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Oct 31

In the spirit of Halloween, why not?

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Category: Basketball

The image above was sent in by a fan which takes the Free Enes movement to another level. Very creative.

Oct 31

Myron Pryor Doing A Little Chin Checkin’

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Category: Football

Oct 31

Another Bad Football Weekend At Pedigo Manor

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Category: Football

(AP Photo/Michael Dywer)

In a weekend where I saw my high school football team, my college team, and my 3 NFL teams all lose, I thought any chance of football joy was lost. Then, I just witnessed the biggun’, Myron Pryor, of the New England Patriots (jerks)absolutely plant Brett Favre into the New England turf, and all was made right again! Favre’s chin was split open and the sexter was sent to the Minnesota sidelines.  Nice work by Kentucky’s own, Myron Pryor!

As for our struggling Cats, unlike them, I will start out on a positive note.  I loved Wesley Woodyard like a son, but could Danny Trevathan be the best UK linebacker of this century?  The Floridian had 16 more tackles last night in Starkville and seemed to be in on every tackle the Kentucky defense made.  At times it seems as if Danny is the only player on Kentucky’s defense to be honest. He is the surest tackler, fastest to the ball, and is able to also cover running backs in pass coverage. He is a joy to watch and I am glad we will have another year to watch him knock the shit out of SEC offensive players.

Well, the haters have been lying in the grass waiting for Mike Hartline to have a bad game, and it happened. The young man from Canton, Ohio seemed to be out of sorts from the first snap.  He was forced into several bad throws by Mississippi State’s relentless blitz all night long.  Seeing a defense like MSU’s makes me very jealous.  They give up some plays, but they force the offense to make a play.  They don’t sit back and react, they force the offense to react.  They are a lot of fun to watch, as long as they aren’t playing your team.  Mike tried several times to make plays that just were not there and he looked very bad doing it.  The few good throws he made in crucial points in the game were dropped by LaRod King and Kentucky’s back up tight end down the middle.  But, Mike has no one to blame but himself and I am sure the Hartline bashers will be happy to point that out all week long.  Apparently, some of the “bashers” have already started yakking and sent some less than positive Tweets to Derrick Locke about Hartline and his play.  Locke responded with this Tweet, “For the next person who tweets me saying we need a new qb…how bout u try jumping off a cliff first”.  Well said Mr. Locke, hope to see you in a Kentucky offensive backfield real soon.XOXO

I am trying to be positive about the remaining 3 games, but after watching the Tennessee-South Carolina game, I am less positive about that one. A season in which we would end the USC/Spurrier/UT streaks would be great, and in my mind, would erase the disappointing losses In Mississippi. Who’s ready for some Charleston Southern action?  I will make the first person who puts their nickname in the comment section tailgater of the Week! Go Cats!

Oct 31

Joker on the Cats 24-17 loss to Miss. St.

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Category: Football

Courtesy Blue Nation blog.

Oct 31

Afternoon linkage

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Category: Football

AP/Jim Lytle

John Clay gives us his news and notes on the Cats loss

Brett Dawson of the Courier Journal says the Cats are what their record says

John Wall scores 28 in his second game as a Wizard

ESPN recaps the Cats vs. Dogs

Darius Miller writes  a report in college on a Coach not named Calipari

Chip Cosby on what should have been in Starksville

A top 2011 recruit backed out of Texas and is now looking at the Cats

Oct 31

Player interviews from last night

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Category: Football

Oct 30

Cats come up short 24-17 to Miss. St.

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Category: Football

(AP/ Kerry Smith)

4-5 doesn’t sound as terrible when you have Vandy, Tennessee and Charleston Southern remaining on our schedule so don’t cash it in for basketball just yet…. A tough loss tonight for the Cats in a game they were never really out of, yet those old familiar signature mistakes cost the Cats a victory against a ranked opponent. I don’t want to make it sound like all was good, but all was not that bad either.

Randall Cobb was the story for the Cats again on offense, making multiple plays to keep the Cats close. Cobb finished with 12 receptions for 171 yards and a TD receiving. I just love how Cobb never makes a fair catch call, forcing the defensive special teams to hit him. That is some gumption right there!

Mike Hartline came into the game dressed as a QB and got back to his old self making some bad throws and mental mistakes, however he was pressured all night long by the Bulldog’s defense. Hartline finished with 23/41 for 258, 2 TD’s and 3 INT’s.

Speaking of Hartline, he may be the only player to ever do this and I am not sure the record books would stat it but the man threw two interceptions on the same series on back-to-back throws. The first coming on an interception by Miss. St. who then fumbled and the Cats recovered. On the very next play Hartline threw a lob to the corner to Matthews that was intercepted in the end zone by the defense. To Mike’s credit though, the first pick could have been nullified by a penalty if Joker chose to accept, however he declined, thus resulting in two picks in the same series. Another odd moment in Wildcat football.

The defense kept the Cats in the game. You read that right. The Cats forced the Bulldogs into punting situations 4 times in the final 10 minutes of the game yet the Cats offense couldn’t capitalize. However, the rushing defense was once again shaky, giving up a total of 214 yards on the ground.

In all, another disappointing loss in a hard fought contest. The Cats come home against an FBS opponent next week and the finish out conference play against the state of Tennessee. The good news for the remaining 3 games is that they ALL are winnable. The Cats could very well get this puppy turned around and finish 7-5.

Happy trick-or-treatin’!

Oct 30

TGR Predictions Mississippi St.: UK 33-30

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Category: Football

Last week the TGR crew had the Cats winning 34-28 but when you turn the ball over 4 times in the SEC you lose and the Cats did just that 44-31. So far on the season we are 5-3 on the season with our picks and off of the total score an average of just 3.94 points either way. Here we go for the most important game of the season, again:

Ryan Richardson: KY 31 MSU 28

Kentucky has been great at defending the passing game this year, giving up just 177 yard per game.  Their rushing defense has given up 22 touchdowns but actually has done a good job on the run except for Auburn.  If the Cats can hold the Bulldogs down on throwing the ball, they should be able to hang tight.  I’m sure Joker would want this to be a shootout.  Look for the Cats to take shots at a pretty shaky Mississippi State secondary and hopefully hang on to the ball.  I’ll take the 6.5 points and roll with the Cats again….

Matt Puckett: cats 37 – state 31

Cats start out hot with Hartline connecting to Cobb for an early TD. While State gives us all we want the Cats stay strong with tough play from Cobb getting over 220 all purpose yards.

Ralph Lee: MSU 27-20

The Bulldogs are probably not a big threat to jump out on the Cats and build a big league like Georgia, Florida or South Carolina. They don’t necessarily rely on big plays as much as they lean heavily on the run, thereby keeping the opposing defense on the field and the opposing offense on the sideline. The Cats must take care of the ball as more than 1 or 2 turnovers could result in their defense spending more than half the game on the field if they can’t stop the Bulldogs’ running game. The Cats’ offensive line will need to be focused and know their assignments and they will need help from the backs on blitz pick-ups. Hartline should still have a decent day as long as he can stay vertical in the pocket. The concern for UK is the defense and whether they can slow down the ground game of State. Based on the performance of the opposing running backs versus the Cats’ “D” this season, Ballard and or Relf could be in for a huge day. My thought is UK should “run the table” the rest of the season, but that run will have to start next week as I think the Bulldogs will outdo the Cats 27-20 in Starkville.

Rob Pedigo: UK 42 – MSU 35

This has all the makings of a barn burner, literally.  After the Cats win on a defensive stand on their own 1 yard line, several of the cats leave Starkville and burn several barns  on the way to the airport. No one is injured by the obvious illegal acts, but several of the cats report a little bit of a ‘head change’ after one of the barns is found to be filled with marijuana.

Nate Lowe: 38-31 MSU

I don’t know anything about MSU except that they’re having an outstanding season this year. When is the last time the Bulldogs were 6-2? It may be a close one, but given the game is in Starkville and how well MSU is playing right now, I don’t see the Cats pulling out for the win. They lose this one and win the final three games to finish 7-5; an acceptable, yet somewhat disappointing record. We’ll see.

Ryan Fertig: MSU 10 – UK 41

What’s scary for the Cats is we have to travel to the deep-n-dirty south to play a night game in Starksville, Mississippi with the most annoying sound in the world as a sound track. On top of that the Bulldogs are ranked for the first time in 6 years, carrying only 2 losses, and the Cats are without Derrick Locke, Randall Cobb may be a little banged up and La’Rod King’s knee may be a little sore. Come out hard, score early and don’t put the ball on the ground. If Cats can only do that we may muster up a win.

Samuel Clemmons: Cats – 27, State – 38

I think the Cats can fare better than most of State’s previous opponents in getting the ball into the endzone, but I just don’t see how the defense is going to stop the Bulldogs’ ground attack, as that’s obviously been a point of concern for the entire SEC slate for our boys in blue.  I hope I’m wrong yet again, but I think the Cats lose this one on the road and drop to 4-5 heading into the last 3 games of the season.

AVERAGE: Kentucky 33 – Miss. St. 30

The TGR crew has done it again and picked in favor of the Cats by a field goal in Starksville. Let’s hope the Cats protect the football, run the offense and play some defense.


Oct 30

What we don’t want to happen tonight.

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Category: Football

Oct 30

Pregame Nonsense; Miss State

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Category: Pre-Game Nonsense

I have only been to Mississippi a couple of times and it was only because I was driving through it to get to a much better location. I openly admit that I have no real experiences with the state directly. You might remember back in march when I had this interaction with a Mississippi state fan or administrator or whatever in a Nashville elevator before the SEC championship. I had never been a MSU hater up until that point, now I consider their fans to be near the level of the others I despise.

Since I have a limited amount of knowledge of the state of Mississippi and the people of Mississippi, I decided to research the state a little on the, always reliable, world wide web. I stumbled upon the Mississippi Hate forum this morning and it provided me several opinions of the state by people who have actually been or lived there.  Here are a couple of the quotes I retrieved from the forum that I believe to be worthy enough to share with you about the state of Mississippi…

“I would rather spend eternity in hell, than spend another week in this horrible place. Jackson Ms. is the worst place in the world to live.”

“Probably the worst state in the USA. Dumb, fat and rude people. Everyone is on welfare too… Only a moron would enjoy living here. 15 years of my life have gone down the drain living in this dump. It lacks job opportunities, attractions, nerd/anime conventions (if you can even FIND an otaku in MS), and general fun. But what it DOESN’T lack in is obesity, racism, bad schools, ignorance, and boredom. Lots of boredom. You’ll never run out of it here. Really. If you want an example of how dull and depressing this place is, go watch paint dry. My kids will NOT be attending any schools in MS or in the deep south for that matter when the time comes.”

“Hate this place. MS SUCKS”

Let me say this…If you put ‘hate Mississippi’ or ‘Mississippi sucks’ or any combination of those words in Google or any other search engine, you will find more white sheets than a bedding sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond . Wow Mississippi! I was expecting those pics to have a date on them of a year far before I was born, but unfortunately, they did not. What the hell is going on down there? Does our federal government know about this? I know Ole Miss’s nickname is or was the Rebels, but I never made the connection. No wonder no one likes it there…I am going to have to end this and go make a few phone calls… I am demanding extra security escort our players to and from Mississippi on Saturday.