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Nov 29

Cats 11th in Coaches Poll

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Category: Basketball

Can you believe that? The un-ranked UConn Huskies beat the Cats in Maui and now all of the sudden they are the 7th in the AP poll and 9th in the coaches poll? I’ve seen some crazy stuff from the rankings department but how crazy is that? The Cats now sit at 10th in the AP Poll and fall to 11th in the Coaches. Bring on Boston U!

1 Duke (31) 6-0 775
2 Ohio State 5-0 728
3 Pittsburgh 7-0 712
4 Kansas 6-0 683
5 Kansas State 5-1 588
6 Michigan State 5-1 583
7 Syracuse 6-0 571
8 Missouri 5-0 464
9 Connecticut 5-0 428
10 Baylor 4-0 405
11 Kentucky 4-1 403
12 Villanova 5-1 377
13 Minnesota 6-0 372
14 Georgetown 6-0 351
15 Memphis 5-0 318
16 Florida 5-1 316
17 Tennessee 5-0 314
18 Purdue 5-1 252
19 San Diego State 6-0 229
20 Texas 5-1 216
21 Illinois 6-1 203
22 Washington 3-2 195
23 UNLV 6-0 122
24 Gonzaga 3-2 110
25 Brigham Young 6-0 103
Nov 29

Everyone Projects the BBVA Compass Bowl for the Cats

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Category: Football

With Auburn overtaking Oregon in the BCS standings at #1 after their impressive comeback over Alabama it’s only fitting they play for the the National Championship, however, they still have the Old Ball Coach to get through before that happens….. And, the Oregon Ducks aren’t a lock either and still have one game remaining when they head to the civil war of Oregon in Corvallis Stadium against Oregon State.

It all sounds like good fun right? Good college football with exciting conference championships and final regular season games leading up to the final bowl projections…. Well, scroll down a bit to see were the Cats are projected to go bowling. According to ESPN SEC beatwriter/blogger extraordinaire he has the Cats picked to go to the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham, Al on Jan 8th, 2011. That’s right, the former Papa John’s Bowl is now sponsored by the local Birmingham Bank and the Cats are projected to go there and take on either Pittsburgh, UConn or South Florida depending on who wins the Big East Championship. Lighten up killer, it’s better then headed back to Nashville right? Or is it?

  • Tostitos BCS National Championship Game (Jan. 10, 8:30 p.m. ET): Auburn vs. BCS team
  • Allstate Sugar Bowl (Jan. 4, 8:30 p.m. ET): Arkansas vs. BCS team
  • Capital One Bowl (Jan. 1, 1 p.m. ET): LSU vs. Big Ten team
  • AT&T Cotton Bowl (Jan. 7, 8 p.m. ET): Alabama vs. Big 12 team
  • Outback Bowl (Jan. 1, 1 p.m. ET): South Carolina vs. Big Ten team
  • Chick-fil-A Bowl (Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. ET): Mississippi State vs. ACC team
  • Gator Bowl (Jan. 1, 1:30 p.m. ET): Florida vs. Big Ten team
  • Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (Dec. 30, 6:40 p.m. ET): Tennessee vs. ACC team
  • AutoZone Liberty Bowl (Dec. 31, 3:30 p.m. ET): Georgia vs. Conference USA team
  • BBVA Compass Bowl (Jan. 8, noon ET): Kentucky vs. Big East team

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach: Compass Bowl – Kentucky vs. Connecticut
ESPN’s Andrea Adelson: Compass Bowl – Kentucky vs. Pittsburgh
ESPN’s Chris Low: Compass Bowl – Kentucky vs. Big East team
Sports Illustrated: Compass Bowl – Kentucky vs. South Florida
CBS Sports: Compass Bowl – Kentucky vs. South Florida
Rivals: Compass Bowl – Kentucky vs. Pittsburgh

Nov 29

Terrence Jones SEC Freshman of the Week, Again

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Category: Basketball

Terrence Jones was just named the SEC Freshman of the Week by the league office for the second time this season.

Jones had himself a tournament to remember by averaging 23.0 points, 11.3 rebounds and 3.3 blocks in 3 games during the EA/Sports Maui Invitational. Jones was also an all-tourney selection, posting double-doubles in two of the three games. Jone’s 29 points against Oklahoma tied for second most points in a game by a UK freshman in school history behind Jamal Mashburn and his 17 rebounds against Washington tied for sixth most rebounds by a freshman in school history.

Last season UK won the award 11 times, (John Wall 5, DeMarcus Cousins’ 4,  Eric Bledsoe 2).

Nov 29

Cats Fall To 10th In AP Poll, UConn to 7th After Being Unranked

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Category: Basketball

1. Duke (65); 6-0; 1,625; 1
2. Ohio St.; 5-0; 1,530; 3
3. Pittsburgh; 7-0; 1,488; 5
4. Kansas; 6-0; 1,402; 6
5. Kansas St.; 5-1; 1,263; 4
6. Michigan St.; 5-1; 1,250; 2
7. Connecticut; 5-0; 1,188; —
8. Syracuse; 6-0; 1,085; 9
9. Missouri; 5-0; 984; 11
10. Kentucky; 4-1; 890; 8
11. Baylor; 4-0; 844; 12
12. Villanova; 5-1; 807; 7
13. Tennessee; 5-0; 779; 24
14. Memphis; 5-0; 758; 14
15. Minnesota; 6-0; 754; 15
16. Georgetown; 6-0; 701; 16
17. San Diego St.; 5-0; 594; 18
18. Florida; 5-1; 553; 16
19. Texas; 5-1; 484; 20
20. Illinois; 6-1; 435; 19
21. BYU; 6-0; 369; 23
22. Purdue; 5-1; 318; 10
23. Washington; 2-2; 270; 13
24. UNLV; 6-0; 255;—
25. Notre Dame; 7-0; 126;—

Nov 29

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Guten tag Lookers! We have reached that much anticipated time of the week when we crown our Looker of the Week. If you are new to the site, it is simple.  A ‘Looker’ can be anyone or anything. The TGR crew has mangled much of the English language, including the definition of the word ‘Looker’. We use it to describe just about anything or anyone we see in one form or another. Running backs who fumble on the one yard line in huge games are ‘Lookers’.  Politicians who elbow a sitting president in a pick-up game are ‘Lookers’. Countries who bomb neighboring countries for no apparent reason are ‘lookers’. Even deer who run into oncoming traffic on the interstate are ‘Lookers’.   Being labeled a ‘Looker’ is not always a bad thing. Pam Anderson was a ‘Looker’ in her day. My mom feels Conway Twitty was a ‘Looker’. So, if you find yourself pictured above in the coming weeks, the meaning of ‘Looker’ is purely in the eye of the beholder. In other words, don’t be so sensitive.

Baseball ended several weeks ago, but today we have a baseball related ‘Looker’. No, don’t worry; it doesn’t have anything to do with Derek Jeter or the damn Yankees. I am sure I am not the only one already fed up with that story.  One of the greatest traditions of baseball is the honorary first pitch. The first pitch is normally tossed out by a celebrity, former player, politician, or some other lucky person. There are many memorable first pitches that live on through the internet or YouTube. My personal favorite is the strike George W. Bush fired down the middle when baseball resumed playing after 9/11. It was before a game between the Mets and Braves and it was one of the most emotional moments I had ever seen on an athletic field in my life.

Today we honor a first pitch which was much less meaningful, but clearly no less memorable. Some of you might not know who Gary Dell’Abate is, but he has been a huge part of my life for many years. To many, Gary is known as “Baba Booey”.  He received that nickname while serving as the executive producer of The Howard Stern Show. Gary is a huge Mets fan and due to his fame, was asked to throw out the first pitch at a Mets game on May 9, 2009. You are probably asking yourself, why are you honoring him now for something so long ago.  I would ask you to be patient, I am getting to that. First, I will share with you the pitch that was felt around the  sporting world.  I will remind you; Gary coaches his kids baseball teams and hired a pitching coach to help him with the pitch before his big day so that he would not screw it up…

Pretty bad, right?  Howard Stern was given years of material by that pitch. It shows up every now and then when a list of the worst first pitches is made on sports shows or any media outlets. The pitch had lost some steam in the past year, but Gary recently wrote a book, “They Call Me Baba Booey”, where he dedicates an entire chapter to the pitch and the events surrounding it. The pitch is such a big moment in his life, Baba Booey put a picture of the pitch on the back cover. In the book, which I hope to get for Christmas, Gary describes how the pitch has affected him emotionally, it’s actually kinda sad.

On his ongoing book tour to promote his new book, Gary made a stop on Stern favorite, Jimmy Kimmel   Live. Jimmy is a big Stern listener and obviously knew how the pitch was discussed and mocked over the past year. Below is the result of Gary’s trip on Jimmy’s show.  It may be too painful for some viewers…

That last pitch actually smoked a girl in the head. As you may have guessed, Baba Booey and his inability to throw was the subject of conversation on the Stern show for several days. Gary was crushed and actually mad at Jimmy for putting him in that position. His anger only fueled the fire and constant criticism he received from Stern Show staffers.

Then there was last week, when Stern Show co-host, Robin Quivers, made an appearance on Kimmel to promote an appearance. As a dig and poke at Gary, Robin took a baseball glove out with her to talk to Jimmy. When Jimmy saw that Robin had a glove, he could not help but ask her to perform the same feat he had asked of Baba Booey.  Here is how it turned out…

All of those people who said you threw like a girl, they were wrong, it is way worse. That is why I am naming Gary Patrick Dell’Abate, also known as Baba Booey, our TGR Looker of the Week. Your autobiography, They Call Me Baba Booey, may have put you on the best-sellers list, but this should be held as your highest honor. Baba Booey! Baba Booey! Baba Booey!

Nov 29

Ex-Cat Stevie “Get Loose” Johnson Drops Game Winner

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Category: Random Notes

Buffalo Bills and former Kentucky wide receiver Steve Johnson dropped what would have been the game winning touchdown yesterday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It was sad to read that Johnson didn’t blame himself, he blamed God!

I feel bad for ole Stevie, but at least he didn’t drop one of the most important passes in Kentucky history when he got loose on the sideline to beat Louisville.  Watch below as Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick throws a perfect pass to Johnson in the endzone.  Also, check out the lineman that runs up to Fitzpatrick to celebrate the victory.

Nov 29

Monday Morning Links

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Category: Random Notes

Kentucky falls to Tennessee.

Quarter by quarter:  How Kentucky lost.

Chip Cosby:  Cobb’s homework includes studying his NFL prospects, UK star will weigh his options.

Vaught also has some postgame notes and numbers.

Keith Taylor:  UK’s special teams not very special.

John Clay:  Cats flub a season for the taking.

Mark Story:  Vols’ hold on, Cats remain unbreakable.

Michael Grant:  Streak hits 26, Tennessee beats Kentucky 24-14.

Grant also writes that Kentucky assistant Tee Martin gets a warm welcome back in Knoxville.

The Courier-Journal has a video with Tyler Bray about beating the Cats.

Courier-Journal:  Tennessee’s Dooley talks about beating Kentucky.

Larry Vaught asks, would you to go to Birmingham for Jan. 8 bowl game?

Chris Low has the Cats going to Birmingham.

AJC says that Georgia will go to the Liberty Bowl, leaving the Cats in Birmingham.

Vaught’s Views:  Even near perfect start not enough for UK against Vols.

Go Vols Xtra:  Derek Dooley’s gamble on punt nets return.

Tom Leach gives his take on the opportunity lost.

Nation of Blue:  Enes Kanter appeal this week.

Larry Vaught talks with Kyle Wiltjer’s dad about his visit to Lexington.

Wildcat Blue Nation:  Fans should not worry; Cats are still solid.

Terrier Report takes a preview of Boston and Kentucky tomorrow night.

Jerry Tipton:  Terrence Jones finds Washington coach no sore loser.

Fanhouse:  Brandon Knight’s early struggles cause for concern for Kentucky.

Three Kentucky signees projected in top 10 of the 2012 NBA draft.

Patterson plays better in second D-League game.

The NBA rookies who card collectors should notice.

The Bleacher Report looks at the top 40 hottest NFL fans.

The 100 hottest international athletes.

The 25 hottest cheerleader squads in sports.

Nov 28

Will We Recognize Kentucky Football Season Next Year?

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Category: Random Notes

When I was a kid, there was no such thing as a transition into basketball season from football season. The end of the Jerry C. era and the entire Bill C. era was less than successful and warranted no attention from my family.  With Ricky Pitino in full force in the early 90s, it was basketball season year around. Even in the first 5 or 6 years of Tubby ball, football was only an after thought. Then came Rich Brooks and his goal of building a football program Kentuckians could be proud of. After a couple years of less than successful results in the win column, Brooks managed to make football relevant in the bluegrass. He made Kentuckians pay attention to what he was doing in the football program. He made us recognize football season and actually look forward to it. With the perfect storm of Brooks on the football sidelines and BCG on the bench for the basketball cats, football became the most relative sport on campus for a lot of Kentucky fans.

In this, Joker’s first season, football once again was #1 on Big Blue fans mind during the summer and fall. Even with Cal coming off a huge season on the hardwood, the off the court rumors, and the NBA draft, Joker managed to keep football on Kentucky fans minds.  When kickoff came around in papa John’s stadium in Louisville, it was football time in the bluegrass and the football team was not taking a back seat to any other sports on campus. Everyone knew Coach Brooks had built the new found football mentality in Kentucky, but Coach Phillips was the hand picked replacement Rich wanted to succeed him. Now the season has ended and the Cats suffered a very disappointing 6-6 season.  The ‘what ifs’ are endless for the 2010 season. I could go over those, but I am sure you have heard about them enough, as I have.

As we wait to hear what bowl game the cats will be invited to, I am looking towards next year already. With the loss of several offensive weapons such as Lock and Hartline and the possible departure of Randall Cobb, is anyone looking forward to football season in the fall? Personally, I think it is still a little early to ask the question.  I am still a little miffed with our football team at the moment and would hate to give an answer I would later regret.  I think I can confidently say that the 2011 season will not garner the anticipation the 2010 season did. If Cobb leaves, which many expect him to, the offense quickly looks a lot like the defense, meaning a lack of play makers. The only real story line I can see at this point will be the fight for the starting qb spot by Ryan Mossakowski and Morgan Newton.

Fortunately, as I mentioned before, I am happy to say we can now transition into basketball season.  Thanks to Papa Brooks, we are now able to distinguish our seasons in Kentucky. With such an underachieving season and the loss of several key skill players this year, along with the rock star recruiting class Cal is bringing in next fall, will Kentuckians recognize football season next year? C! A! T! S!

Nov 28

Joker, Cats Reflect On Yesterday’s Loss

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Category: Football

Nov 27

Trevathan Considering Jump to NFL?

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Category: Football

Most of the emphasis around the NFL and the Cats has been Randall Cobb. It would be one thing to lose the heart of our offense but, we could very well lose the heart of our defense. The thought never really crossed my mind but if you think about it, Junior linebacker and SEC tackle leader Danny Trevathan could very well make the jump. Before today’s contest Trevathan ranked 9th in the country in tackles for a loss and lead the SEC with 120 tackles, 22 more then anyone else. Now that is saysing something!

In fact, Trevathan tweeted a short while ago about the decisions that lie ahead of him:

“Gave it to em man!! Can’t let this happen bruh.. Now decisions !! Time is the one thing we don’t get back no matter hw hard we try..”

Sounds like our man of fury is at least considering it. If he decides to go then good for him, he’s earned the recognition. However, the greedy side of me would like to see Danny finish what he started and bring the heat one more season on opposing running backs. I for one, am tired of seeing guys with all the talent in the world leave early and then you never hear from them again. This is his decision to make, let’s hope it’s the right one for him.