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Mar 27

Time For Kentucky To Write The Next Chapter

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Pre-Game Nonsense

The Kentucky Wildcats story book ending has set itself up perfectly. The departures of the 5 ‘Draft Cats’, the drama of the Terrence Jones decommitment, the ‘Free Enes’ movement, the short bench, the ups and downs of the regular season, the decision on Enes, the road losses, the SEC Tournament title, the rise of Kanter’s replacement, Brandon Knight’s cold blood, the West Virginia revenge, and the win over AN Ohio State University.

Now these Cats get a shot at one of the few schools who can claim similar basketball tradition to that of their own. The schools who wear the two most recognizable shades of blue in all of college basketball are set to do battle in a few hours and I can’t wait.

Speaking of stories, here is one I shared with TGR earlier in the year when the Cats and Heels first met in Chapel Hill. It might help those at your viewing party break the tension a little before tip-off…

– When experts, such as myself, speak about the Mecca’s of college basketball, there are only a few places that come to mind. As Kentucky fans, we consider Lexington to be the most important of those spoken of, but, believe it or not, there are a few more. Westwood, Lawrence, Durham, and as the cats will find out tomorrow, Chapel Hill, are some of the most historical and tradition rich locations on the basketball landscape. Kentucky’s destination on Saturday,
Chapel Hill, has always puzzled me.

Could it have gotten it’s name simply because there was a chapel on a hill there? I hoped that such an historical college basketball town would have a much more interesting story than a simple church on a hill. As normally happens to me, I over thought the name and, of course, it was because they had a simple church on a hill. Chapel Hill’s town center sits in a spot once occupied by a small Anglican “chapel of ease”, built in 1752, known as New Hope Chapel.

Why did that actually have to be the reason for the name?

I was hoping for something so much more interesting than that when I decided to research it. Why couldn’t the town have been named after the ancestors of the comedian, Dave Chappelle? I realize the spelling is off, but it could have been a great story. I would have loved if Dave’s long lost Uncle Luke had been around North Carolina in the 1800s. I wish he had been at a local saloon long into the night one night when he was approached by a beautiful young lass. After several whiskeys (did they drink anything else in the 1800s?), they retreated into the North Carolina night. They stumbled up a hill in order to find a quiet spot to talk.

At least that is what Luke would have the young lady to believe. After several minutes of whispering sweet nothings into one another’s ear, Luke made his move. The young girl resisted Luke Chappelle‘s sexual needs and pushed Luke away. After a few tense moments upon that North Carolina hill, Luke finally gave in. He knew the young lady was not going to give him the loving he so desperately needed and he approached the girl one last time. He looked into the girl’s baby blue eyes and asked, “What did the 5 fingers say to the face?” Confused, the girl responded, “What?” The word had not as much come off her lips before Luke said, “Slap!”

And pimped slapped her down the North Carolina hill. Still drunk, he took out his knife and carved his name into the side of a lovely old Maple tree that sat upon the hill. With the whiskey controlling the knife, he misspelled his last name of ‘Chappelle ‘and instead carved Chapel in the tree.

Why couldn’t that be the story? Why did it really have to be a church on a hill? I like my story better, I will go with it! I’M RICH BITCH! C! A! T!S!-

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