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Feb 28

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

It is Monday again and that only means a few things… Today sucks, the weekend is not nearly as close as I would like it, and TGR’s Looker of the week is rockin’ and rollin’! Last week I took a different approach and gave you a little on a man I respect as much as my own father. He disagreed strongly with the Jimmy Dean sausage company’s decision to change the 16 ounce rolls of sausage to 12 ounce rolls and made it clear to Jimmy Dean. I have never felt as passionate about any change a company has ever made, so, I respect a man who can be that upset by such a change.

If this was the “old me”, I might decide to make the Looker of the Week a number of people this week. There would be no better candidate then the male Louisville cheerleader who ran on the playing floor yesterday, grabbed the ball, and threw it into the air before the game was over. Thankfully, or not, Louisville was up by 5 points and the technical foul awarded to Louisville because of his actions did not lose Louisville the game as I wished it had. It is debatable whether this action, or the fact he is a male cheerleader for Louisville best qualifies him for the Looker award.

I thought maybe if I was the “old me”, I would consider making the #1 ranking in college basketball the Looker, since no one can seem to hang on to it this year. Duke lost again, to Virginia Tech on Saturday night which means there will be a new #1 today. Watch out Buckeyes, you are next.

Like last week, this week’s recipient of the TGR Looker of the Week award is someone we can all look up to. He has a passion he is able to display for the entire world to see and hear. I became aware of this man a few weeks ago due to a Howard Stern Tweet and I have quickly become his biggest fan. For any of you who are animal lovers (nothing perverted), you will also surely become a big fan of this week’s winner. I was alerted to his description of the honey badger at first, but all of his videos are very educational and entertaining. His name is Randall and he is the narrator of Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals. According to Randall’s YouTube page, “There is no other animal in the kingdom of all animals, as fearless as the crazyass Honey Badger. Nasty as hell, it eats practically whatever it wants. Randall is disgusted.” Here is his video on the very dangerous honey badger…

HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE! How much fun would it be to have Randall as the color man on a Kentucky basketball broadcast? You can see all of Randall’s videos here. Congratulations to Randall, our TGR Looker of the Week!

Feb 21

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

If you haven’t noticed, TGR’s Looker of the Week award is normally given out to someone who is or has done something dumb. We have honored athletes,   coaches, fans, and anyone else who we felt was a ‘Looker’. Today I am going to change things up.  I want to truly honor someone and I am afraid this might be my only chance to do so appropriately.

Before I tell you who it is, I will tell you who it isn’t. It is not Renardo Sidney, it’s not Dale Earnhardt Jr., it is not Dwight Howard, and it certainly is not the Detroit Tiger’s whisky bent bopper, Miguel Cabrera. No, on this, the third Monday of February, a day in which we celebrate the fine men who have served this country as President of the United States of America, I want to recognize someone who has acted upon one of the greatest rights this country allows us, the freedom of speech! He is a proud citizen of the great state of Texas, a state that produced our previous president, George W. Bush. Its presidential natives also include Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, and George Herbert Walker Bush, but today I am going to honor another Texan that is a fine American, Randy Taylor.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Taylor, but I have a feeling that we would get along just fine. Randy is a man of his word and his beliefs.  He is willing to stick out his neck for what is right and wrong in this world of ours. The following is Randy’s finest works in my opinion.  Actually, it is the only thing I know about Mr. Taylor. This is a call Randy Taylor made to the Jimmy Dean Sausage complaint number…

If that doesn’t make you want to fly the stars and stripes out in front of your trailer or to shake Randy’s hand, I don’t know what will. Randy is fighting for all of those Americans 200 pounds plus and little Scottish girls all over this wonderful country of ours!  We want our 16 ounce rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage, we want our fried eggs, we want our t-bone steaks and we don’t want your pussy ass northern Maple or sage crap! All Randy and I want to do is eat!

Congratulations to Randy Taylor! The TGR looker of the Week!

Feb 14

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

The American thing to do would be to make our TGR Looker anyone who pretends that those Sweetheart candies, the ones with the ridiculous messages on them, are quality candy. There is nothing good about them and we need to let that company die. If I needed a message with my food or treats I would take a Sharpie marker to a restaurant and write myself a more in depth message on a filet. Those little heart shaped turds are nothing more than Valentine’s Day’s version of the Easter Peep.

This week’s most prestigious award given to those honored by TGR each week was a recent visitor to the bluegrass. In a “less than triumphant” visit to Rupp Arena after a long suspension from the sidelines, our Looker managed to make himself look even more foolish. I would not disagree if you had a hard time figuring out how a person could look even more foolish while wearing a pumpkin orange jacket, but our winner is known for taking things to the “next “level.

Our honoree entered Rupp Arena last week with a talented team full of athletes and a very well-rested body after not being present for the Vols first 8 games on the SEC schedule. Pinocchio, I mean, our winner was greeted to the bluegrass by the eRupption Zone with chants of ‘Cheater” and various other things, but held his head down and marched along. As we have seen with our very own coach, the good ones rarely hear anything from the stands when they are focused in on coaching. Apparently, our Looker was not able to block out all of the taunts that came from the stands last Tuesday night. In fact, at half time, our winner asked for extra security to exit the playing surface and reportedly asked police in the arena to remove a couple of individuals seated behind the Tennessee bench. After Kentucky sent him back to Rocky Top with a loss, he had this to say about the situation, “They can say whatever they want,” he said. “But for me, the language … I have family sitting back there.” Really Looker? You expect me to believe that, your family, who sits behind your bench full of thugs and that are kin to YOU are offended by foul language? Something tells me that if any Kentucky fans did get sideways Tuesday night and crack off a 4 lettered word, those Pearls in attendance were not losing their “curse word virginity” in historic Rupp Arena.

Bruce Pearl, you are our Valentine’s Day TGR Looker of the Week! I heard that Sandy Bell had to get involved in the questioning of UK and Tennessee fans Tuesday and that is just a shame. Who knew that a bad word would have that much of an effect on you Bruce. I suppose that, in your world, lieing for your own benefit and saying “asshole” are on different levels of acceptability.

Below is a video of some of your emotions caught on tape Tuesday by TGR friend, Keith Taylor, and the picture above is of Bruce’s daughter with some of the TGR crew in Tampa for the SEC Tournament a couple of years ago. I heard she was behind the bench Tuesday, so I thought I would throw that in.  Congrats to her and the entire Pearl family for their father’s accomplishment!

Feb 7

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

You may have noticed that our link to past “Looker of the Week” posts was moved when our new additions were made. It was once right at the top of things we do on here, but the powers that be at TGR felt that it was no longer of high importance. I understand that it was probably more entertaining when it’s former creator and writer, Nasty N8 was in charge, but I believe its removal from the top is a deliberate kick in the nether regions of my ego.

There are a host of nominees for this week’s ‘Looker’. It could be given to a certain college basketball team who went 7-12 behind the 3-point line, 11-13 from the free throw line, had only 11 turnovers, and managed to lose their 2nd straight game. Their point guard, Brandon Knight, had his 8th 20 point game, breaking the school record for 20 point games by a freshman, but the team was not able to avoid their worst start in conference play since 1989-1990, Pitino’s first year in Lexington. But, I decided they had a rough week, why pile on them, right?

I was a Big Ben legendary drive with 2:00 minutes left from making Aaron Rogers’ entire receiving core the ‘Looker’.  Yeah, I am looking at you Jordy Nelson.  You and your mates on the outside were very close to becoming some of the most hated people in every cheese factory in Wisconsin this morning. But, as they say; ’almost’ only counts in The TGR Pick and in Darius miller’s floor game.

Then there was the most traditional moment in the Super Bowl’s arsenal, the singing of our national anthem by Christina Aguilera. Unlike most pop stars of her era, I actually enjoy Christina Aguilera and her music. She is not only a filthy hot whore, she actually has a great deal of talent. If you did not see her rendition of our country’s anthem, Christina admittedly messed up. Instead of singing the line “o’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” Christina sang “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming.” Here is her performance…

It is very easy for people to bash Miss Aguilera for her mess-up.  The reason it is so easy for everyday shlubs like me to criticize her is because we have never stood in front of the world and sang such a song. If you are a fan of YouTube or sports bloopers in general, you know that The Star Spangled Banner is butchered regularly before sporting events. The most memorable performances of the song, including Whitney Houston’s, are lip sinked and are done with a countless number of takes.  I give Christina Aguilera all the credit in the world for trotting her big ass out in front of the world to perform such a difficult song without lip sinking. People are questioning her patriotism, but I would ask for the patriotism of those who are not singing with pride and live be questioned, for choosing to put the version on a track.

If you are not paying attention, I am officially making those of you who were quick to criticize Christina Aguilera, our Looker of the Week. If you have not stood in front of a giant crowd, and I am not talking about opening day for the Legends, and belted out the anthem live for all to take apart, shut up. Just wipe the bean dip from your chin and stick to something you know how to do like microwaving Hot Pockets and chewing your toenails.

Congrats to all of the “arm chair national anthem singers”! You are TGR’s Looker of the Week!