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Mar 12

Live From The Georgia Dome…

Posted by: Carson Lilly | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketball

With 1:27 left yesterday, I was sweating bullets and about to kill a ref. The Cats played it out and got the big W.

Ole Miss had something to prove and wasn’t gonna take it laying down. Both teams showed up for the second half battling back and forth. Kentucky would go up by 12 then a minut later be only up by 3.

The refs looked like they just left the St. Johns vs Rutgers game the entire second half. I haven’t seen so many bad calls since the season finale of Crank Yankers 8 years ago.

The Cats have along way to go if the want to take home the title. Jones and Liggins have to show up against Alabama today if we’re gonna see the Cats in the final game.

We saw a heartbreak loss on Alabama’s court a few months back but the Cats are a different team that shows a hunger for wins more than ever. Kentucky needs to control the paint, block out and not let Green get the best of them. Let’s GO CATS!!! BRING THE TITLE HOME!!!

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