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Oct 12

TGR2K!!! TGR Hits A Milestone

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: Crazy Stories

You are reading that right folks. The good ol’ boys at TGR just hit another milestone in our short history…… This post marks our 2,000th post since February 5th….. Talk about bringing the pain in 249 days! That’s 8 months and 1 week of funk for an average of 8 posts a day….

From Hazard to Harlan, from the great Ale 8 fields of Winchester to the chin strap wearers of Louisville, to the coal mines of Pike County, to the bourbon vats in Bardstown, we’ve been right here keepin’ you up to date, informed, and maybe even entertained a little about Kentucky Athletics and some valuable life lessons. It’s been a good ride thus far, and it seems as if we are finally making our dent in what is about 1,000 UK entities in the blogosphere.

Anyways, keep up the support, we feed off of it. After all, we wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t there.

Also, Stay tuned as we are partnering with the great folks of the Coca-Cola company for a tailgating giveaway contest in the coming weeks…

Holy TGR2K baby!

Jeff F said on 10/13/2010 8:15 AM

Unlike UK’s 2000th, TGR’s might actually stick! Or is their a site that checks the updates for sports sites?

Ryan Fertig said on 10/13/2010 8:37 AM

Don’t think either will happen Heffe.