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Nov 1

The Tailgate Review

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (1)
Category: Tailgating

(AP/Kerry Smith)

Last year’s Halloween trick or treat tailgate brought us UK’s half hearted attempt at a ‘Black Out’ game.  This year the TGR crew made a better effort at just becoming ‘Blacked Out’! There was certainly more tricks than treats on the road in Starkville for the Blue and White, but as always, we did all we could before , after, and during the game to succeed in the land of the tailgate.

It was the first tailgate party in the history of the TGR World Tour that started with handing out candy to boys and girls and men and women dressed as Spider Man, the Hulk, and vampires for sure. The proceedings took place at the Raney/Midden compound, where the art of candy giving and trick or treating is held in high regard. Both Mrs. Raney and the future, Mrs. Midden were in full costume and Mr. Raney was in a scary mask.  I did not participate in the dress up game.

Here are a few thoughts on the trick or treating I experienced during the pregame.

– How much different are the costumes kids wear today, compared to the crap we ran from house to house in?  The costumes the kids are wearing now are Hollywood quality.  I saw an Incredible Hulk that may have been mistaken for the movie version if he were not only 2 ½ feet tall. Our costumes, at least mine, consisted of a modified plastic poncho get up with a plastic Fozzy Bear mask hanging onto my face with a rubber band. By the time you returned from your trip around the neighborhood, the damn thing would be torn all to hell and the sharp edges of your mask would have cut your face. Some of the gear kids were pimpin’ on Saturday night would be clothes that I would wear to work on a normal day. My nephew was dressed as a gangster and his suit looked as if it was straight from Boardwalk Empire.

– I participated in some candy giving on Friday and there was around 300 or so kids involved. As I gave candy out for a few hours, out of the 300 kids, 50 of them might have said ‘thank you’. I was so furious, I wanted to karate chop a child in the neck. I didn’t want to injure any of them permanently, just really stun the heck out of them.  It is hard to blame children for their parents faults and lack of proper parenting, but I will if I have to. If you are not encouraging, scratch that, DEMANDING that your child shows appreciation for someone giving them something. You are trash, and your child is nothing more than future trash. Those who came by the TGR Trick or treat tailgate Saturday night were well-mannered, for the most part, and were gracious for the many gifts  they were given.

– I am not sure if I was more surprised by the number of kids doing the “old school” trick or treating or the number of people who were upset that TGR member, Kyle Raney was not more costumed out. The Middens and Raneys live on a dead end street and I had no idea that kids still trick or treated in those numbers anymore. Due to, so called, “Safe” places to trick or treat like the YMCA or churches, I just figured the numbers were down. My subdivision is on the outskirts of town and we normally attract 5-10 halloweeners. My trick or treating experience was one that you see in the movies. Hoards of children running door to door, with their parents for the most part, for the entire 2 hours.  I was ready for my night to turn into a cheesy 80s horror film at any time, I was just hoping it was not going to get bloody on the gridiron. That, along with the fact Kyle’s previous years costume was remembered by the parent of a trick or treater and he was questioned on why he had not “gone all out” was the highlight of the evening.  There were parties up and down the street throughout the night and the entire night had a really cool classic Halloween feel to it.

– Can you imagine sitting next to someone who rang one of those stupid cow bells for 3 hours? I think I would seriously rather sit in front of a blue hair at Rupp that told me to sit down after every basket than to sit beside a bell ringer.  It is not bad enough that you have to live in Mississippi, when you go to a sporting event to escape the “real world”, you have a good shot at sitting by a 400 lb. man swinging a 5 lb. bell back and forth, awesome.

– Kentucky’s 5th loss of the season was nothing a few Bud light’s and some Woodford Reserve couldn’t remedy. Yet another Big Blue Monday when the “If’s and But’s” out number the “candies and Nuts”. The season is turning into what we expected it to be in the preseason, but not what it could have been once we saw what we had. A very frustrating season only became more so on Saturday night and it was tough to watch for those who were not drunk.

We will return to the hallowed grounds surrounding Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday for some tailgating action.  I hope we have a good crowd in attendance, but the 12 noon start, the season’s results thus far, and the opponent tells me we probably won’t.  Stay elevated TGR! Go cats!

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