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Oct 11

The Tailgate Review

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (21)
Category: Tailgating

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The sunshine could have not shined brighter on our tailgate Saturday morning/afternoon/night.  The cats may have not been triumphant on the field, but the TGR crew was flawless in the red lot! After a 2 week road trip, we returned to the Commonwealth parking areas for a FULL day of tailgate activities. The grill was hot, the beer was cold, and TGR was anxious for another day of fun in the sun.  Could have the day been more perfect, weather wise, for what was being touted as the biggest day of sports in Lexington, ever? Keeneland, Commonwealth Stadium, and the Kentucky Horse Park were treated to a PERFECT Kentucky day.

The TGR convoy left Clark County around 10:30 and made a beeline for our home away from home, the last parking spot in the row directly under the ‘S’ in stadium. I have said it before, if you are not down with tailgating before, well, anything, it is only because you have never tried it.  There is nothing more American than drinking beer, grilling meats, and cursing at other Americans for the colors they are wearing. Speaking of the “other colors”, was it me, or was there an unordinary amount of auburn fans in and around the stadium Saturday?  The report I received late on Saturday afternoon had Keeneland full of the navy and orange clad morons too. To me, Auburn is nothing more than Louisville on steroids.  They are “little brother” in their state and that will never change without Alabama going on a long, damaging probation. Most Auburn fans carry an obnoxious arrogance that I can only compare to that of the Louisville fan base when they luck up and get a good coach or a star QB for a couple of years. Other than the more storied history, the only other difference between AU and UofL is the threads, Auburn fans have nice clothes.

Other than some pretty heated Hartline debates early in the day, the excitement didn’t pick up until the Keeneland crowd showed up to the party. It was like a giant drunken mist fell upon the area and the decibel level was raised a few notches. We had a few of the TGR family pull off the Kentucky Exacta, going to the races and then to the tailgate at UK. One of the TGR founding members lives about a mile from the red lot, so, he and his usually walk to our spot each week. He and his beautiful fiancé were some of the Keeneland goers and they walked over with a couple more of the crew.  I will say this, when you have been at Keeneland early drinking, then you walk a mile or so with your Keeneland garb on, you are apparently guaranteed to sweat like it is no body’s business. My good friend, Brett B., looked as if he had been running and playing in a sprinkler.

I am not sure if it goes on with other schools or not, but one thing I dislike about Kentucky fans is how often they are willing to hate on their own team. I am as frustrated at losing as anyone who cheers for the blue and white.  I hate losing worse than just about anything.  A root canal sounds more pleasurable to me than walking out of Commonwealth Stadium after the team plays their tail off, only to lose on a last second field goal. Saying that, if you are going to come to the game, tailgate, and hate on MY TEAM…Stay the F away from me! I am fully aware of our team, our record, and our faults.  If it makes you feel better to fire off about how bad MY team is, please do so in the friendly confines of your home or at least 500 feet from me. If you are so miserable with our program, why do you even take the time to go? I am much smarter than you, I know more football than you do, and I am much prettier than you are, what makes you think I want or need your opinion? For all of you who that does not apply to, I am sorry you had to witness that ugliness.  I had to get it off my chest.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program…Far and away the greatest moment for me was when a “fan” of this website walked up to me, asked me if I  was ”R.A.”, and asked me if he could take a picture with me under our tailgate Review sign. It was one of the strangest and greatest moments of my career as a drunken degenerate, no doubt about it. I was so shocked I have forgotten the gentleman’s name, but he is welcome to throw that into the comment section. I have no idea why anyone would want to read this silly stuff I put up here each day, but I appreciate those who do. You may be completely demented, but you are angels in my book!

On the field, our Wildcats showed they in fact, do, have some heart and guts. Their 2nd half rally was very inspiring and it was devastating to see them lose in that manner. There was a question on this site and others on whether Joker should have let Auburn score early on the last drive in order to get the ball back so that they could attempt to tie the game and send it to overtime. The thought actually crossed the minds of those I was sitting with.  Look, Kentucky’s defense had stopped Auburn from scoring a touchdown the entire 2nd half.  If you tell them to lie down and let Auburn score, you are not only putting an enormous amount of pressure on your quarterback and offense, you are basically telling your defense they stink. Joker could not crush the confidence they had built in the 2nd half by making that decision. Not only would they had probably lost that game, they may have lost several down the road because his defense would have given up on him. I think Joker did the right thing by letting his much maligned defense have their chance in the spotlight. Newton and the Tigers may have marched 93 yards for the win, but it will benefit Kentucky to have had that experience in the future. I am still right there with you cats!

We get another evening start this week as we welcome in Stevey Gamecock and his visor to the bluegrass.  After they brought down the #1 team in the country Saturday, I don’t know that Joker and the boys could have picked a better time to line up against USC. Go cats!

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The Tailgate Review « Tailgate Review – TGR – Kentucky Sports + Athletics, Tailgating and Life In the Bluegrass

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