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Nov 30

We Needed That, Cats Tame the Terriers 91-57

Posted by: Ryan at 9:05 pm | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: Game Wrap

The Cats came out of the gate a bit sluggish, perhaps hung over on fresh pineapple juice, jet lagged, or just frozen from the cold tundra that is a Lexington winter. Whatever the case the Cats couldn’t pull away from the Boston Terriers early before mounting an 18-3 run to start the second half to bust it wide open. When the smoked cleared the Cats found themselves victors by 34, 91-57.

It was truly the tale of two halves tonight. The first half playing much like the team that fell to UConn in the final game of the Maui invitational with selfish ball handling, quick shots and poor rebounding. UK lead by only 7 at the break.

Maybe they all took 5-hour energies to get rid of that 2 o’clock feeling, or Coach Cal had one of his classic motivating speeches, whatever it was it worked. Because for the second half UK came out guns a-blazin’ and surmounted an 18-3 run and ultimately locked up the puppies, outscoring the Terriers 51-24 to seal the deal.

The stars of the night for UK were 4 of the starters. Brandon Knight led the Cats with 23 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists  against 4 turnovers. Good to see Brandon shake the monkey off his back and lead the Cats to victory. Knight shot 8-12 from the field and 4-6 from 3 and controlled the Cats offense to perfection in the second half.

Terrence Jones added 18 points and 10 rebounds, Harrellson got another double double with 12 points and 11 rebounds, Doron Lamb added 13 points and 5 assists.

The Cats shot 59.3% from the field, going 10-16 from deep for 62.5%. UK out-rebounded the Terriers 39-26, with 10 offensive boards. The Cats got 10 blocked shots on the evening and 21 assists to the 32 made baskets.

There is still a ton to work on, but it’s early, the Cats got the W and we get to head to Chapel Hill to take on the Tarheels on Saturday. The 4-2 Tarheels that lost to Vanderbilt and Tubby’s Minnesota squad!

Go Cats!

Nov 30

Pregame Nonsense; Boston

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 5:30 pm | Leave a Comment (79)
Category: Pre-Game Nonsense

After a tough Thanksgiving week for University of Kentucky sports, I can’t be the only member of Big Blue nation hungry for a drubbing of a completely inferior opponent. Enter the Boston University Terriers, the homecoming cupcake for our wildly talented Kentucky basketball team. The Terriers of the America East Conference pose about as much a threat to Kentucky as an East Asia tidal wave. The only people threatened by their vicious ankle bitin’ mascot are leprechauns and Smurfs and I am not sure even the Smurfs are scared.

Boston’s costumed mascot is named Rhett the Boston Terrier. I have no way of knowing if a Boston Terrier Is any more vicious than any other terriers. They only get about 10 to 20 pounds and normally stand no higher than a foot or so off the ground. Most of the ones I have seen in person have that black and white pattern and are a little testy. One part of their history that does not shoot a chill up your back if you are going to play basketball against one is their nickname, “American Gentleman”. That name, “American Gentleman”, reminds me of a man wearing a tuxedo and shiny black shoes. It does not remind me of anything basketball or athletics related what so ever. Maybe BU should change their nickname to the Boston University American Gentleman.  Teams and schools are constantly trying to be as original as they can when choosing a nickname, I don’t see anyone wanting to copy your style when you are running around calling yourself an “American Gentleman”. Not only would you be a target for middle eastern terrorists, you might be a target for good ‘Ol fashioned American hate crimes too.

Rhett has been the BU mascot since 1922, the last year Kentucky beat Tennessee and Florida on the football field. You might have seen Rhett in some of the ESPN “This is SportsCenter” commercials or the Universal Cheerleading Association’s mascot nationals, where he placed as high as fourth in 2002.  you might think I am getting this information from an outside source, but in fact, I have every Universal Cheerleading Association competition ever to air on ESPN recorded on VHS.

Let’s put it this way, I enjoyed doing my research for this post. Saying all of that, the only extraordinary trait I found Rhett to possess compared to any other mascots or regular terriers was his name. in the last 10 months I have read a lot about how different schools developed their traditions or rituals.  Traditions in college sports and the stories of how they came about are plentiful within the NCAA and it’s institutions. The way in which Rhett the Boston Terrier   got his name, may be the best reasoning for giving a mascot a name that I have come across. I had to check a few different sources because I did not believe it at first, but it seems to be true.

Boston’s school colors are Scarlet and White, which is a fancy way of saying red and white normally, but this time it fits. Rhett the Boston Terrier was named after the lead male actor in one of the most well-known movies of all time, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.  You may have caught on by now or you may still be clueless as I was on why a little dog   from Boston would be named after Rhett Butler. Sure, Rhett Butler was a stone cold stud, but what did he have in common with the Boston University athletic department? It comes down to this, “No one loves Scarlett more than Rhett”. Referring to the leading lady of the film, Scarlett O’Hara, and Boston’s main color, scarlet. I totally feel like Paul Harvey right now. C! A! T! S!

Nov 30

The TGR Pick; Boston U.

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 3:58 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketball

I’m the cream of the crop, I rise to the top, I never eat a pig cause a pig is a cop, Or better yet a terminator, Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Try’n to play me out like as if my name was Sega, But I ain’t going out like no punk bitch, Get used to one style and you know I might switch, It up up and around, then buck buck you down… After a flurry of wonderful picks last week, we are settling back into a less hectic situation at your one stop spot for money making opportunities. Please don’t get it twisted though; we are no less vigilant or precise just because we have a little time to think.  The TGR Pick is no less unscientific or unbiased as it was last week in the islands, believe that. All we ask you to do is to follow our picks blindly at every single opportunity and everything will work out for all of us. You will enjoy multitudes of success in your bank accounts and we will enjoy the sweet satisfaction of making our readers happy. Let’s get to the previous game’s results before I get emotional…

Kentucky -5 vs. Connecticut – Over/Under: 143 ½

The TGR Pick: Kentucky 80 – Connecticut 70

Final: Connecticut 84 – Kentucky 67

I think we all came away from that one walking like we just rode Secretariat across the state. We were able to hold Kemba Walker to 29 points, but unfortunately his teammates decided to play too. For one night, hopefully, we looked like the team I was afraid we were going to be. Thanks to Kemba, we did manage to hit the ‘Over’, but not the point spread.  Our record on the young season moves sideways to 4-4.  As cal is doing, we are still feeling out our team at TGR.  Let’s move on, shall we?

Kentucky -20 ½ vs. Boston

I was unable to track down an Over/Under number, so we are going with one wager tonight. If you are able to find a number, please let us know, and please let us know what site you found it on. Vegas seem very hesitant to make lines on Cupcake City games. As you can tell, the booker maker we ran down for this one loves the Cats to claw the Terriers tonight in their much anticipated homecoming. Let’s see if TGR agrees with the numbers…

The TGR Pick: Kentucky 90 – Boston 69

Whew!  The TGR crew was a hook (1/2 point) from taking the Boston Terriers! But, yet again, we are going with the cats. Something tells me that if there was an Over/Under, we would have the over as well. Read it and weep bookies!  We are all over the cats giving the huge points and we are putting the house on it! I advise o all of you to do the same.  We will accept putting your condo or apartment on it too!  C! A! T! S!

Nov 30

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: Random Notes

TGR’s thoughts and prayers are with Coach Cal and his family tonight. There is a push to have everyone in Rupp wear black tonight to honor cal’s mother and her family.  Pull out your UK2K shirts and help honor her…

Mitch Barnhart: “Please keep John Calipari & his family in your thoughts & prayers. His mother, Donna, passed away Sunday after battling cancer for months.”

Rich Brooks: “Everyone should keep Coach Cal and his family in your thoughts and prayers with the loss of his mother.”

John Wall: “My prayers go out to Coach Cal and his family. Know this is a tough lost for y’all but stay strong…luv y’all”

John Calipari: “Thanks to everyone for your thoughts & prayers. The Big Blue Nation is amazing & our entire family appreciates your warmth & support.”

Stacey Poole: “Mannnn haven’t seen snow since I was a kid…. Its snowing in lexington!!!”

Terrence Jones: “Snack with some NBA = good night”

Eloy Vargas: “im hungry. wat u should i eat?”

Jon Hood: “Brantley Gilbert kick right now…”

Darius Miller: “Game day!”

Wayne Turner: “There’s no limit to what a man can achieve, if he doesn’t care who gets the credit. ~ Laing Burns, Jr.”

Perry Stevenson: “It hurts, but it’s a business. Got released on friday from the 66ers. I’m back in the heart of the BBN playing the waiting game.”

Mike Gilchrist: “All of the Lights, All of the Lights!!!!”

Anthony Davis: “On my way to school…..huh… hey thts y ima STUDENT-athlete…..”

Ramel Bradley: “Is Diddy really chillN with one leg out of the helicopter N his new video???”

Randall Cobb: “Old mind, young soul. Give the benefit of the doubt but Don’t be so naive to the people of this world.”

Winston Guy Jr.: “These the days I like, rainy days, this is a day to chill, watch tv, play video games all day”

Keenan Burton: “I don’t like all the criticism Stevie Johnson is getn he simply just asked why one time in everyone’s life you have asked God Y” “wether it be a death in ur family or Job loss or even a failed marriage or other reasons No one should place judgement on his statement” “becuz you all have made this statement either to yourself or even to someone else no matter if no one can read it or hear it God hears an” “see’s all before you place judgment on him remember you are not God so don’t pretend to be! Nor are any of you close to being perfect. A” “simple mistake was made that is all. Stop tweeting that he blamed God no he did not!” “No one is perfect we all fall”

Vaught’s Views: “UK women 8th, UK men 10th in AP polls this week”

Chip Miller: “Shabazz Muhammad, No. 3 player in 2012, will be attending the UK at UNC game this Saturday. High UK recruit. Need to whoop the Tarheels.”

Brett Dawson: “There’s a movement afoot asking UK students to wear black to tomorrow’s game as a show of respect for the Calipari family.”

Mary Jo Perino: “The two last places in the world I want to spend my holiday: Detroit and Birmingham”

Anthony Wireman: “Former Wildcat Joe Crawford did not pass medical exams; he will not be playing in Italy after all..”

Stewart Mandel: “Congrats to Drew Brees, SI’s 2010 Sportsman of the Year. He narrowly edged out my nominee, E. Gordon Gee”

Gene Wojciechowski: “Unless Notre Dame joins Big East fulltime, the conference will continue to be strange buffet line of mismatched, football programs.”

Ivan Maisel: “If/when Patterson leaves, what does Big East have besides plane rides?”

Oscar Combs: “Contrary to what you may have heard, Joe B Hall is 82 today. We’re celebrating with coach at 12:30 pm at Immanuel Baptist Church cafe.”

Matt May: “I used to really like Mike Wilbon’s takes but I find myself disagreeing with him more & more every time I watch PTI.”

Greg Doyel: “LeBron returns to Cleveland on Thursday. I beg Cleveland not to screw this up.”

Bryan The Intern: “In case anybody was wondering about NCAA Tournament seeding yet, UK is currently 9th in the RPI.”

Marc Maggard: “4 two years fans said Liggins should just transfer. Now he’s the fan favorite & defensive stopper. Moral of story: development takes time.”

Joe Schad: “East Carolina accepts bid to Military Bowl in Washington DC on Dec. 29” “Southern Miss headed to Beef O Brady’s Bowl in St. Pete”

Chuck Dunlap: “All-SEC teams will be released early next week”

Bill Simmons: “No team needs to try the “chuck it downfield and hope for pass interference” offense more than Arizona does right now. Why not?”

Jeff Drummond: “Mike Singletary wears his sunglasses at night…”

Gus Ramsey: “Tulo gets 7 year, $134 million ext. So Jeter should get 14 years, $268 million.”

Aaron Kall: “DeMarcus Cousins was kicked out of practice by Sacramento Kings coach Paul Westphal today”

BigTymer4UK: “CATS play Boston U tonight at 7 p.m. on Fox Sports South then delayed on the Big Blue Sports Network at 11:35”

D-1 Sports: “Text WALL to 69622 to vote for J Wall to the 2011 NBA allstar game!!”

Craig Pinkerton: “New Associated Press Poll: Kentucky 10th, Tennessee 13th, Florida 18th. Vanderbilt is receiving votes” “ESPN/USAToday Coaches Poll: Kentucky 11th, Florida 16th, Tennessee 17th. Vanderbilt and Mississippi State are collecting votes”

Jody Demling: “Joker Phillips on the road recruiting. He’s in Louisville and has stopped by Trinity. I am sure Central is on the agenda.”

Nov 30

Rainy Day Laugh

Posted by: Ryan Richardson at 2:42 pm | Leave a Comment (1)
Category: Random Notes

Since its been raining non-stop here in Lex all day, I thought I would post something that would make you laugh.  Here are all of the November 2010 fails in one video.


Nov 30

A Low Blow Leads to Firing for Alabama Stadium DJ

Posted by: Ryan at 2:15 pm | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: SEC

We all know about the Cam Newton situation where his camp supposedly requested upwards of $180k for him to attend a school. On Saturday Cam and Auburn played Alabama in the Iron Bowl and mounted a remarkable 28-27 comeback to defeat the fighting Nick Satans and stay unbeaten. The game was played Alabama’s  Bryant-Denny Stadium and during the team warm ups the stadium DJ decided it would be funny to play a couple songs in favor of good Ol’ Cam…. First, “take the money and run” graced the stadium speakers followed by “son of a preacher man.”

Why is this funny do you ask? Well, for one, Cam’s father is a preacher and he also is the one being accused of shopping his Heisman-hopeful son to the likes of Miss. State and Auburn for a price tag.

Then today after the on the field “funny”, stadium DJ X was fired for his practical joke. Alabama’s PR Director had this to say about the firing, “Our processes require that all music and videos played in the stadium prior to and during every game be carefully scripted and approved by a senior administrator in the Athletics Department… The former staff member deviated from the script that had been approved for the game with Auburn, and the University took steps to immediately terminate his contract.”

Nov 30

SEC Week 13: In Review

Posted by: Ralph Lee at 1:11 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: SEC

Tennessee 24 – Kentucky 14

Tyler Bray passed for 354 yards and two touchdowns to help Tennessee to its 26th straight victory of the Kentucky Wildcats. Wide-out Denarius Moore led the Vols with 205 receiving yards and 1 TD as UK had no answer for the Vol’s “air attack”. With the victory, the Volunteers got first year head coach, Derek Dooley something few thought possible when this season started…. a chance to go to a bowl game (6-6). Meanwhile, a disappointed Kentucky squad also will finish (6-6) but it is good enough to keep the Cats streak of going “bowling” up to 5 seasons now. Mike Hartline was 31/44 for 272 yds, 1 TD & 1 INT. Randall Cobb had an outstanding day catching the ball as he had 13 grabs for 116 yds but for the first time all season, he was held out of the end zone. Derrick Locke carried the ball 24 times for 97 yds but he had a costly fumble on the Tenn. 1 yd. line early in the 2nd half. It was costly miscues like this that plagued the Cats in all of their losses this season.

Auburn 28 – Alabama 27

Down 24 – 0 early in the 2nd quarter, the Auburn Tigers looked anything but a team that was #2 in the BCS and vying for a shot at a National Title. But as they say, you have to play four quarters and that is exactly the truth. Alabama played well in the first half but Auburn played better in the 2nd and the Tigers were able to pull off a dramatic come-from-behind victory over their arch-rivals in the “Iron Bowl”. Led by the hot hand of Greg McElroy (12 straight completions to open the game) and the running of Mark Ingram it appeared the Tide was set to put a serious dent in Auburn’s National Title hopes. McElroy would go on to finish the first half 19/23 for 335 yds and 2 TD. WR Julio Jones would also cash in on the porous Tiger defense in half number one and would finish the game with 10 grabs for 199 yds. The Tide easily could have been up 31 or 38 to 7 at half if not for Trent Richardson dropping a screen pass on the Tiger 3 yd line which would then be followed up later by McElroy being hit by Nick Fairley and fumbling inside of the Tiger’s 10 yd line. This was surely a sign of things to come for the Tide offense as they were completely throttled in the 2nd half (67 total yds and 3 pts) after going wild in the 1st half (379 yds and 24 pts). So once Auburn’s “D” started making plays then it was only a matter of time before Heisman front-runner, Cam Newton would do his part. Newton hit Terrell Zachery for a 75 yd TD pass to open the 2nd half and Newton would go on to throw for over 200 yds in that half to help rally his team to a narrow victory.

Arkansas 31 – LSU 23

Arkansas running back Knile Davis ran for 152 yds on 30 carries and the Razorback offense put up 464 total yds on what was the leading defense in the SEC, particularly against the run. QB Ryan Mallet threw for 320 yds, 3 TD but 2 INT as the Razorbacks appear to be in the driver’s seat for a Sugar Bowl berth if Auburn does indeed make it to the National Championship Game. Mallet hit WR Colbi Hamilton on a paid of “bombs” for TDs (80 & 85 yds respectively), the 80 yarder came with just 6 seconds remaining in the second quarter. A couple of Razorback miscues / turnovers along with the hard running of RB Stevan Ridley kept LSU close but in the end, Arkansas was just too balanced for the Tiger’s defense and kept them guessing nearly the whole game.

Mississippi St. 31 – Ole Miss 23

Chris Relf showed the Ole Miss defense that he can throw the ball when you put “8 in the box” as he ripped the Rebel secondary to the tune of 288 yds and 3 TD on Saturday. Relf was 13/20 and he did throw a “pick” but he surprised the Rebels with his “reads” as they were geared to stopping the Bulldog’s ground game. Miss. St. put up 498 total yards offensively (210 on the ground) as Houston Nutt’s team fell to 1-7 in SEC competition. Running back LaDarius Perkins picked up the slack for starter Vick Ballard (43 rush yds & 1 TD) by catching 3 passes for 140 yds while also carrying the ball 13 times for 98 yds. With Relf able to throw the ball, Ole Miss had no way of just continuing to stack 8 men at or near the line of scrimmage. Jeremiah Masoli concluded his one year in Oxford with 261 pass yds, 1 TD & 1 INT. Running back Brandon Bolen was stymied on the ground (45 rush yds & 1 TD) as was the entire Rebel ground game. Bolen did manage to catch 6 passes for 78 yds but it was not enough to help his team to a victory.

Florida St. 31 – Florida 7

Aside from one play, one pass (John Brantley’s 20 yd TD pass to Robert Clark), the Florida Gator offense looked very much like it did earlier this season…..discombobulated and stuck in neutral for much of the game. The lone bright spot was the Gators did manage to get a season high 212 yds on the ground as a team (Chris Rainey had 73 yds & Jordan Reed had 74 before he left the game with a concussion in the 3rd) but it was not nearly enough to combat their in-state rival Florida St. Seminoles who managed to beat Urban Meyer for only the 2nd time since he has been at Florida. Seminole QB Christian Ponder was 16/24 for 221 yds & 3 TD, playing mostly on a short field due to Florida’s inept offense. On top of the listless performance on offense, the Gators also suffered several key injuries including the loss of the only experienced offensive lineman they have in center Mike Pouncey to a chest injury. Florida St. used this game as a tune-up for its ACC Championship showdown this coming Saturday with the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Georgia 42 – Georgia Tech 34

Georgia Tech managed to roll-up 414 yds on the ground and 512 total yds of offense but their defense could not slow down the hot hand of Bulldog QB, Aaron Murray (15/19 for 271 yds and 3 TD) and they could not contain the Bulldog ground game led by RB Washaun Ealey (13 carries for 118 yds). Both teams were plagued by mistakes & miscues but the Yellowjackets may regret an option pitched that was fumbled and Georgia LB Justin Hamilton scooped up and went 18 yds for a TD. Even though that occurred in the first half that was the only defensive TD scored by either team and that could be deemed the difference. Georgia WR A.J. Green had 8 catches for 97 yds in what is more than likely the next to last game of his great career at Georgia. Georgia Tech RB Anthony Allen had 29 carries for 166 yds in a gallant effort that just fell short.

South Carolina 29 – Clemson 7

The Clemson Tigers continued their season of disappointment as they had little if any fight in them Saturday as they fell to in-state rival South Carolina. The Gamecocks did not look particularly sharp either but they took advantage of 3 Clemson turnovers while not committing one themselves; South Carolina must now prepare for its rematch against Auburn for the SEC Championship. Running back Marcus Lattimore was held in check (48 yds on 23 carries) but WR Alshon Jefferey had a huge day as he had just 5 catches but that produced 141 yds and 1 TD. Gamecock QB Stephen Garcia was not great (14/30 for 227 yds & 2 TD) but he didn’t throw a pick and he didn’t fumble and that will be key as he tries to atone for two costly fumbles against Auburn in their first meeting; a game which South Carolina led going into the fourth quarter but eventually lost 35-27.

Wake Forest 34 – Vanderbilt 13

The odd and turbulent football season has finally come to an end in Nashville, at least the “college” part of the deal (the woeful Tennessee Titans are still playing) and it ended in much the same fashion as the season started…….the Commodores without a coach. Interim coach, Robbie Caldwell announced his resignation just hours before kick-off (although several people with in the athletic department are admitting Caldwell was forced to resign) and his former team played like they were just dazed and confused. The Demon Deacons entered the contest on a 9-game losing streak but jumped out to a 24-3 lead before Vandy knew what had hit them. Demon Deacon RB, Josh Harris ran for 138 yds with 131 of that coming in the 1st stanza and Wake Forest also blocked a punt in the 2nd and 3rd quarters as the Commodores bungled their way to another last place finish is the SEC.

Nov 30

Henry’s Blue and White Thoughts

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Category: Basketball

First off, I’d like to send my condolensces to the Calapari family for the loss of his mother and her battle with cancer. It has to be tough for Coach Cal to go through this while trying to prepare for this game, so my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his loved ones.

The last time we chatted, we all were on a high after the Cats took down Washington in an impressive perfomance.  One day later, after UCONN destroyed Kentucky, and now  there are all of a sudden, a lot of  kinks in the armor.

We found out, that if Brandon Knight goes to the bench with foul trouble, there is not a particulary good backup.  Doron Lamb struggled mightily getting the ball up the court, and Deandre Liggins was not impressive either. The flow of the offense came to a halt and without a big guy to dump the ball into to try to get an easy basket, things just got out of hand in a hurry.  Kentucky took on a different/selfish persona as each person tried to drive to the hole and ran into 2 or 3 UCONN defenders.  Kentucky has played so unselfishly early on that this caught me by surprise, but that’s what young teams do, they panic.  We also learned that Terrance Jones can’t go to the bench for extended minutes as well. Although he had another monster night with 24 points, a 3 point UCONN lead swelled to 21 in no time once he went out.

On a brighter note, the Cats made 15-20 free throws, and Jones made 8-9, which is very encouraging and will help as we go along in the season because i was fearing that teams would eventually start fouling Jones if he continued at his 50 clip from the line.  Sometimes alot of good things come with losses, it makes you take a step back and realize that you are NOT unbeatable and that you need to bring your “A” game every night to win.  We’ll see what kind of changes have occured in the Kentucky camp tonight when they face a 4-3 Boston U team.  I really don’t expect much of a challenge, as in Boston U surprising UK and making them gut out a win, but it will be nice to see UK run some offense, not panic and get back to playing unselfishly.  Defensively they’ll need to shut down John Holland who averages 17 per game and can knock down the 3.  Up until the UCONN game, UK had done a nice job of shutting down the opponents number 1 option, but Kemba Walker will not be on the court tonight, thank gosh… UK’s defensive pressure should force bad shots which will lead to some transition buckets which Kentucky excells in.

I say Cats 88  Boston U 65


Nov 30

Tuesday Morning Links

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Category: Random Notes

Cats return home to face Boston Terriers.

Kentucky basketball preview:  Know your enemy, Boston University.

CBS Sports:  Kentucky vs. Boston University.

LEX 18:  Cats rally around Calipari, prepare for Boston.

Kentucky Kernel:  UK returns home from Maui with lessons learned.

UK Athletics:  Liggins and Harrellson wrap up Maui and preview Boston.

Wildcat Blue Nation takes a look inside the numbers for the Cats next matchup.

Tom Leach has some video interviews with Josh Harrellson and DeAndre Liggins.

Keith Taylor:  Cats move past first setback.

Jerry Tipton:  UConn loss brings call for unity.

John Clay video with Harrellson and the beard is back.

John Clay video with Liggins, who talks about Maui.

Jerry Tipton:  UK offense wants aggressive drives, but not too aggressive.

Eric Lindsey:  Cats trying to get past ‘selfish’ tendencies.

A Sea of Blue:  Stats and thoughts on the Cats.

ESPN:  Tournament of Champions recap including Anthony Davis.

Here is the funeral arrangements for Coach Cal’s mother, Cal expected to be on sidelines.

UK/UNC game will be on CBS with Gus Johnson and Clark Kellogg.

Terrence Jones named SEC Freshman of the week.

Cats slide down both polls, but stay in top 10.

Former Cat Antoine Walker planning comeback in NBA D-League.

DeMarcus Cousins gets kicked out of Kings practice.

Coast 2 Coast Recruiting takes a look at the games to watch this week.

Aaron at BBK writes that Blake Terry has had his scholarship revoked.

Matt Jones writes that frustration was on the mind of Cats mans after Tennessee loss.

John Clay:  Phillips’ sole focus should be recruiting; Cats have big holes to fill next season.

Chris Low writes that who’s hot and not in the SEC, and Joker punting was not.

Larry Vaught has an interview with Mister Cobble.

Nov 29

Harrellson and Liggins Discuss Maui Trip

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Category: Basketball

Courtesy BlueNationBlog