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Oct 31

Another Bad Football Weekend At Pedigo Manor

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (3)
Category: Football

(AP Photo/Michael Dywer)

In a weekend where I saw my high school football team, my college team, and my 3 NFL teams all lose, I thought any chance of football joy was lost. Then, I just witnessed the biggun’, Myron Pryor, of the New England Patriots (jerks)absolutely plant Brett Favre into the New England turf, and all was made right again! Favre’s chin was split open and the sexter was sent to the Minnesota sidelines.  Nice work by Kentucky’s own, Myron Pryor!

As for our struggling Cats, unlike them, I will start out on a positive note.  I loved Wesley Woodyard like a son, but could Danny Trevathan be the best UK linebacker of this century?  The Floridian had 16 more tackles last night in Starkville and seemed to be in on every tackle the Kentucky defense made.  At times it seems as if Danny is the only player on Kentucky’s defense to be honest. He is the surest tackler, fastest to the ball, and is able to also cover running backs in pass coverage. He is a joy to watch and I am glad we will have another year to watch him knock the shit out of SEC offensive players.

Well, the haters have been lying in the grass waiting for Mike Hartline to have a bad game, and it happened. The young man from Canton, Ohio seemed to be out of sorts from the first snap.  He was forced into several bad throws by Mississippi State’s relentless blitz all night long.  Seeing a defense like MSU’s makes me very jealous.  They give up some plays, but they force the offense to make a play.  They don’t sit back and react, they force the offense to react.  They are a lot of fun to watch, as long as they aren’t playing your team.  Mike tried several times to make plays that just were not there and he looked very bad doing it.  The few good throws he made in crucial points in the game were dropped by LaRod King and Kentucky’s back up tight end down the middle.  But, Mike has no one to blame but himself and I am sure the Hartline bashers will be happy to point that out all week long.  Apparently, some of the “bashers” have already started yakking and sent some less than positive Tweets to Derrick Locke about Hartline and his play.  Locke responded with this Tweet, “For the next person who tweets me saying we need a new qb…how bout u try jumping off a cliff first”.  Well said Mr. Locke, hope to see you in a Kentucky offensive backfield real soon.XOXO

I am trying to be positive about the remaining 3 games, but after watching the Tennessee-South Carolina game, I am less positive about that one. A season in which we would end the USC/Spurrier/UT streaks would be great, and in my mind, would erase the disappointing losses In Mississippi. Who’s ready for some Charleston Southern action?  I will make the first person who puts their nickname in the comment section tailgater of the Week! Go Cats!

Jeff F said on 10/31/2010 8:17 PM

Myron is another Eastern Eagle that made it to the Big League!

Ryan Fertig said on 10/31/2010 9:23 PM

EHS prevails!

Jeff Vegas said on 11/1/2010 12:54 PM

Charleston Southern action??? I am if Cobb is back!