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Nov 1

Tailgater of the Week

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Category: Tailgating

This week’s TGOTW comes from the distant city of Louisville. Contrary to popular belief Louisville is a city, it’s in Kentucky and yes there are Cats’ fans that come from there. Not everything west of the Kentucky river is red, besides our TGOTW’s Mustang GT in high school that he to this day gets made fun of for being red.

All joking aside, this week’s award goes to one serious Cats’ fan, Mr. Todd “shake me down” Shadle.

That one hour drive east is never a daunting task for Todd and his crew. His one motto in life is that if he ain’t working, he’s in Lexington tailgating. Period. Whether there is a game or not he’s posted in the Orange lot. Take it away Todd!

Name? Todd Shadle

Where are you from? I am from Louisville, Ky

Where do you live now? I am still in Louisville.

Do you have season tickets for UK football? I do not have season tickets but usually go see a few games a year, but do get orange lot passes for the year.

How long have you been attending UK football games? I have been attending games since I was 10 years old.

Good or bad, what is your most memorable UK football moment? Most memorable is the LSU game of course, I rushed the field and hyper extended my knee jumping on the field from the end zone, couldn’t walk for the next three days but it was worth it.

If you could choose Three UK related individuals to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? Three that I would love to have at a game with me are Keightley, would love to have a glass of bourbon with a legend, the second would be WOO, I hear he is a trip to hang out with and the third would be Patrick Patterson to listen to some old school R&B a nd shoot the you know.

If you could choose three famous people not related to UK to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? Chris Farley would be one, how much fun would that be. Ronnie Lott just because who he is, plus my favorite defensive player of all time, and the third would be Jessica Alba, that would make my year.

Name one person that you would never want to show up at yore tailgate, dead or alive. One I would never want at my tailgate would have to be Sosa, that man talks so much smack, get him Boogie!

What game do you most look forward to tailgating for? This is a tough one I would say the most fun I have had is when Georgia comes to town, have met some really cool people from there in recent years.

If you could tailgate at any other school in the country for one game, which school would you choose? I would have to go to Death Valley, they know how to party and man they have some great food.

How would you describe your tailgating “style”? Laid back, relaxing, eating, and of course have to have a few glasses of bourbon. Fun with friends is what it is all about.

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