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Jan 31

Monday Morning Links

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Category: Random Notes

Photos courtesy of Kentucky Kernel

Cats hold off Georgia for 66-60 win.

Here are some postgame quotes and notes.

Mike DeCourcy:  Wildcats will go as far as veterans carry them.

Cats exact revenge on Dawgs.

Matt May:  UK evens the score.

Strait Pinkie:  Cats keep it interesting; beat Bulldogs, 66-60.

A Sea of Blue:  Kentucky – Georgia postmortem.

Jerry Tipton:  Fast-starting Kentucky puts away Georgia 66-60.

Nick Craddock:  Cats’ closing ability comes into questions despite win over Georgia.

LEX 18:  Darius Miller redeems himself against Georgia.

Eric Lindsey:  UK teases potential with fast start, ugly finish in Georgia win.

John Clay:  Win is big, but Cats still playing too small.

Clay:  Twenty questions about Kentucky’s win over Georgia.

Tom’s Take:  A good day for Big Blue Nation.

Carson Lilly:  Keeping the streak alive in Rupp.

Brent Ingram:  Calipari and players on win over Georgia.

Liggins happy family got to see him play and UK win.

Keith Taylor:  Lamb’s hot hand helps Cats defeat Dogs.

Eric Crawford:  Who’s to say Kentucky basketball can’t get by with six?

Vaught’s Views:  Reader has questions he wished NCAA would answer – but won’t about Kanter.

Vaught:  This time Cats shut down Thompkins, Leslie.

Postgame interviews with Jones, Miller, and Harrellson.

Here are Lamb and Liggins postgame.  Georgia’s stars don’t align at Rupp.

UK Sports Info follows the Cats into the locker room and gets a video with Judd and Jones.

Brian Rickerd:  Kentucky’s veterans need to step up.

Keith Taylor:  Lamb was focused on beating Georgia.

Georgia loses as Thompkins, Leslie struggle.

UK Sports Info:  School of thought.

Aaron Smith:  Liggins’ emotional response to family presence, Judd gives action advice to Jones.

Smith:  Second comeback threat makes UK focus on crunch time.

Wildcat Blue Nation:  Is Coach Cal a mad scientist, or mad genius?

Chip Miller:  Terrence Jones – Dunk of the Year.

All KY Hoops:  My 5 keys for success for the 2010-11 Kentucky Wildcats.

Keith Taylor:  Miller:  Cats seeking complete game.

KSR:  Darius Miller’s Monday news and views.

Larry Vaught:  Calipari wants his ‘nice guys’ to be meaner, tougher on court.

Jerry Tipton back at it again, claims Larry Brown is a NCAA violation.

UK Women:  Strong second half propels UK hoops past Alabama

Jan 30

My Pantry Has Gushers Too!

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Category: Basketball

Jan 30

Post Georgia Pt.2 Interviews

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Category: Basketball

Jan 29

Post Game Nonsense: Georgia Bulldogs pt. 2

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Category: Basketball

Do you remember a time when someone just completely outdid you? They just show you up to the point you are embarrassed, then came that chance you were waiting for when you knew you could get you revenge. All you want is to take their face and rub it in the ground. You get the revenge, but it is still just a bit of a letdown because you didn’t really destroy them. Thats how this game felt to me. It was awesome to win, but the second half was so awful it still turned out to be a bummer.

One thing you always want to see is a team that wants a win, or better yet in conference they want revenge. This picture below made me excited for this game. Terrence Jones wanted a reminder of what Trey Thompkins did to them last game:

Why couldn’t there be more of that killer instinct? Kentucky had Georgia down 15 at half and easily had shown that this was no competition, yet they managed to give us all a scare and let the Bulldogs come back. Terrence Jones did not even seem as motivated as I’d thought he would be with only 7 points, however did play pretty good defense on Thompkins with the help of Harrellson. Kentucky was shooting out of this world in the first half with 51% from the field and 50% from three.

Halftime seemed to ice the Cats as in the second half  they shot 31% and a whopping 0% from 3-point line. Kentucky was just happy to be up 15 instead of showing the world that the first game was a fluke and that the talent level is far different. Now people are still just thinking that Florida is still the team to beat in the SEC, when we know the talent is in Lexington.

The free throw line continues to hurt the Cats. For the game Kentucky shot 64%. Had Georgia got the game closer earlier in the second half, this could have been the dropping point for the Cats. Luckily, the defense did not all go in the the second half as Georgia had issues hitting their own shots. The difference between the two is Kentucky missed a ton of open jumpers.

I personally wanted Kentucky to win by about twenty, and if the kept the same pace as in the first half that could of easily been done. Nobody could get to the rim for the easy basket, and the shots wouldn’t fall. If Georgia would have shot better than 37% in the second half, Kentucky would of lost this game. Okay, I’m done venting. It is a Saturday night and I’m sick so I’m watching Comedy Central all night, so lets see some comments on what you would of like to have seen happen in this game. Leggoo

Jan 29

Keeping the Streak Alive At Rupp

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Category: Basketball

Kentucky, being Kentucky, is not known to let a team get the best of them twice in a season. So I was hoping the veracious team we’ve seen a few times this year, that has showed up against teams like Louisville, come out strong and for revenge. This means they would have to pass, assist and control the paint.

Judging by the other 23,000 people in attendance, I wasn’t the only one that was excited to see this rematch, Rupp had one of the loudest crowds I’ve  heard all year. While we got the win, as for revenge, I’m not sure we felt quite as vindicated as we had hoped as the cats let Georgia cut our once 17 point lead down to a two possession game in the second half.

The first half went well, Kentucky shot 52% and lead by 15. They were 50% from 3-point range, only 4 turnovers, and were playing like they meant business. They passed well, found the open shot, followed their shots to the basket for  rebounds, and most importantly played defense. They held Georgia to just 37% shooting and 0-4 from the 3-point line.

By the 16:05 mark of the  second half, I was ready for the cats to run away with the game. They were still playing great defense and besting the Bulldogs by a 15 point margin. Unfortunately things started to unravel and we saw the spark fizzle out of our cats.

We saw less passing, more missed shots and a Georgia team that wasn’t ready to give up. Fortunately, Georgia’s Trey Tompkins, who had 25 points in the win over Kentucky a few weeks ago, just couldn’t find his game. He didn’t stop going to the basket, but completed on only 2-10 and had 9 points. This seemed to be Kentucky’s only saving grace as Georgia would rally and come within 6 points with3:03 left to play. Kentucky was able to hold on , but it was too close for my comfort and ego.

Overall it was a good game. Lamb had 19 points and showed how essential he truly is to the team. Miller had another double digit game, showing his newfound confidence is not going anywhere.

Kentucky has 4 very important games coming up in the next two weeks and desperately needs to work on playing with a cohesive goal. When they play selfishly we see an unfortunate train wreck. Mississippi should be a push over on the road, but Florida is never an easy win. Kentucky cannot come flat at Florida like they did at Alabama, or we’ll see another upset. Kentucky will have to make this their main focus and worry about Vandy and Tennessee later. This is the point in the season where we see a conference leader emerge, let’s hope that leader is BLUE AND WHITE!!!

Jan 29

Cats Get Important W, Beat Georgia 66-60

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Category: Game Wrap

Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie’s combined 14 points weren’t enough for the Dawg’s to pull the upset in Rupp. The Cats were able to keep it together in the second half despite poor shooting and less-than-average Kentucky basketball, beating Georgia 66-60. The win keeps the home streak alive and pulls Kentucky into a half game with Florida atop the SEC East.

Doron Lamb lead the Cats with 18 points and Darius Miller had another solid performance chipping in 14.

Here is the official box score:

Jan 29

Tee Martin To Stay On Board

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Category: General News

Alabama came a calling and Tee was too important to the program’s success on the recruiting trail to let him go.

Good move by the Admin to know what you have when you have it and keep the guy around a while! Coach Martin will now move to a 4-yr. contract and become the “Passing Game Coordinator”. Joker called Tee the biggest recruit in the history of Kentucky and “a good get”.

And to top all that off Tee made the ESPN Page 2 All-Golf team!

Congrats to Coach Martin and the rest of the staff for making the promotion!

Now time for some basketball!

Jan 29

Football News at 3:30

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Category: General News

Not sure what it could be but UK announced to the media that there would be some sort of announcement around 3:30.

Tip off for the game will be pushed back to 4:10 EST.

Jan 29

The TGR Pick: Georgia

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Category: Basketball

Yeah, uh, yeah, Did it, done it, run it, sayin “How you want it?” Leave it, when you finished let me dress it up and made it seem sweet, Like a beach in Martinique, Goodie back up on they feet, Set it straight for the nine-eight, license plate with the triple A, Callin all them cars, because the club be goin left and right, Throwin blows like them pros, runnin lows up in the night…  If I had to endure one more day without providing you with the most biased gambling advice on the web today, it would have not been pretty TGR!  I am serious, when I get depressed I am known to eat my way into a very dark place.  When the Cowboys hired Wade Phillips, I spent  an entire afternoon at Dairy Queen scarfing down double cheeseburgers and Dilly bars until I was sick.  Thankfully, game day is finally here and I won’t have to submit to questioning from the Winchester Police Department after I smash out a window with an Oreo Blizzard an employee of DQ jacked up.  Instead of me admitting any further embarrassing moments, let’s get to last weekend’s pick…

Kentucky -7 1/2 vs. South Carolina – Over/Under: 143

The TGR Pick: Kentucky 77 – South Carolina 71

Final: Kentucky 67 – South Carolina 58

That is what is called a ‘goose egg’ for the TGR Pick folks.  We did not have any faith in the Cats to cover the 7+ points on the road and they, thankfully, proved us to be idiots.  Our choice of the ‘over’ proved to be a very  bad choice as well with both team’s struggling to score   for long periods in the game. Unlike the Cat’s, the TGR Pick’s SEC record dips and we drop to 20-12-1 on the season.  Let’s collect ourselves and move on to today’s action in Rupp Arena…

Kentucky -11 ½ vs. Georgia – Over/Under: 140

The TGR Pick: Kentucky 79 – Georgia 69

Not many places in America can give the home team over 10 points, but then again not many places are Rupp Arena.  We are once again taking the opponent to cover the 11.5 points.  Take the Dawgs and the ‘Over’ today in Rupp. Go Cats!

Jan 29

TGR’s Pregame Nonsense; Georgia

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Category: Pre-Game Nonsense

Do any of you despicable prostitutes even know what today is?  There is no need to answer that question; I know the answer simply by seeing the blank look on all of your dirty faces. I understand that the number of Pixy Stick martini’s you drank last night would be considered ‘excessive’ by most states in the union, but that is no excuse.  It is the day of the game around these parts and the cats are not the only ones ready to fire it up TGR!  The boys in blue and white have sweet revenge on their mind’s and I have sweet bread amongst other foods on mine!  Let’s start our game day festivities with the dumbest post we currently offer…

By any chance, would any of you be familiar with the name, Trey Thompkins? Good, I thought some of you might remember him after our last trip to Athens.  Kentucky has a way of making very average players look like stars and Terrence Jones and his brothers by different mothers did just that to Georgia’s big man on January 8th. I have n ever considered Trey Thompkins to be anything extraordinary, his only great attribute is the amount of space he takes up.  If we are going to base stardom on the amount of space we are able to cover while immobile, Fertig’s bowel movements would be on the cover of Sports illustrated.

One of my many New Year’s resolutions was to avoid judging people before I try to get to know them.  I have a terrible habit of hating people based on their clothes or the type of hair product they use, and I am trying to avoid doing that.  Instead of railing on Trey Thompkins for a few more paragraphs, I thought I would use this opportunity to get to know Trey better. With the help of his bio on, I am going to share some facts about Thompkins along with my insightful commentary.  I hope this is therapeutic and beneficial to all of us, including Trey!

Full Name: Howard Samuel Thompkins III (I would probably call myself Trey too.  Howard is not the most intimidating name for a 6’11” dude.)

Nickname: “Smooth,” “USA,” “HTeezy”

(I think these are what you would like to be called, but you can’t give yourself a nickname.  I want to be called “White Hot Love” or “Captain Crunch”, but no one is going for it. Until someone on TV calls you one of these ridiculous names, I think you are lying.)

Birthdate/Birthplace: May 29, 1990 / Long Island, N.Y.

(Not only were you born on that date, Boris Yeltsin was elected president of the Russian SFSR. On the same day! You share a birthday with LaToya Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, and Carmelo Anthony who could all three post your big butt up.)

Academic Major: Housing

(Yeah right, like this is a real major. Would this make you a professional mover? Hey Trey, can you help me move this weekend since you have that degree and all?)

Favorite Food: My mom’s macaroni & cheese

(your mom’s macaroni & cheese?  Why don’t you eat your own damn macaroni & cheese?)

Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes, Guacamole

(If I were your mom, I would put as many tomatoes and as much Guacamole in my macaroni & cheese as I could possibly put in there to keep your big ass away.)

Favorite Beverage: Sweet Tea

(You should be careful here.  Drinking to much tea could cause a horrific urinary tract infection.)

Favorite TV Show: Smart Guy, Wayans, Cribs

(I can actually hear you getting dumber as you watch each of these shows.  Why not read a book Trey?  Maybe even one about ‘housing’?)

Favorite Video Games: NCAA 2K9, Street Fighter, Fight Night Round 4

(I can see that you are not only a food thief, but also a very violent youth.  I could easily see your future being similar to that of Anthony Mason’s.)

Websites I Most Often Visit: Facebook, YouTube, ESPN, NBA,

(Are these pornographic websites Trey?  I don’t believe this is going well for you.  The more I find out, the less likely I am to be your friend.)

Number of Songs on my iPod: 2,290

(Unbelievable!  That is exactly the number of Georgia basketball fan in the world!)

Most-Listened to Music: Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Kerry Underwood

(Wow!  Let’s play a game.  Which two names don’t fit here?)

Teammates Who Make Me Laugh Hardest: Vincent Williams, Ebuka Anyaorah

(First of all, who are these people?  Secondly, how dare you laugh at someone’s looks!)

My Biggest Fear: Heights

(Uh?!?  You are 6’11”, are you scared to stand up?)

Most Famous Person I’ve Ever Met: Michael Jordan

(A cardboard cut-out doesn’t count Trey.)

Non-Athletic Accomplishment I’m Proudest Of: My GPA last year

(If a 1.2 makes you happy, it makes me happy too.)

Best Friends on Other College Teams: Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest), Tyshawn Taylor (Kansas), Seth Curry (Duke), Ashton Gibbs (Pittsburgh)

(No one on Kentucky’s team likes you either.)

Favorite NBA Team: Boston Celtics

(I heard their GM thinks you are fat.))

Favorite Non-Basketball Team: New York Yankees

(I heard their GM loves mac and cheese.)

Favorite Non-Basketball Athlete: Tiger Woods

(You really know how to get the ladies Trey.  I bet your mom is very proud of this one.)

C! A! T! S!