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Jan 31

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Good afternoon looks!  I hope that all of your lunches entered your stomachs in a satisfactory manner and exit in the same fashion.  Yes, I realize I am probably the only person who has wished you a good bowel movement today.  That is just the kind of guy I am.  Around 10 am Sunday, after a long night of vodka and cranberry concoctions, I was wishing someone had wished me “happy trails” in the ladies room.  As much as I would love to continue on with this conversation, we must move on to the task at hand which is announcing our newest TGR Looker of the Week.

I must admit that this was a tough week for TGR to nail down a solid winner of our weekly award. We decided that it would be to easy to honor those involved in Kentucky’s “Larry Brown-gate”.  After rereading that sentence, it sounds like I have returned to my original bathroom talk, but I haven’t.  LHL’s Jerry Tipton, hater of all things fun or UK, got everyone fired up this weekend over possible violations committed by Kentucky by having Larry Brown in and around the program last week. DeWayne Peevy, Josh Harrellson, Sandy Bell, and a cast of characters were mentioned by Tipton and it is all ridiculous.  The “ridiculousness” does not end with those around UK or Tipton; it stretches all the way to Indy and the NCAA’s actual rule which reads, “ Use of outside Consultants. An institution may use or arrange for a temporary consultant to provide in-service training for the coaching staff, but no interaction with student athletes is permitted unless the individual is counted against the applicable coaching limits. An outside consultant may not be involved in any on- or off-field or on- or off-court coaching activities (e.g., attending practices and meetings involving coaching activities, formulating game plans, analyzing video involving the institution’s or opponent’s team) without counting the consultant in the coaching limitations in that sport. (Adopted: 1/10/92, Revised: 3/10/04) “The answer to this problem is that UK hires Larry Brown and he is no longer a “temporary consultant”.

My second choice was going to be to take a swing at the most useless sporting event in the world not involving ice and/ or Vuvuzelas, the NFL Pro Bowl.  Surely I don’t have to explain to you or the NFL that any sporting event where Terry Bradshaw is in the booth is not a real sporting event.  Terry is more suited for a World’s Strongest Man broadcast than anything legitimate.

If you take the time to read about UK athletics on the internet everyday, you probably know that Wednesday is National Signing Day. National Signing Day occurs each year on the first Wednesday of February and is the first day high school seniors can sign a binding National Letter of Intent to play college sports.  Not only is it a huge day in the life of 18 year old children, it is an even bigger day, in some cases, for 40 something year olds who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of teenage boys.  If you don’t know who I am talking about, good, “recruiting analyst” and “recruiting experts” are not worthy of your acknowledgment.  I have no way of knowing what these people’s motives are; it is all very strange to me.

They spend the better part of their time calling and or following young, talent riddled boys in order to find out where these young men are going to spend the next 4 or fewer years of their lives. They go from high school to high school, tournament to tournament, and coast to coast in order to get the “scoop” on a young man’s future. Most of these men’s every waking moment are spent tracking the location and mood of 18 year old boys.  I know that I am occasionally known as an outcast myself, but am I the only one who sees this is being creepy as hell?

With signing day creeping up on us, the FaceBook and Twitter worlds are lighting up with info from these folks about all of the big names still left on the boards across the country. Personally, I feel weird reading all of the odd information about these kids online, I can’t imagine how dirty I would feel if I was actually gathering the information.

It is my distinct honor, on this national Signing Day week, to announce this week’s TGR Looker of the Week as all of the creepy recruiting experts around the country!  No one rocks a pair of Adidas nylon pants, a tucked in 1994 Little Caesar’s Invitational t-shirt, a 20 year old starter jacket, and a clipboard better than you.  What one man considers being creepy, another man considers to be a passion.  Here’s to all of the teenaged boys telling you where they will go to school before they tell the other guy hoping for the same thing!

Jan 24

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

What it is TGR Lookers?  Have a good weekend? No?  You don’t have to explain, I really don’t care.  I was being dishonest when I acted as if I did, and I apologize for that up front. By now you have figured out what time it is, so, let’s get to this week’s nominees for TGR’s Looker of the Week, shall we?

One of our newest additions to TGR, Carson Lilly, came strong with his newest edition to the site and nearly convinced me the man in the picture should be our looker as well.  The only problem is that I would have hated to use Fertig’s dad’s name without his permission.

Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartan’s are looking more and more like frauds.  They suffered their 7th loss this weekend after starting the season in the Top 5 in America. I will say this for the Spartans though… There is not a team in the country that wants to see MSU on their side of the bracket in March.

Even though they were victorious, I would love to make the Pittsburgh Steeler organization and fans the ‘Looker’ this week.  Not only because it is my post and I can do what I want, but because I truly hate them. I have a suspicion the way I view Steeler nation is the same way most of America and the south views Big Blue Nation. They are obnoxious, brash, arrogant, loud, and will follow their team to the ends of the earth and beyond to show their support.  Go Packers.

I doubt that TGR’s choice for it’s Looker is going to be  a surprise to anyone who viewed yesterday’s NFC Championship game.  At the half, Green Bay led the Bears, 14-0, but the game seemed to be even more lop-sided than the score indicated.   After the Chicago Bears first possession of the 2nd half, something was different about their offense, their starting quarterback and Santa Claus, Indiana native, Jay Cutler, was absent. Replacing the greatest player in the history of Vanderbilt football was 39 year old back-up, Todd Collins. Cutler never left the field in order to receive an X-ray or any other test, so, it was initially unclear on what was wrong with the Bear’s star. Some were saying it was a concussion and some were saying it was a knee injury.  A knee injury seemed unlikely as the camera showed Cutler walking around the Chicago sidelines and riding an exercise bike.

The Bear’s 3rd stringer, Caleb Hanie, entered the game in the 3rd quarter after Collins showed he is possibly the worst quarterback to ever play in the NFL playoffs and the Bears should be ashamed of themselves for paying him. Hanie played a hell of a game considering and the cameras caught Collins and Hanie attempting to put together a plan on the sidelines while a pouting Cutler stood alone, not helping his teammates. Cutler has had a reputation for being a selfish jerk and the look on his face as his team rallied late in the 4th quarter proved that.

TGR!  I give you this week’s Looker of the Week!  Vanderbilt’s own, Jay Cutler!  The only guy who has ever “torn” his ACL,  only to be able to ride an exercise bike in sub-zero temps mere minutes after his injury.  Not buying it Jay!

Here are a few Bear fans to help me congratulate Jay on his newest honor of TGR’s Looker…

Jan 17

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

It is ‘Looker Monday’ at TGR and that means only one thing for you…OK, well, it means nothing for you. What it means for us is that we must sift through the millions of nominees for this week’s recipient of the greatest honor on the World Wide Web today, TGR’s Looker of the Week!

Last week’s winner, University of Kentucky Athletics, rebounded after a terrible first week of the year to put up a perfect record on the hardwood. I was told that my post from last week announcing the entire athletic department as our ‘Looker’ after losses to Pitt in the bowl, Georgia on the men’s side of the court, and losses to Duke, Arkansas, and Georgia by the women was put on the bulletin board in each team’s locker rooms for motivation. I am happy to be used as the catalyst for our universities turn around this week!

I am sure most of you were aware that this weekend was the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. There were two good games (Pitt/Balt and NE/NYJ) and there were two clunkers, Atlanta being embarrassed by Green Bay at home and Chicago sending Seattle back to the left coast. Atlanta is quickly becoming the city of the “One round and a Greyhound” professional teams. After a full decade of the Braves winning National league titles and the Falcons advancing to a Super Bowl with Rich Brooks help, teams from the ATL can not get out of their own way in the 1st round of the playoffs. Atlanta was a nominee for ‘Looker’ for sure.

The NFL nearly came away with this week’s honor for simply letting the 7-9 Seahawks in the playoffs this year. After surprising the World Champs in round one, Seattle limped home yesterday with an 8-10 record on the year.  I am not sure what reason I would have chosen for them to be our “looker’, the fact they looked so bad yesterday, or the fact they thought they had a chance yesterday.

After minutes of consideration, I have decided to go away from the sporting world for this week’s ‘Looker’. As you can probably tell due to the numerous YouTube videos we post around here, we are fans of the power of YouTube. YouTube is the 21st century’s best way to make yourself a star or celebrity and many have been successful in doing so.  Over 20 million people have viewed the newest YouTube sensation, Ted Williams, the golden throated homeless man.  After DVRing Dr. Phil 3 days in a row last week, I have quickly determined that it is no wonder Ted was a homeless man, he is a complete creep, but never the less, a YouTube celebrity.

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you this week’s “Looker of the Week”! he is a man with more class and morals in his pinky finger than homeless Ted Williams has in his entire body! He stands up for what is right and does not want any of his family to fall into the dark depths of criminality and thuggery. The man in the video below is only known as ‘Uncle’ to the world today, but I am guessing we will know his name soon. ‘Uncle’ is upset at his nephew because of some of the nonsense his nephew is getting in to on Face Book. In order to teach his nephew a lesson and to let the Face Book world know he will not stand for this internet thug $hit, he makes this video and makes his nephew post it on his Face Book page. Not only is it one of the funniest things I have ever seen, I believe it is the greatest public service announcement ever to be made.

Congrats to ‘Uncle’! TGR’s Looker of the week! WARNING!  The video contains very offensive language. Enjoy!

Jan 10

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

I'm Sorry BBN!

‘Tis I, your magnanimous leader, and I have returned to you from Birmingham with thy tail tucked tightly between thy loins! I return to you a different man as I have witnessed first hand the power and pain of “The Old Grey Lady”, otherwise known as Legion Field. If you thought I was a little “rusty” before I lotioned up in the winter, you should take a hard look at that place. It was unbelievable and there are several good stories to follow this week. If I had a couple of hundred dollars to spend wildly on things I don’t need, I would buy Legion Field and name it “TGR’s Looker of the Week” Field! Before you judge me and declare that a ridiculous name for a stadium, take a look at the people who named the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. I would love to see the Band-Aid Don’t Cut Yourself Bowl on a TV near you very soon.

Let’s get to the reason we are here, to name a Looker for the week to honor and cherish. I would love to honor lovely Hoover, Alabama whom I heard on TV while in B’ham only has 3 salt trucks and they were gearing up for the upcoming snow storm.  Good luck with those several inches of snow you have this afternoon! I am sure those 3 trucks will be very successful in clearing at least the several Wal-mart parking lots.

How about the Alabama fans at the Compass Bowl Saturday who were “quacking” at the Auburn fans in attendance? I am not sure who I would consider the Looker in that situation. The Bama fans who got some pleasure out of “Quack Quack Quacking” at the Tiger faithful or the Auburn fans that were so offended by the gesture. I will admit, I got a few”Quacks” in on some Tiger fans too.

Could the city of Birmingham be this week’s Looker presented by TGR? The city now owns Legion Field. The field now hosts mostly high school games and the few home games UAB plays there. I suppose the city not only considers it a stadium, but they also use it as a parking garage for its city vehicles. Once entering through the 1960s style turn styles, we dodged around 8 city vehicles to get to our general seating area. Surely, there was somewhere else to place those beaters while the game was being played?

How could I not consider the security guards and protocol used for Saturday’s game. I took in 2 bags including a backpack which could have both been filled with explosives and/ or fire arms instead of Bud Light with no problem. I would advise someone at city hall to take a look into these procedures before a mad high schooler turns that dump into dust. I know you wouldn’t know by looking at your facilities, but it is 2011, not 1983.

It all started last week in Durham, North Carolina when the Duke Lady Devils (aren’t all women?) beat the Kentucky hoopsters in Cameron Indoor 54-48 on national television. Then the #10 girl’s team flew to Fayetteville, Arkansas only to return home with a 78-67 loss on Thursday to the Lady Piglets. Word broke on Friday that John Calipari had once again had his Enes removed as the appeal was heard. As bad as things were around UK athletics at that point, things only got worse. Not only did we have to be in Birmingham, we had to endure a terrible 27-10 beat down from the Pitt Panthers who consider ‘Sweet Caroline’ one of their fight songs. It my home, it gets no gayer than ‘Sweet Caroline’, and when there are school chants attached to it, forget about it. If you think things can not get any worse you realize you are now in Hoover, Alabama where snow plows go to die and the Cats are losing to UGA in basketball?  Can anyone say ‘terrible day’ in the Alabamians language?  Try 77-70 on for size BBN.  At that point it seemed like nothing could make it worse for those of us in Bama.  It was a total meltdown for the athletic department while most of it and its fans were in hostile environments. If driving home on little sleep and with hideous gas was not punishment enough, we turn the Kentucky Hoops game on long enough to hear the Lady Bulldogs attempt to hand the lady cats the game only to have the Fightin’ Mitchell’s refuse the Dawgs offer and lose, 61-59. Thus, snapping the current 25 game winning streak for the girls at memorial Coliseum.

I think it goes without saying… Congratulations to the University of Kentucky Athletic Department! This week’s Looker of The Week! I love you guys, but man, you guys are crazy…

Jan 3

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Welcome to the next year of your miserable lives Lookers!  I look forward to being able to observe you’re every single silly step of the next 12 months as I did last year! If Santa brought you a new computer for Christmas and you are new to the site, let me explain the Looker of the Week a little.  The weekly award to be presented to anyone and anything.  It can be someone who has done something wonder or something really stupid.  He can be given to a sexy hot chick or a really disturbing dude.  Basically, there are no limits to our absurdity. You can click on the Looker of the Week link above and check out 2010’s winners.

Let’s play a Looker game, who is this quote referring to…”A 1986 Notre Dame graduate, (Mystery Looker) has a reputation for focusing on academics, as a disciplinarian who makes players wear shirts and ties to every game and for an upbeat, positive approach that serves him well in dealing with his players and recruits. “He instilled in us how to be good men, not just good football players,” said Stevens, one of three Gateway graduates who play at (School Removed), along with freshmen Dayonne Nunley and Orne Bey. “He built all of us up to be great people, not just on the field but when we were in the classroom and when we were walking on campus. He improved all aspects of our life, and that’s what a football coach really needs to do.

Can you guess who it is?  Sounds like a pretty good dude, right?  I actually find myself falling in love with him as I type.  I truly love a young man in a collared shirt. Before I tell you his name, I will give you a more current comment about our Mystery Looker’…

(Mystery Looker’s name) was released Saturday from St. Joseph County Jail in Indiana on $1,000 cash bond, said an officer at the jail who declined to give her name, after the charge was upgraded from a misdemeanor to felony domestic battery in the presence of a minor. Within hours of (Mystery Looker’s) afternoon release, (Mystery Looker’s former employer) put out a statement from Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg, saying Haywood had been dismissed, “effective immediately,” and the school was reopening its search.

Wow! How time and circumstances change!  One day you are on top of the college football world, the next you are in jail, and the next you are TGR’s Looker of the Week! Congratulations to the most recently hired and the most recently fired football coach at the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Mike Haywood!  The fear that was instilled in you after the Kentucky Wildcats beat your Miami RedHawks in ‘The Rumble On The River’ at Paul Brown Stadium last year allegedly caused you to be forced to hit your baby mama. Don’t sweat it Mike, Randall Cobb has the same affect on me.

A big TGR holler goes to the first Looker in 2011, Mr. Mike Haywood!