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Jan 19

Post Game Nonsense- Alabama Crimson Tide

Posted by: Matt Downs | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketball

Waking up yesterday morning I felt drained. You ever have one of those days? I just felt no need to get out of bed, even though I needed to eat, lift, study, and go to my night class. Well, I only made it to my class. My lack of energy made me complacent and lazy, and it will probably show in many ways. Well sometimes you have to make the energy. I could of hopped out of bed and forced myself to shower and prepare for my day by having a big lunch, it just takes a little motivation. When you go throughout your day with no energy things won’t turn out as well.

Kentucky failed to show me any energy coming out of the gate. The lack of the killer instinct when the game started showed in both losses to Georgia and Alabama. They seem so ready to just put the ball up and not take the good shot. Then when the shots were not falling early in the first half, they ditch the game plan and try and drive in and force shots. On the defensive side in the first half Kentucky was not pressuring the ball and seemed lackadaisical. I cannot understand how going on the road and a team ranked in the top #25 is not excited to play. Everyone knows playing away is what really can define a team because when it comes to tournament time you don’t get to play on your home court. Even from watching on TV you can tell that the energy in the gym was electric from the home fans. Being Kentucky is like being the Yankees, every time you are on the road your going to draw the hardcore fans and your going to be the reason they sellout. Getting off to a good start on the road is important because it can take the “sixth man”, or the fans out of the game. Bama fed of their fans and the atmosphere and they played with tons of energy because of it.

That being said I do want to give recognition to the one player on Kentucky’s roster who has played every minute at full force. DeAndre Liggins is our top defender and what looks like to me to be the team leader. He is not really an offensive threat and he can be a wild dribbler, but you can never say he didn’t hustle. At least once a game he ends up on the floor after a loose ball. He played smart against Alabama with no turnovers and 4 assists, and a couple of those on big shots late in the second half.

These Cats showed they can play from behind but yet I still think they need to find that clutch player who takes over the game when they need it most. When they are losing sometimes you see the panic in the face of some of the players, but the one who stays calm is Knight. He is able to get to the basket and he can shoot. Brandon has taken games over before and he needs to be the offensive leader of this team. This team needs a energy source, and hopefully they can feed off their point guard.

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