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Dec 30

Ah, the Memories!

Posted by: Ryan at 3:05 pm | Leave a Comment (59)
Category: Basketball

Dec 30

Death, Taxes, Christian, And Louisville Fans

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 1:00 pm | Leave a Comment (11)
Category: Basketball

As a Kentucky fan, there are two things you understand you are going to have to deal with, one way or another, for the rest of your life, the Laettner shot and Louisville fans.  No matter what team or what player hits a big shot in the next 50 years in whatever game, Christian’s shot will forever be known as ‘The Shot’.  It will be shown 689 times each March before and during the NCAA tournament and I can deal with that.  Look at it this way, at least Rick Pitino felt the pain all of Big Blue nation felt that march night and probably even more so.  The entire play occurred due to Pitino’s coaching mistakes and with that I find gratification.

Other than death, taxes, and Laettner, Big Blue nation will forever be haunted by the favorite son of Southern Indiana, The Louisville Cardinals. It is not even that the actual teams and players bother us that much, it is the fans. As has been written about on different UK blogs for years, the only thing more annoying than a Louisville fan is having to walk barefooted through a pretzel factory with open wounds on both feet,. And even that seems more appealing than an afternoon with a Cards fan.

Fertig mentioned yesterday that he has friends who “bleed red”; I do too, all of them. My lovable blogging partner has not grasped the whole, “Bleed Blue” concept, so I ask you to forgive him.  I understand what he is saying though, he has friends who are Cards fans, I don’t. Sure, I occasionally find myself in the presence of Cardinal supporters, but I would hope they realize they aren’t my friend.  I doubt that I give off any vibes that I am even willing to be friendly. If I ever have, I apologize, I was not trying to be friendly to you, I swear I don’t like you. In fact, you make me seriously sick to my stomach. I have plenty of friends and I don’t need anymore, believe me. Even if I were to lose a friend for whatever reason, may it be herpes, the call to serve his or her religion, or marriage, the Louisville fan base will be the last place I look for a replacement.

I don’t even like being introduced to a Louisville fan by another Kentucky fan, it’s very uncomfortable. It usually goes like this, my friend Rocky (a UK fan, wants to introduce me to Roger (a UofL fan) at a party. Rocky walks up to me and says, “Rob, I want to introduce you to my buddy Roger.”  Being a gentleman, I share a pleasantry with Roger and stick out my hand for a man’s handshake. Roger responds to my greeting with a head nod and some kind of fraternity/gang handshake attempt. I don’t respond well to Roger’s jive handshake and he pulls back nervously. I give Roger a puzzled look and Rocky jumps in with a fact about how I am a UK fan and then how Roger is a big UofL fan from all the way back in 2006.  I puke in my mouth a little bit and Roger pulls up his Michael Vic Eagles jersey to reveal a “Stefan LeFors For Heisman” t-shirt. I look down at it, giggle to myself, tell Rocky that I would be seeing him later and walk away. I swear that exact situation has happened like 20 times.

The bottom line is that I HATE Louisville fans and have no use for them. I know that a few of them are starting to graduate from community college every now and then, but even with their new found JCCC education, my society doesn’t need them.  They are fine where they are and I am fine being far east of them in my cabin, without indoor plumbing, electricity, proper dental care, knowledge of which family members are safe to breed with, proper footwear, or anything else all of those sharp Cardinal fans know I don’t have. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting me, or have already had the pleasure, just remember…  I may smile and hold my hand out to you, but I am not your friend, nor will I ever be your friend. For those of you who are Cards fans and consider me to be a friend, what can I say. Shit happens, ask Karen.  C! A! T! S!

Dec 30

My Kind of Dog

Posted by: Ryan Richardson at 12:13 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Random Notes

In case you all didn’t know, I can’t stand Louisville.  The picture below sums up my whole feelings about them.

Dec 30

Postgame Pregame Nonsense; Louisville

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 10:45 am | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Pre-Game Nonsense

I figure since Kentucky and Louisville fans seem to be airing out all of the dirty laundry this week, why not take a look at the Pregame Nonsense from the UK-UofL football game this  year. Congratulations to Charlie Strong and the 2010 Beef O’Brady’s Bowl Champions!  Where can I get the season highlights on DVD?

It is hard for even the most ‘die hard’ Louisville fan to argue that the biggest thing it’s football program has going for it right now is new head coach, Charlie R. Strong. Big Chuck, as we call him around here, has been on the staff at Notre dame, Texas a&M, and South Carolina in his time on the college sidelines and most recently on the University of Florida staff in Gainesville. In his time as defensive coordinator for the Gators, he built some of the most ferocious and fast defenses ever seen.  It is debatable whether or not strong was responsible for gathering all of the defensive talent Florida has had in the last decade, but it is no debate what he was able to do once they landed in The Swamp. The 50 year old Batesville, Arkansas native and central Arkansas graduate comes to Louisville with a big reputation for powerful defenses.

With this said, there is one very important misconception about Charlie Strong, he is actually not strong at all. Yep, I swear, Big Chuck is both mentally and physically weak. Fertig told me he is about 6’0”, 190 lbs., but from stories I have heard he is as weak as a kitten.  I heard that when Big Chuck was a kid he was able to beat an egg for his mother, and the whole family celebrated!  The guy may look “strong”, but it is just not true. I have heard from a reliable source that he uses the same dumb bells to work out that therapists use in nursing homes to rehab the elderly.  It is so bad that I would not be surprised if he is stuffing his under shirts so that he looks like he is cut or built. It is to the point that I wonder if he has a condition or something?

It would not be completely impossible to look past, if he were not also reportedly very mentally deficient as well. From what I have heard around town, the guy can’t seem to show any mental toughness either. While on an airplane recently, a stewardess asked Chuck not to try to attempt to get his over head bag until the plane had come to a stop and the seat belt light had gone off. The flight attendant seemed to have hit a nerve because Chuck immediately started sobbing uncontrollably as he put his seat belt back on.  He later explained to the business man whom he laid his head on until the plane stopped that he did not like being criticized publically like the lady had done. Later, while in his cab from the airport, the cabby asked Chuck where he was headed, but Chuck was unable to tell the cab driver the address in which he needed to be taken to. When the cab driver found this humorous and kinda snickered at him, Chuck dropped his head and once again started crying. Chuck and the cab driver (Leonardo Zimbabya) were later spotted hugging out in front of Louisville’s football facility. It turned out that Leo was also a very weak minded man and had sympathy for the new Louisville head man.

In closing, when you see the new Louisville head man on the sideline today, remember that he is not nearly as ‘strong’ as his name says he is. He is actually a man who begs to be cared for with the utmost gentleness. He may also need you to carry his bags.  C! A! T! S!

Dec 30

What to Expect Friday In the “Battle of the Bluegrass”

Posted by: Ryan at 9:05 am | Leave a Comment (11)
Category: Basketball

We are just hours away for the annual battle of the bluegrass and for some reason I am not as excited as I should be. I am really not sure why, maybe it’s because I am not going to the game, for the first time in years watching it in the comfort of my own home or maybe it’s just because I am not sure what is going to happen….

Last season we had the luxury of knowing what to expect. The Cats were clicking on all cylinders, undefeated and touting a roster that one could only dream of. Louisville was down, and anything but a Cats win would be unacceptable.

But, one short year later both teams are in similar situations. Both carry similar characteristics in terms of style of play. So what can we expect when the Cats and Cards take to the KFC YUM! Center on Friday?

You can rag on Rick Pitino’s off the court affairs all you want, you can poke fun at their fluffy light scheduling thus far (I have) and you can claim they don’t have the star power the Cats have. Living in Louisville I have watched the Cards play several times on TV and once in person and I can say they are better then they were  a year ago. Not sure what that means but they have looked good at times and very pathetic in others.

The Cats on the other hand are in the same boat. In our two losses the Cats were out-rebounded and fell into early foul trouble, causing the pace of the game to slow down. Thus resulting in the Cats playing the other teams’ game. Outside of the two losses, in my opinion, UK has played a level of basketball slightly above our expectations. The Cats have looked great at times, and others better team play has been desired.

Regardless the records, the players, the coaches (faithful in their marriages or not) this game has the makeup for something quite similar to what we saw one year ago. A knock down, drag out defensive flurry, turning into a shootout late.

Down low the Cats need to stay out of foul trouble and the Cards need their bigs to be consistent.

Shooting wise, the Cards have been very streaky, and for once I can say the Cats have been rather consistent. Both teams need to shoot well in order for this game to be competitive.

If the referees decide to call it close early on to discourage play similar to last year’s game, they very well could control the overall pace of the game. If this does happen UK’s bigs must stay out of foul trouble. Both teams like to run. Both like to play pressure defense. And, if the refs decide to call it tight it could throw the rhythm for each, resulting in a low scoring affair.

Kentucky’s freshmen must have their heads in the game. Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb and Brandon Knight must take care of the ball and make good decisions.

On the other side, the Cards need Peyton Siva to run the offense to perfection. Siva will have his hands full with Brandon Knight, who is 4 inches taller and a step quicker.

Come Friday at high-noon, what do you want to see? I prefer a blowout by the Cats for bragging rights but we all know in this heated rivalry a blowout is too few and far between. Realistically I expect nerves to play a role early as they did last season. Once the players settle in to the pace of the game I bet we see another shootout in Louisville.

Dec 30

Thursday Morning Links

Posted by: Ryan Richardson at 7:18 am | Leave a Comment (70)
Category: Random Notes

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2012 recruit Shabazz Muhammad talks Kentucky.

Andy Glockner of Sports Illustrated says Kentucky will be the preseason No. 1 in 2011.

Dec 29

Louisville Is Pissing Me Off

Posted by: Ryan at 8:22 pm | Leave a Comment (7)
Category: Recruiting

I don’t trash the Cards as much as I should on this site. I am a respectful person and would like to think I am a rational fan.

Living in Louisville the rivalry between schools takes on another level for me. Normally it’s casual conversations at work or in arguments with friends. Wherever I go I can not shake the low down dirty Cards fan base.

I’ve made it a point to state my allegiance many a times as some of you think everyone that lives in Louisville is a Cards fan. It could not be further from the truth but you win some and you lose some. For me it truly is a 365 day a year task, reppin’ the Big Blue Nation on the soil of the enemy. Yes fellow Cats fans, I have close friends that bleed red. In fact, some of those friends are tied into the program more then I would like…

Anyways, when I got word that UK Commit Jon Davis was being courted hard by the dirty birds I almost sharted myself. Yes, it is TMI for some, but for me this one hits closer to home then you would think.

I’ve told you before I’m a graduate of Eastern High here in the Ville. Home of former Cats Myron Pryor and Rajon Rondo. So, this past summer when Eastern Footballer Jon Davis committed to the Cats I was as excited as Rob gets when he cracks open his peppermint schnapps.

Long story short, Louisville’s Coach Charlie Strong is now recruiting a future Cat hard. So much that Davis is wavering on his commitment to the Cats and unofficially visiting Louisville in January. However, Davis’ father says his son is just checking it out and that he intends to remain committed to the Cats.


If you didn’t have anything fueling your hate this week now you do.

Dec 29

Sights And Sounds From Last Year’s UK vs. UL

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Category: Basketball

Dec 29

Kentucky vs. Louisville 2010

Posted by: Ryan Richardson at 6:30 pm | Leave a Comment (5)
Category: Random Notes

Am I the only one that hates Louisville, I loved Eric Bledsoe’s intensity at the beginning of this game.

Dec 29

Battle of the Bluegrass!

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 2:03 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketball

Battle of the Bluegrass, Cats vs. Cards, Big Brother vs. Little Brother……whatever you choose to call this game, it’s one of the top rivalries in college basketball. Personally for me, there’s no other game on the schedule that brings goosebumps and excitement like this one does.  I was lucky enough to be involved in 5 UK/UL games (winning 4, i might add) and the atmosphere the week before, during and after the games are just amazing! It’s an overwhelming feeling to pull off a victory, and not just for the players, but for the fans and to give them bragging rights around the state.  The instensity and build up before the game is like an NCAA tourney game. I can recall seeing Mr. Keightley’s face being beet red before my 1st UL game, he wanted that game SO badly that I thought he might suit up!   We’re 2 days away from the next episode of this great rivalry and you can already feel the buzz when talking to people about the game.  Truly one of the great rivalries of all time, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds Friday..