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Oct 15

Taking Our Word To The NCAA!

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Crazy Stories

Believe it or not, the friends of TGR are found in all corners of this beautiful country of ours and beyond. A few minutes ago, I got the following story from, well, let’s just call him Sue. Sue is an employee at the NCAA and is a huge TGR fan and reader.  We appreciate ‘Sue’ letting us in on her story and allowing us to share…

“In yet another sign that Kentucky fans are as crazy as they come…

I walked out of my office a little over an hour ago to go grab some lunch and my eyes were immediately drawn to a middle aged man with a nasty scowl on his face and a blue Free Enes t-shirt on his torso.  The man was enthusiastically strutting around and ‘jersey popping’ his Free Enes t-shirt on the front lawn of the NCAA offices, apparently thinking that the only thing that me and my co-workers do all day is stare out the front windows to see what’s happening outside.  From inside the office, I’m sure it looked like the guy was getting after it outside, but when standing just feet from him, it was really awkward because he wasn’t making any noises, nor was he saying anything at all.  Just lots of t-shirt jersey popping, strutting around, and angry looks towards the office building.  Apparently, the man was unaware that the Eligibility Center (where the ultimate Enes decision will be made) is about 2 miles north of my building.  Then again, I really don’t think the guy cared.  He was just trying to let it be known that he thinks Enes should be freed.

I agree.  Free the big man.  But don’t make all of us look like lunatics in the meantime, t-shirt jersey popper. “

Classic. Unleash The Enes!

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