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Feb 8

Could Kenny Chesney Be In Rupp Tonight?

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill

I have not heard anyone mention this, but I ran across this post I did last summer… “Over the weekend Coach Cal attended the Dick Vitale Gala in Florida.  The event was created by the “Court jester of College Basketball” in order to raise money for the Jimmy V Foundation.  Besides cal’s Tweets about how great Dick Vitale is for college basketball, humanity, the oil spill (made that one up), and the war on terror (that one too), Cal Tweeted that he and Bruce pearl had auctioned off some tickets for the UK vs. UT basketball game in Rupp next year.  One of the folks involved in the winning bid was Tennessee “Super Fan” and the love of my life, Kenny Chesney.  I am admittedly a huge Chesney fan, I have seen a lot of live shows from all different genres, and no one puts on a better live show than the man from Tennessee.  I catch some grief from  most of my friends for being such a big fan, and it is probably well deserved, it’s creepy that a guy could love another guy so much that isn’t kin to  him somehow.  The tattoo of Kenny’s face that covers my entire back is probably a bit much, but you only live once.

Love him or not, Kenny Chesney is the biggest name in country music right now.  His summer tours gross more money annually than any other tour world wide.

Cal also Tweeted that Chesney said he would be using the tickets that were auctioned off during Dick’s event. “Could Kenny be making an appearance in Rupp tonight?  Will he do the ‘y’? Will he be booed?  Will I break into a sweat just knowing he is near me?  Stay tuned TGR!

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