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Feb 28

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

It is Monday again and that only means a few things… Today sucks, the weekend is not nearly as close as I would like it, and TGR’s Looker of the week is rockin’ and rollin’! Last week I took a different approach and gave you a little on a man I respect as much as my own father. He disagreed strongly with the Jimmy Dean sausage company’s decision to change the 16 ounce rolls of sausage to 12 ounce rolls and made it clear to Jimmy Dean. I have never felt as passionate about any change a company has ever made, so, I respect a man who can be that upset by such a change.

If this was the “old me”, I might decide to make the Looker of the Week a number of people this week. There would be no better candidate then the male Louisville cheerleader who ran on the playing floor yesterday, grabbed the ball, and threw it into the air before the game was over. Thankfully, or not, Louisville was up by 5 points and the technical foul awarded to Louisville because of his actions did not lose Louisville the game as I wished it had. It is debatable whether this action, or the fact he is a male cheerleader for Louisville best qualifies him for the Looker award.

I thought maybe if I was the “old me”, I would consider making the #1 ranking in college basketball the Looker, since no one can seem to hang on to it this year. Duke lost again, to Virginia Tech on Saturday night which means there will be a new #1 today. Watch out Buckeyes, you are next.

Like last week, this week’s recipient of the TGR Looker of the Week award is someone we can all look up to. He has a passion he is able to display for the entire world to see and hear. I became aware of this man a few weeks ago due to a Howard Stern Tweet and I have quickly become his biggest fan. For any of you who are animal lovers (nothing perverted), you will also surely become a big fan of this week’s winner. I was alerted to his description of the honey badger at first, but all of his videos are very educational and entertaining. His name is Randall and he is the narrator of Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals. According to Randall’s YouTube page, “There is no other animal in the kingdom of all animals, as fearless as the crazyass Honey Badger. Nasty as hell, it eats practically whatever it wants. Randall is disgusted.” Here is his video on the very dangerous honey badger…

HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE! How much fun would it be to have Randall as the color man on a Kentucky basketball broadcast? You can see all of Randall’s videos here. Congratulations to Randall, our TGR Looker of the Week!

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