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Jan 29

Post Game Nonsense: Georgia Bulldogs pt. 2

Posted by: Matt Downs | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketball

Do you remember a time when someone just completely outdid you? They just show you up to the point you are embarrassed, then came that chance you were waiting for when you knew you could get you revenge. All you want is to take their face and rub it in the ground. You get the revenge, but it is still just a bit of a letdown because you didn’t really destroy them. Thats how this game felt to me. It was awesome to win, but the second half was so awful it still turned out to be a bummer.

One thing you always want to see is a team that wants a win, or better yet in conference they want revenge. This picture below made me excited for this game. Terrence Jones wanted a reminder of what Trey Thompkins did to them last game:

Why couldn’t there be more of that killer instinct? Kentucky had Georgia down 15 at half and easily had shown that this was no competition, yet they managed to give us all a scare and let the Bulldogs come back. Terrence Jones did not even seem as motivated as I’d thought he would be with only 7 points, however did play pretty good defense on Thompkins with the help of Harrellson. Kentucky was shooting out of this world in the first half with 51% from the field and 50% from three.

Halftime seemed to ice the Cats as in the second half  they shot 31% and a whopping 0% from 3-point line. Kentucky was just happy to be up 15 instead of showing the world that the first game was a fluke and that the talent level is far different. Now people are still just thinking that Florida is still the team to beat in the SEC, when we know the talent is in Lexington.

The free throw line continues to hurt the Cats. For the game Kentucky shot 64%. Had Georgia got the game closer earlier in the second half, this could have been the dropping point for the Cats. Luckily, the defense did not all go in the the second half as Georgia had issues hitting their own shots. The difference between the two is Kentucky missed a ton of open jumpers.

I personally wanted Kentucky to win by about twenty, and if the kept the same pace as in the first half that could of easily been done. Nobody could get to the rim for the easy basket, and the shots wouldn’t fall. If Georgia would have shot better than 37% in the second half, Kentucky would of lost this game. Okay, I’m done venting. It is a Saturday night and I’m sick so I’m watching Comedy Central all night, so lets see some comments on what you would of like to have seen happen in this game. Leggoo

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