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Dec 27

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 3:01 pm | Leave a Comment (7)
Category: Looker of the Week

Good afternoon Lookers, I hope Santa was as kind to you as he was to me.  I was surrounded by more Lookers than you could shake a stick at in the past few days due to the multiple Christmas celebrations my wife and I were in attendance for.  If I had a nickel for every time I thought of this post during the various family functions I was involved in, I could buy the Christmas presents for myself that no one else cared to purchase.  Why even ask me for a list?

The talk of many of the parties was the bulldog on bulldog crime witnessed from the tournament Mississippi State was playing in.  After the incident where students at MSU  got the cell phone number of Demarcus Cousins, the MSU fans who threw water bottles on the court, and my multiple run-ins with MSU fans over the years, there is no doubt that MSU and it’s administration, students, and student-athletes are striving for that level  currently held onto by the University of Tennessee. I am not going to grace the thugs MSU has on it’s roster with such a prestigious honor as Looker of the Week.

This week’s winner is a multitude of people.  I am willing to  bet that more than one of you reading this right now are this week’s Looker and don’t even know it, or maybe you do.  This past week, including tonight and tomorrow night’s games due to the rescheduling, was the last week in most fantasy football leagues. Meaning that Week 16 was Super Bowl week for the two teams left in your league. Due to Romo’s injury and LT’s unforeseen surge in his first year in the Jets offense, I was left to watch when it came to the Super Bowl this year. My interest in the NFL is at an all time low due to my fantasy misfortunes, but yesterday I paid attention to a few of the games that had playoff implications.  While watching my favorite Sunday channel, NFL Red Zone, I noticed the Indianapolis-Oakland game getting late.  The king of fantasy football, Peyton Manning, had a big game as usual with several touchdown passes and a large amount of yards.  It was not the touchdowns manning had that made the game interesting, it was the touchdown he didn’t have.

With little time on the clock, the Colts had the ball on the Oakland 30 yard line leading by 5 points. On a 3rd & 2, the colts draw up a very gutsy bootleg play for Peyton Manning and it worked to perfection.  In seemingly slow motion, Manning rumbled down the sideline for 27 yards.  It was not 30 yards because Peyton decided to slide down at the 3 yard line and not try to get into the end zone for the touchdown. For the real football game on the field, it was a genius move.  The Colts were able to kill the clock and win the game without giving Oakland another shot at the ball.  On the other hand, for fantasy football owners who had Peyton on their team while playing in the Super Bowl, it was devastating. In most leagues, the additional 3 yards and the rushing touchdown would have been worth 7 fantasy points to the owner.

It is with great pleasure that I present the TGR Looker of the Week award to those fantasy owners of Peyton Manning who lost by 7 points or less yesterday in their fantasy Super Bowl!  As Ricky Bobby so poetically once said, second place is just the first loser.  I hope this recognition eases your fantasy pain my friends. Again, congrats…

Dec 21

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 9:15 am | Leave a Comment (1)
Category: Looker of the Week

Seasons greetings Lookers!  It is the holidays (AKA Christmas at my house) and Lookers are out in full force.  While experiencing one of the worst days of my life Sunday, I saw an extraordinary amount of odd people out shopping.  If I were not completely miserable and in a rotten mood, I would have taken a few pictures to share with you guys.  That is just the kind of Christmas spirit I am currently experiencing!

This week’s Looker of the Week popped into my mind yesterday  after there was some tailgate chatter mid-afternoon about yesterday’s Florida-Jacksonville basketball game.  It would be too simple to single out Florida and Billy Donovan for losing to J-Ville, so I have decided to lump the entire SEC together.  As you will read below (if you have not already given up on this post), the SEC has struggled in the young 1011 season against below average teams.  The SEC West is the losing end of most of the bad losses so far, but the SEC East is quickly catching up with Tennessee’s recent losses to Oakland and Charlotte.  As Kentucky fans and BCG did with San Diego, Bruce Pearl has to justify those losses with, “They are tournament teams”.  Been there Brucey, it is a lame line home boy.

Here are some of the SEC’s worst losses of this season…


Central Florida (54-57)

Jacksonville (68-71)


Charlotte (49-48)

Oakland (89-82)


Temple (65-58)


Nicholls St. (53-62)

Coastal Carolina (69-78 (OT)

Wichita St. (69-70)


Columbus State (Exh.) (54-52)

UNC Asheville (70-69 OT)

Samford (79-68)

Campbell (61-54)

Jacksonville (69-55)

South Florida (61-49)

Presbyterian (62-59)


Seton Hall (83-78)

St. Peter’s Peacocks (50-49)


UAB (65–70 OT)


Dayton (78-71)


Florida Atlantic (61-59)

Thank god for football and Kentucky basketball! Congratulations SEC basketball!  You are our TGR Looker of the Week!

Dec 13

TGR’s Looker of the Week

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 1:01 pm | Leave a Comment (22)
Category: Looker of the Week

It is LOOKER TIME in the LBC!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.  If you failed to have a good time, here are the ingredients to a good time:   Bud Light, Blanton’s bourbon, a sucky Indiana basketball program, and terrible karaoke songs from the 80s.  BAM, PARTY ON SCHEDULE!

As much as some of you might want me to make the designers of the Metrodome our TGR Looker of the Week, I am sorry to say I am going to disappoint you.  There is also a segment of Big Blue Nation that wants me to make ex-Cat, Mike Hartline the Looker of the Week.  I wouldn’t mind making Mike the Looker, hell, he deserves it.  I have never understood how such high profile athletes can allow themselves to be in such ridiculous predicaments. Mike screwed up royally and if any of the charges he is facing are true, he should be punished severely.  But, I am not going to honor Mike with such a prestigious honor.

Instead, I would like to recognize those Kentucky “fans” who seem to be basking in the fact Mike Hartline was arrested.  On Friday, I heard from several UK fans who did not like Hartline as our quarterback from day one, which is fine. The problem I had with their e-mails is there seemed to be a “I told you so” tone to their comments.  I got this from a “UK fan”, “Where are you at Rob I want to hear your excuse why you’re “Heisman trophy candidate” got arrested! “  If I told you that comment came from a Tennessee or Louisville fan, it would be understandable.  It is very common for a fan of a team to give a fan of their rival some grief for situations like the Hartline arrest, but this time it is happening within a fan base. Basically what is happening is that a few “UK fans” who disagreed with Mike as our starting quarterback are somehow getting joy from his misfortunes.  In the eyes of some, them being “right” about a player or person is more gratifying than the thought of our program suffering a major loss before the bowl game.

I can’t remember when Kentucky “fans” had so much hate built up for one particular player. I received emails accusing Hartline of everything from drug abuse to domestic violence.  When I pointed out to several people that none of us are perfect and we were even less perfect when we were 22 years old, I received back this email, “I agree we all have done plenty of stupid shit! But none of us were senior QBs getting ready to play our last football game (I don’t see him having much of a football career after UK unless he plays for the horseman). “No, we didn’t only have to worry about a football game, we had a lot more to lose than just a football game.  Most of my friends are around 30 years old and still living a rock n roll  lifestyle that prevents many of them from criticizing anyone for anything.  At least I would have thought that, but apparently not.

My point?  Don’t throw stones at glass houses BBN! 22 year olds are still kids and especially those fortunate enough to be D-1 athletes.  They are held in a higher regard than the rest of us.  They have a tougher time growing up and maturing, because they haven’t been made to.  Give your hate a break for a day or two BBN.  He is gone and you can’ avoid posting “hate Him or Love Him” posts or sending me nasty emails because I chose to support a young man playing on my favorite football team.  If I only cheered for teams who were made up of ‘good’ people, I would have no one to cheer for.

Fare well and congratulations  to the Hartline haters!  I hope you find a young teenage boy or girl to hate soon so  that you can continue your reign of   hate! But, today, you are our Looker of the Week!

Dec 6

TGR’s Looker of the Week

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 12:57 pm | Leave a Comment (4)
Category: Looker of the Week

Good afternoon Lookers! Did you have a good weekend?  Mine was pretty sweet.  I scored a previously owned 1986 Chevrolet Chevette that I am considering rebuilding. It is two tone and with a couple of minor tweaks, it will be hell on wheels if you feel me! So, we are here to award this week’s TGR looker of the Week. Do you have any nominees? A certain NCAA committee?  A certain greedy football dad? A certain coach who refuses to play a zone defense while in foul trouble against a team with two huge boys on the blocks who are killing you? Please don’t think that those certain individuals did not garner consideration when our TGR looker committee convened last night.

This week’s winner probably never saw himself being featured on this UK heavy blog.  Heck, I never thought the guy would ever be mentioned on this site. I had only heard the dude’s name a few times while watching football on Sunday afternoons. I know we have a lot of Cincinnati Bengal fans who read this site.  I will start by saying, I am sorry and god love your heart. Yesterday, the Bengals hosted the New Orleans saints  at Paul Brown Stadium. Around my hood, it is the stadium known as “The House That Losing Built”. Yesterday’s game was actually pretty entertaining.  The Saints jumped out early and the Bengals battled back late in the 2nd half to actually take a lead, 30-27.

Look, I am the first guy to say that football games are never won or lost on one play.  With so many plays being run during the course of a game, it is stupid to believe that one play can determine the game’s outcome. Losing by 3, Drew Breeze led his saints down the field as you would expect an MVP to. He got his team inside the Bengal 10 yard line when the Bengals defense decided to put up a stand. Cincy made 3 good stops and left the saints with a 4th & 2 from the Bengals 7 yard line with: 34 seconds left in regulation. New Orleans head coach, Sean Payton, left his offense on the field and lined up to run a play on 4th down. Just to let you know, the Saints are in the middle of a division battle in the NFC South.  They could not afford a loss to the Bungals if they want to make a run to the playoffs. In other words, no one in the stadium or watching on TV believed Breeze was going to snap the ball on 4th and 2 from the 7. It was simple, the Saints would kick the field goal to tie the game and then try their luck in overtime. The old trick of lining up as if to run a play only to attempt to draw the defense off-sides never works, but the saints tried anyway. Fortunately for the saints, they were playing the Bengals and Bungal defensive tackle, Pat Sims. Mr. Sims was apparently the only person in attendance that didn’t know Breeze was not going to snap the ball because as Drew called out his cadence, Sims jumped off sides giving the saints a 1st and goal from the 3 yard line. Instead of going to overtime, Breeze hit a wide open Marques Colston on the next play to give the saints the victory.

“I moved. My fault.  All my fault. I made a mistake,” Sims said after the game.  We know pat, we know good buddy.  That is why you are our one and only, TGR Looker of the Week! Who dey!