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Feb 28

Monday Morning Mullet: Tommy Mulletfiger

Posted by: Carson Lilly | Leave a Comment (10)
Category: Monday Morning Mullet

There’s no better way to start off the week than seeing a most awesome mullet on Monday morning. I pride  myself in  being somewhat of an amateur paparazzi, well at least when it comes to mullets and other hideous sites.  If you would like to send me your own pictures of an awesome mullet or anything else I might enjoy, please e-mail at

This weeks edition brings a whole new meaning to the word classy.  “Tommy Mulletfiger” was dressed to the 9’s in this retro Tommy polo from the early 1990’s, and he was ready for a party.  He even went as far as to break out, the always sexy, Magnum P.I. mustache (google “Tom Selleck Magnum” if there’s any confusion).  I have to say though, the sexiest addition to his wavy locks, striking mustache and expensive shirt is the cigarette burn hole right below the third green stripe.

Somewhere between his seventh and tenth beer, and near the end of the pack of Kool’s he finished in an hour, he let his cherry drop making this outfit ten times better than it already was.  Thanks Mr. Mulletfiger, you make me happy it’s Monday.

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