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Sep 30

Joker Displeased With Practice Effort

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Category: Football

Courtesy Herald-Leader

Allen Iverson was made famous for it, however, many still believe that practice makes  perfect. Including Joker Phillips. Maybe he doesn’t get as frustrated and open about his team’s struggles on the practice field like former Coach Rich Brooks did. But hey, Brooks is golfing, fishing and enjoying the retired life right now…

Thursday’s practice effort was poor from the starters standpoint according to Joker.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that focus will be transferred to game day:

“If we play like we practice today, it will be ugly…. Everything should be clean. All the assignments should be cleaned up. We can’t practice against each other everyday. Physically you can’t do it. And there are things we need to see that our opponents are doing. When we practice against the scouts, we can’t bring our level of play down to the scouts. We didn’t execute a lot of little things, and the little things are what you get beat on the road. We practiced to get our tails beat today. The good thing is we’ve got time.”

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