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Oct 30

Joker’s Keys to the Mississippi State Bulldogs

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Category: Football

Each week Eric Lindsey over at sits down with the Coach to get his “keys” to the game. This week Joker discusses his game plan for the Bulldogs of Mississippi State:

Offensive keys: “We’ve got to protect the football. It’s been the thing that has been killing us offensively and we have to stay ahead of the count on down-and-distance. We’ve got to win on first and second down so we can have manageable third downs. We’ve got to continue to stress it and we’ve got to get the guys in there that are going to protect the football. We can’t put guys in there that are just careless with the ball. For the most part our guys have been taking care of the football. We’re probably one of the lowest in the league in turnovers but the problem is where we’ve turned it over at. We’ve turned it over with short field. It’s hard for a defense to go in there with not a lot of grass behind it. They’re an attacking, aggressive defense that has done nothing but dominate the line of scrimmage of every game they’ve played. They dominated the line of scrimmage against Florida and Auburn, and those are two really physical football teams.”

Defensive keys: “We’ve got to stop their running game. That’s what they’ve done offensively, not just with their tailback running game but with their quarterback running game. We’ve got to get this into a game where they have to throw the ball. You can’t let them have success on first and second down. You’ve got to get them into throwing situations. So many times, even on third-and-6, they run the football. You’re thinking they’re in a passing mode and they run the quarterback right down your throat to keep the clock moving and the chains moving. We’ve got to get them in some third-and-longs so they can’t run the football on third down and convert it. You have to stack the box. You have to get the safeties involved and then you can’t miss tackles when your safeties are down in the box because then there’s a chance for a big play with nobody behind them.”

Key matchup: “We’ve got to win the line of scrimmage, especially with our offensive and defensive lines on both sides of the ball. It’s going to be a dogfight because these are as aggressive of lines as I’ve ever seen. We got hit off the ball last week and that’s the first time this year we haven’t controlled the line of scrimmage. We’ve got to get back to where we are controlling the line of scrimmage.”

On the hostile environment: “It’s going to be a different atmosphere this time. I just explained that to my team. You go down to Starkville in a night game – I’ve seen Thursday night games there and how different they are than when we’ve been there. And then you add the fact that they’re already bowl eligible and those guys are trying to go to the best bowl they can possibly go to. It will be cranking around 6 o’clock Central Time down there.”

UK players that must step up: “We’ll give both (Sanders and Donald Russell) a chance and see who has the hot hand. Last week Sanders had the hot hand. We started off with Russell. He struggled to see some things and also put the ball on the ground. When we went with Sanders, he went in and was productive, so we stayed with him a little bit longer. I think CoShik Williams has had a good week also. We’ll see what he gives us throughout the game. But Raymond Sanders has to have a good game. He’s going to have to be really good in protection, really good in seeing his block setup and also he’s going to have to catch the ball for us.”

Injury report: Locke will miss his third straight game with a serious shoulder stinger. La’Rod King is expected to play after a scary knee injury last week during the Georgia contest.

Oct 30

Game Day Forecast: Mississippi State

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Category: Random Notes

Each week we have the privilege of bringing you the Game Day Forecast by none other than WTVQ’s own Meteorologist, Mary Wasson, take it away Mary:

Okay, so I’m a winner either way this weekend! J  I have to root for Kentucky because it’s the team I grew up watching and have cheered for through soooooo many losing seasons.  But, once I decided I wanted to be a meteorologist, I had to go to the BEST school for Broadcast Meteorology, which was Mississippi State and have now become a HUGE fan! J   I’m just glad MSU and UK aren’t die-hard rivals… we’ll leave that to Ole’ Miss and Louisville.

UK and MSU forecast:

As you are heading down to the Magnolia State on Friday… expect crystal clear skies as an area of high pressure is moving overhead.  This will allow the temperatures to drop into the mid 30s in Starkville tonight allow for frost to develop.  The rest of Saturday will be gorgeous with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid 70s!  That’s my kind of weather.


–    Mary Wasson

–    ABC 36 Morning/Noon Meteorologist

** Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the game day latest forecast!**

Oct 30

TGR’s Weekend Wrap-up

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Category: General News

Other side of the lot brings you a Mississippi State fan’s thoughts

The TGR pick against the spread could very well put some extra cash in your wallet

Chef Jon brings you a succulent recipe for Spiced Apple Cider Chicken Wings

Sammy C gives you this week in Wildcat history countdown to UK vs. Miss. St.

TGR’s tailgater of the week brings you a lovable baby girl, but don’t let that fool you, she was born blue

Ralph Lee’s Saturday preview of Mississippi St. vs. Kentucky

10 things to know about today’s game

Joker touches on the Cats loss last week to Georgia and looks ahead to Miss. St.

Other links this A.M.:’s preview of the Cats vs. Bulldogs

Rick Bozich gives us a Coaches’ thoughts on the cowbells

Chip Cosby calls the MSU-UK game a “rivalry”

The Herald-Leader gives us a look at the match-ups today

Oct 29

Bill Keightley’s Replacement Resigns

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Category: Basketball

According to Jerry Tipton of the Herald Leader, Bryan Settle, UK’s equipment manager has stepped down from the position. Settle was in his second season as UK equipment manager and followed Calipari from Memphis where he worked for Cal for 6 seasons.

Apparently the shoes of 48 years left behind by Mr. Wildcat were just too big to fill for Settle. Hurry now and get your applications in folks, this spot won’t last long.

In other news, Rajon Rondo just put up a triple double in game 3 of the season going for 10 points, 10 rebounds and a massive 24 assists! Unbelievable! And, happy belated birthday to our program watch dog Mrs. Sandy Bell.

Oct 29

John Wall Is Also Fast…

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Category: Basketball

Oct 29

Cobb Designated A “Thriller”

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Category: Football

ESPN is back at it again with it’s SEC awards. This week we look forward to Halloween, so it’s only fitting for them to hand out some awards for that I’m guessing. For the full list click here…. UK’s Randall Cobb get’s deemed a “thriller”:

Thriller: Picking the most exciting player in the SEC and keeping it to just one player is impossible, so we’ll cheat and pick the top five – Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, Kentucky receiver Randall Cobb, LSU cornerback/return specialist Patrick Peterson, Arkansas receiver Joe Adams and Alabama running back Trent Richardson. When any of the five are playing, you make it a point to watch their games to see what they’re going to come up with next.

Oct 29

TGR’s Friday Flatulence

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 3:00 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Random Notes

We are sitting on the doorstep of November here in the blue grass and that means a few things. First of all it is Halloween weekend and the freaks are out in bunches. The holiday that gives grown ass men and women an excuse to dress up as strange things and go to work. I am currently sitting within shouting distance of several of these people right now. It is my humble opinion that there is only one suitable costume for anyone over the age of 13 that puts on a costume and that would be a giant douche bag suit. If any of you are dressed as an actual douche bag today, I salute you.  Those of you dressed as some other mystical creature or beast, you are dressed as a douche nozzle and don’t even know it. Grow up.

It is also a special time of year for BBN because of the fact our two most popular sports are currently overlapping. Coach Cal and his second group of Cats are getting fired up and held their annual Blue-White game Tuesday night. Due to only having 10 players on it’s current roster, Cal asked Wayne Turner, Perry Stevenson, and Mark Krebs to participate in the scrimmage in order to give the current cats a break at points and to allow him to play different groups together. At the last moment, Kentucky was told by the NCAA that if these 3 former players were to play in the scrimmage, it would be counted as an exhibition game and would mean they could not play one of their already scheduled games. Of course, This was not a viable option for Kentucky and it’s contracts with the teams on the schedule, so, the 3 former players were left out and the 10 man roster ran full court for an entire game. Is there any doubt that there are several folks dressed up for Halloween at NCAA headquarters? Are there any rational decisions made in Indianapolis?

As far as the scrimmage went…Well, I guess it was fine. I watched about ¾ of it before I realized I was not interested and turned it off. I am not sure why I didn’t care, but I didn’t.  I am not sure if it is because the team has so few players I have connected with or if it is just because I am still in football mode.  Last year I could not get enough of the new Cats and Coach Cal at this point in the year.  Wall had just introduced his dance to BBN and that was all that was being talked about.  There is no doubt the Wildcats will have a great season and win a bunch of games, but there is no one on this team that excites me yet.  I think Enes would probably be that guy, but we all know his situation. It’ looks as if we have a few stars on the court, but none that have become immediate stars off of it.  Oops, there I go comparing last year’s team to this year’s.  I am cruisin’ for a Coach cal bruisin’…

It could be that I am so wrapped up in our football cats, that I can not allow myself to change mind states, just yet. Joker and the boys hit the road for the first time in 3 weeks after going 1-2 in the home stand. As Sammy C. told you yesterday, the Cats have had some success in Starkville over the years. In fact, the road teams have won the last 4 games in this series with the Bulldogs. If history stays true, the records can be thrown out this weekend in Mississippi. I expect the cats to play well, as they have done on the road for the past couple of years. Kentucky’s defense is not going to become a “world beater” over night, so, I hope no one expects that to happen. Mississippi State has not turned the ball over in several games and we have to hope that streak ends Saturday and that the Cats are able to cash in on those opportunities. We all know our offense can score and we all know our defense is below average, our best chance at a road win in Starkville is to make them make a couple of mistakes on offense. If the cats can do that, they win. I had a day dream yesterday that Randall Cobb caught a pass over the middle in Starkville and took it to the house with time running out.  As he trotted off the field, he looked to the Mississippi State student section, put his hand up to his ear, and said, “Call me?!?”…Classic.

Oct 29

From The Other Side Of The Lot; Mississippi State

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Category: Football

For the first time in what seems like an eternity (just ask my liver) the Cats are hitting the road this week. For most Cat fans, that means the tailgate gear is collecting dust for a few days and for a lucky few, a trip to scenic Starkville, Mississippi is in their immediate future. Lucky for you, we don’t even have to leave the comforts of our cubicles to be able to feel the luxuries of life on the road in the SEC.

Today the TGR tour bus is stopping for an extra long bathroom break and a trip to the other side of the lot down south in Mississippi.  The honor of showing us a mighty fine time in Starkville this week has been bestowed upon Mr. Billy Triplett.  Bill, an alumnus of MSU, has some rather strong ties to the TGR family. He is the husband of the hottest meteorologist in Lexington (No Fertig, not Bill Meck) and official weather girl for TGR on Saturday mornings, Mrs. Mary Wasson! We appreciate Mr. Triplett taking the time to play with us here at TGR and we are glad you escaped from your captors in Starkville.  Surely no one stays there on their own accord. Ladies and gentlemen of BBN and TGR, I give you Mr.Triplett…

Alright, Wildcats… as an alumni of the great institution that is Mississippi State University I must say that although you may have never considered Starkville, MS to be a bastion of fun spots to visit and great places to eat… BUT, I must inform you right here… right now…. Starkville, while small, is big in personality… and vast in great places to get a bite.

First off… what’s your poison of choice? BBQ? Italian? Sandwiches? or do you prefer the old fashion tailgaters dish of delight… fried chicken and potato logs?

Oh yeah, if you’re reading this and complaining about the food choices being unhealthy… then stop reading this blog right now, pack some tofu and your Grateful Dead’s Greatest hits CD… you’re in Mississippi… the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll, Soul Food and Sweet Tea… and if you don’t agree with me, you can kiss my ass!

Still with me? Good. Now let’s get down to it…

BBQ is a staple in Mississippi… Now, a lot of folks would have you believe that there’s no good barbecue south of Memphis… there’s a name for those types of folks… “assholes”.

The truth is Mississippi is full of great BBQ joints, and it just so happens that one of those joints is located in Starkville… (a mile and a half away from campus to be exact)… it’s called The Little Dooey ( ESPN’s Lee Corsi swears by it… (but then again, Lee Corso is about as appealing as Dick Vitale… Yeah, BABY!!!)

If you choose the Dooey, I highly recommend you try the following dishes:

1). The Fried Green Tomatoes
2.) The Fried Pickles
3.) The Pulled Chicken “Shocker” Plate
4.) The Buffalo Chicken Wrap

If you stick to one (or all) of those choices, you’ll be satisfied.

Now Italian… Hands down… Stromboli‘s . Now, technically it’s just pizzas, calzones and… wait for it… strombolis… but you will be hard pressed to find a better pizza, calzone or stromboli in Starkvegas…

Sandwiches/Burgers? Oh baby, there’s only one place that I think you have to visit to satisfy your appetite for the most American of meals… that place… is MUGSHOTS . OH MY! The choices you have here! The Beefeater, The Italian Stallion, The Picou, The Bond and of course… The Mugshot, a burger so big that if you can finish it with a certain amount of time… you eat free!!! That actually reminds me a movie I once saw…… (great movie, I apologize for the shitty quality on that clip).

So what do you want? The truth be told… you really can’t go wrong in Starkvegas… Whatever you choose… you’ll come out on the good end of the deal… unless you eat in Columbus. But seriously, pick one of the three choices I have laid before you, and you’ll probably forget about the embarrassment that was last week’s UK/Georgia game! Yay!

All in all, have fun… drive safe… enjoy your time in the Magnolia State… and GO DAWGS!!!

Mississippi has one of the highest obesity rates in the United States and Triplett basically just explained why.  After reading this I have no further knowledge of Mississippi State’s football team or it’s fans, but I have a much higher cholesterol.  Billy and I have never met, but by learning of his apparently outrageous appetite, I would guess he prefers sweat pants over slacks.

Thanks to Billy again and I hope some of his information will assist those of you making the trip to Starkville this afternoon. I was all for trying the “Italian Stallion” on my next trip to Stark Vegas, but, the thought of Rick Pitino on that table ruined it for me. As always, feel free to make Billy feel welcome in the ‘comment’ section.  C! A! T! S!

Oct 29

The TGR Pick; Mississippi State

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Category: Football

Drunk as hell but no throwing up,  Half way home and my pager still blowing up, Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.,  I got to say it was a good day… Do I even have to tell you what time of the week it is?  About 59 of your bookies just called you and begged you not to look at TGR for the next 12 hours because this post will be up for your consumption!  That’s right maggots, it is time to win Ben Stein’s money and everyone else’s too! Quickly!  Before you jump over my creative banter and dialogue to see what the TGR Pick is, let’s get to last week’s results…

Georgia -3 ½ vs. Kentucky – Over/Under: 57

The TGR Pick: Kentucky 36 – Georgia 28

Final: Georgia 44 – Kentucky 31

The Cats, once again, made a valiant comeback, but it fell short and dropped the cats to .500 on the season.  The TGR Pick had a .500 record for the week too as we nailed the ‘over’, but followed our hearts instead of our brains, as usual, and took the Cats straight up. The TGR Pick runs it’s record to 10-6 on the season and if you are severely mentally challenged or Fertig, that means we are making you money for the season my friends!  Let’s look at this week’s tilt and our next chance to make you and your family very happy that you can afford more than just the $1 menu items at McDonalds…

Mississippi State -6 ½ vs. Kentucky

Over/Under: 57

Home field advantage in college football is usually worth about 3 to 6 points when it comes to the point spread. Vegas is basically telling us they expect this game to be a field goal or less victory for MSU. I get the point spread, but why does Vegas keep giving the Cats a less than 60 Over/Under? They have a defense that can’t stop a little League team and an explosive offense that can score on anyone in the country, I don’t get it.  I will take it though; I love being given free dough! Let’s get to the TGR Week 9 Pick…

The TGR Pick: Kentucky 33 – Mississippi State 30

Even the weasels on the TGR wagons are not stupid enough to not take the ‘Over’ again this week. I explained earlier how much home field is worth to Vegas… By picking the cats by 3 points, that means TGR trusts Joker’s boys about as far as they can throw them. Like I have explained before, these are some of the most” die hard” fans the football program has.  Any sign that they are folding up the tent on the season means the team might be too. Never the less,  we did take the cats to cover the 6 and a hook and we did predict the cats and Dogs to cover the 57 points and that is exactly what will happen! Mark it down BBN; we are calling this week’s pick the “WATCH R.A. GET HAMMERED AND ROLL DOWN THE STREET NUDE WITH HIS HANDS FULL OF CASH LOCK OF THE MILLENIUM!” C! A! T! S!

Oct 29

The Best Meltdown From A Bad Call

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Category: General News

Want to hear an incredible melt down from an announcer? Listen to this one….. It’s from Florida Atlantic Universities announcer Dave Lamont, which is former Cat, Howard Schnellenberger’s current team…… According to several folks, Lamont took his shirt off and was flipping off the rest of the press while he was throwing his tantrum. Listen and enjoy, make sure you stick through the whole thing!