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Jan 31

Bogans Back On Track In Chicago

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Category: Basketball

(Image Dennis Wierzbicki US PRESSWIRE)

Our main man Keith “bulldog” Bogans has finally found his groove in the city of the wind. Although he’s earned some criticism from fans, combined with a slow start since he was traded from Orlando, Bogans has reverted back to the defensive presence he used to be that got him into the league in the first place.

Bogans’ coaches, teammates and Chicago staff have taken note.

“People always seem to get mad because I’m not producing offensively… They need to understand that’s not why I’m here. I’m on the floor with Luol (Deng), Derrick (Rose), Carlos (Boozer) … there aren’t a lot of shots for me and Kurt (Thomas). I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. People saying I shouldn’t be starting motivates me. I love playing here. I love Chicago. I love the Bulls. It’s all fun for me. I’ve been playing for a while, man. Sometimes it falls. Sometimes it doesn’t. The main thing is getting up shots. I never get down on myself if I’m making or missing. It’s just playing basketball. That’s a plus if I’m making shots. My job is to defend. I do feel like every shot I take needs to go in. I don’t get a lot of shots. So the ones I get I need to make. I practice the shots I’m going to get in games. That’s corner 3s. I try to space the floor.”

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