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Jan 9

Thameltoe “Abused” By UK Fans

Posted by: Ryan Fertig | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: General News

Ok, I admit, I was harsh on the dude earlier in the year for questioning the intelligence of Eric Bledsoe and trying to make a mockery of Kentucky Basketball through slander and poor reporting techniques. I am convinced Pete Thamel and the NY Times are out to get John Calipari and will do whatever it takes to bring him down…..

Having said that. I would not go to the extent some UK fans have to bring Thamel to his knees forgiving us for his aptitude of dislike for all things Kentucky.

Over the weekend UK fans on Twitter decided to have a go at Mr. Thamel and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was noticed by the likes of CBS’s Seth Davis, ESPN’s Dick Vitale and countless others. Here are some of the shots:

- @petethamelnyt I hope your children are born paralyzed and they have to slither around like snakes in the grass like their fuckin’ daddy

- @topher859 @petethamelnyt I hope your fucking children suffer from dwarfism and autism

- @petethamelnyt you fucking judas liberal I hope you become a blind mute paraplegic fuck the NCAA and fuck you and fuck your mother

- Hope you’re proud of yourself you vile inbred commie swine. you will choke on the scrotum of karma for your sins @petethamelnyt

- The NCAA are a bunch of atheist duke fans to the committee that ruled enes ineligible I hope all of your first borns are slain in cold blood

So, there you have it folks. Beautiful fans aren’t they? Everyone needs to keep it classy. After all, this is why we get the reputation we do, those distant and quick to snap fans. Every base has them, we just happen to have a bunch because we have a lot of fans. It’s the numbers game.

If you know someone that has acted like this thump them over the back of the head please because they need some sense knocked into them.

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