And yes, that list is in order of importance.” engage in behavior that keeps others from enjoying the game.”, hasn’t U of L been doing that  on the field for a few years now?

Aug 30

5 Days Until Kickoff…

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Category: Football

Is there anything more refreshing on a warm Kentucky Monday morning than the hate and bad blood of the Kentucky/Louisville rivalry?  I understood why Coach Brooks wanted the game to be moved away from the traditional ‘Game one’ spot, but there is something special about playing our biggest game the first weekend that gets me very excited.  Saying that, I also enjoyed the fact it upset the Louisville administration when UK moved the Lexington chapter of the rivalry to a later date. “Those” people need to be knocked from their perch occasionally.

It’s going to be a gigantic week here at TGR, as it is our first shot at football season and the first game of the season.  We have a lot planned, so, tell your friends and come see us as much as possible.  We will have predictions on the game, the season, and one how many pizzas Puckett will order for himself only on Saturday.  It is going to be a lot of fun and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see us produce for you throughout the week, let us know.

This is a basketball driven vid, but it gives you an idea of the passion of the rivalry and how important it is for parents of children in Kentucky to make sure their offspring learn early to hate the other school.  It should be pointed out that the kids who say that they are Louisville fans have all been incarcerated twice by now in their young lives.  It is game week baby!  Take your shirt off or something!

Aug 30

Start of A HUGE Week

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Category: Football

You just got to your desk after a short weekend of fantasy football drafts, golf, birthday parties and baby sitting. It’s Monday, so you do your normal routine. Turn on the old trusty PC in your cubicle/desk. Go grab that first cup of free coffee. Check your voice mail on your office phone. Sort through the weekend news on TGR and other non-work related sites. Open up Outlook or Entourage and check for the all important reminders only to find out you have a meeting bright and early at 9AM. Stop by your bosses office to chat about the weekend and see if you have forgotten anything important…

It’s Monday, but this isn’t your ordinary Monday. You actually have something to look forward to this weekend. No it’s not your cousins wedding, that trip to the lake, the night out that is overdue. Nope. You my friend have a football game to watch. That’s right TGR faithful. Football is on tap this weekend and it begins with a bang. Cats vs. Cards!

So, sip that cup of Joe, watch the clock tick by as you are that much closer to Saturday at 3 P.M.

Tonight Joker Phillips begins the week long extravaganza at Aspen Creek on Bardstown Rd. in Louisville for his first ever call-in show. Joker has encouraged all fans in the surrounding areas to attend, which may or may not be a fire hazard. So tune in at 6 to the BBN or head over to Aspen Creek. Whatever you do, rejoice in the fact that its time.

Aug 30

Rivalry Week: Monday Links

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Category: Random Notes

Get yours at


UK assistants Greg Nord and Mike Summers talk about going back to Louisville.

Randall Cobb is sold on Hartline and UK offense.

Kentucky players say there is a difference in the Brooks era to Jokers.

Chip Cosby:  Joker Phillips wants to take Cats to the next level.

John Adams of thinks the Cats will finish 5th in the SEC East.

The Courier Journal thinks the Cats will go 8-4.

Mark Story predicts a 7-5 record for the Cats.

The Card Chronicle matches up the secondary versus the receivers.

John Clay has a video of Derrick Locke after Saturday’s scrimmage.

Tom Leach interviews starting tight end Jordan Aumiller and his backup, true freshman Tyler Robinson.

Future Cat Daylen Hall has a big game for St. X.

Video of Trevard Lindley’s first NFL interception.

Bleed Blue Kentucky has an article about the star rankings.


5 star Kyle Wiltjer will play ball in Lexington and the Cats 2011 class is almost better than the 2009 class.

More on the commitment of Wiltjer.

Here is some video on Wiltjer.

According to Paul Biancardi, Wiltjer is a blend of Kevin McHale and Keith Van Horn.

Jeff Goodman:  Pencil Kentucky in as 2011 preseason numero uno.

Michael Gilchrist mom Cindy Richardson says her son won’t make any official visits and is committed to Kentucky.

Evan Daniels thinks the Gilchrist slip isn’t a big deal.

2011 standout Adonis Thomas cuts Kentucky off his list.

Former All-American Frank Ramsey wasn’t too happy about the increase in ticket prices and could a Texas/Kentucky series be in the making?

Randolph Morris has signed to play in China.

Aug 29

Randolph Morris to Play In China

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Category: Baseball

I know what your thinking. I never thought I would hear that name again either once he left the Cats to play in the NBA.

First, a dive into the deep abyss that is the New York Knicks, then a brief stint with the Atlanta Hawks with very little playing time. Now, Morris is set to to play in the land of Yao Ming (China).

Not even a mysterious fax on the desk of Tubby Smith could correct the career of mild-mannered Morris in the NBA. Now he takes his game to China, wonder what could have been if he had returned for his Senior season.

Thanks to AllKyHoops for the find: “Robert Wang of has leaked news that former Kentucky big man Randolph Morris has signed to play in China. According to Wang, Morris has signed with Beijing in China’s top-level CBA league.”

Aug 29

When I Grow UP, I Wanna Be Like Cal

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Category: Random Notes

A great deal of the TGR family got together last night to celebrate another one of us falling victim to turning 30 years old.  A keg, some tunes, some corn hole, some 30 year old Flip Cup, and an over all good time was had. Happy birthday Mig!  It turns out John Calipari was out on the town last night too.  He attended a fundraiser that will help fund the Rich Brooks Foundation.  While at this event, Kentucky received word of yet another 5* recruit’s commitment to the Cats for 2011, the 4th to do so.

I have not spoken to everyone that was in attendance last night for our birthday celebration, but I have a feeling that no one there received news that would make their job a whole lot easier next year.  News just doesn’t get to most people of that magnitude in between cocktails on a random Saturday night in August, except for Coach Cal, I guess.  I mean, the kid has never stepped on Kentucky’s campus?  Does he even know what our school colors are?

Leave it to Kentucky to have huge basketball news break on the weekend before our opening game, against our biggest rival, at an event to benefit the foundation of our recently retired head football coach. Only in the Bluegrass my friends!  I was not going to write about UK basketball this entire week in order to keep it gangster and keep all of my attention on Joker’s boys and I have already broken my vow.  I think it goes without saying that 2011 could be a decent year for Cal and the cats.

I found this clip on youtube tonight and it is amazing for tow reasons.  First of all, this ain’t your daddy’s Tecmo Bowl and second, who posts video game clips on youtube and why?