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Jan 31

How the SEC Could Go from 12 to 13

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: SEC

Clay Travis over at SEC AOL Fanhouse wrote a great piece late last week on why Texas A&M should make the jump to the SEC in the coming months. Good read when you have time. Here are the 5 key points within the article:

1. The SEC would be willing to stay at 13 teams if need-be.
2. Texas A&M can’t compete with Texas absent the cachet of the SEC.
3. What will the future hold for the less desirable Big 12 schools?
4. The moment the Big 12 collapsed, Texas could sign a new deal with ESPN that would include all its games.
5. The time to move, if Texas A&M can, is now.

While I like the addition of A&M to the SEC I don’t like the idea of being a lopsided conference. As if the addition of a team isn’t enough, imagine the scheduling conflicts an odd number of teams would produce. If the SEC chooses to add a 13th we need to go ahead and add another for the simple fact of a balanced East and West.

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