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Mar 30

Darius Miller’s Time

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Category: Basketball

Darius Miller

Miller is a team player who knows his role on the team. He has the ability to shoot the three, post up, and drive to the paint to cause problems for the defense. When he is feeling it, the opposing team is in trouble. Miller also causes matchup problems. If Miller plays like he did in the ten games from the Mississippi State game on February 15th to the Princeton game, the Cats will be very difficult to beat. In that stretch, Miller averaged 15.6 points, 4.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1.4 blocks. He also shot 55% from the floor, 91% from the free throw line, and 48% from behind the arc.

Go Cats!

Mar 30

TGR MIGHT Represent in the Kentucky-Indiana All-Star Game

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Category: Basketball

photo courtesy of

Fertig’s Eastern high School eagles were victorious over the majority of the TGR crew’s alma mater, George Rogers Clark high, in the Sweet Sixteen’s 2nd round a couple of weeks ago. We all felt that the game between the great Kentucky prep teams would be the actual state championship, but as is the case so many times at TGR, we were incorrect. Christian County and Kentucky’s newest Mr. Basketball, Anthony Hickey, stole the show and the title from TGR.

Although we don’t have the hardware, Clark County and eastern are well represented when it comes to the 43 players from across the state invited to the Kentucky All-Star try-out. Eastern’s Remy Abell, Arman Marks, Kameron Woods and Lyonell Gaines will all get a shot at making the team and roughing up the Indiana boys. Corey Rogers, Robbie Stenzel, and Vinny Zollo will attempt to be the first Clark Countians to make the team since Preston Knowles 5 years ago.

Other notable invitees include Chane Behanan, Bowling Green, George Fant, Warren Central, Jordan Gilbert, Mason County, and Treg Setty, Mason County. Those who make the roster will face off against the Indiana All-Stars June 10 at Bellarmine and June 11 in Indianapolis. For the complete list, head over to Jody Demling’s blog.

Mar 30

Kentucky Vs. Louisville From The McDonalds All-American Game

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Category: Basketball

Mar 30

Catching Up With the NBA Gatos

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Category: Basketball

Chuck Hayes – Fresh off his first triple double of his career “chuck-wagon” is averaging 27 minutes per outing. 7.7 ppg / 7.8 rpg

Patrick Patterson – PPatt has been getting more time of late, 15.8 mpg, due to injuries on the team, and he has one hell of a mentor (see above). 3.8 rpgs / 5.8 ppg

John Wall – Wall is quietly living up to his #1 status, though on a bad team. Wall clocks 38.2 mpg. 16.3 ppg / 4.5 rpg / 8.6 apg

Jodie Meeks – Jodie, Jodie, Jodie keeps hitting the 3 and taking the most of his pro opportunity, Jodie is getting 27.3 mpg. 10.7 ppg / 2.1 rpg / 1 apg

Kelena Azibuke – Has not played due to injury, should return next season.

Rajon Rondo – Rondo is and continues to be Rondo. He plays a lot and is quickly becoming the leader of the big 4 at 37.3 mpg. 10.4 ppg / 4.4 rpgs / 11.3 apg

Demarcus Cousins – Big Cuz will be an all-star one day. That said he needs to keep his attitude in check. Cuz is getting 28.3 mpg, 14.2 ppg / 8.6 rpg

Nazr Mohammed – Nazr’s always been a double double guy, although he’s not getting a ton of clock in OKC, he’s still producing. 16.7 mpg, 7.1 ppg / 4.8 rpg

Keith Bogans – “Bulldog” Bogans is in first place with the Bulls, his minutes have declined from Orlando (down to 17.7), he primarily has to play behind MVP Derrick Rose. 4.3 ppg / 1.8 rpgs

Eric Bledsoe – With the departure of Baron Davis E-bled has been the one to throw lobs to Blake Griffin. He plays 23.5 mins per game. 6.9 rpgs / 2.9 ppg / 3.7 apg

Tayshaun Prince – If there was ever a time for Tayshaun to make a move it would be now. For the sake of his career, he needs to get out of Detroit. He’s clocking 33.3 mins per game to 14.3 ppg / 4.4 rpgs

Jamal Magloire – Magloire’s career is on the downswing, he serves as a practice big man and gets some clock when they need a big. At least he plays with Lebron and Wade. He plays 8.4 mins per game. 1.6 ppg / 2.7 rpg

Daniel Orton – Has not played due to injury.


Mar 30

Hey R.A., Are You Going To Houston?

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Category: Basketball

It was only after the 387th person asked me if I was going to Houston that I decided I was going to write this post. Before I explain my answer, I will answer first… No. Tickets seam to be plentiful, accommodations in H-town shouldn’t be a problem, and I married a “sugar mama”, so, funds are not an issue in the least. You may find that disturbing, but I think it is just because Reliant stadium is so large.

I am actually going to be in Florida this weekend during both rounds of the Final Four. I have been catching heat all week from the TGR Viewing Party crew because my absence might shift the universe against the Cats, and I completely understand that sentiment. It would be hard for me to make the decision to go to Houston for this exact reason too. Because of my insecurities and my sensitivity to criticism, I figured I would point out whose fault it is I am going to be in Florida.

I blame my absence from the Final Four on two people, the first being the afore mentioned, “Sugar mama”. My wife chose her career to be that of an elementary school teacher, that is where the big bucks come from. As much as it would benefit me to blame the person(s) who drew up the 2010-2011 Clark County school schedule for placing Spring Break next week, I can’t, because they NAILED it! They scheduled Spring Break on the exact weekend Kentucky made their first Final Four in 13 years…Brilliant! Unfortunately, weeks ago when Kentucky’s chances of making a Final Four run were as good as Virginia Commonwealth’s, we made the decision to make a Florida vacation happen next week.

The second person to blame for this is someone my wife and I have never met. We have heard many stories and seen a few pictures, but we have never been in the same state as this person, much less the same room. His name is Brayden and he lives in Tampa, Florida. Without as much as a phone call with this person, my wife and I have agreed to spend the first weekend of our trip with him at his home. This weekend, when we meet him for the first time, he will be 51 or 52. That seems pretty old, but I am talking days, not years. Brayden is the son of TGR legends, Beth and Patrick, and was born on February 9, 2011. Brayden is known on the streets as “patron” and is a life-long Cats fan, no matter how long his life has been.

I thought I would share with you a letter I wrote Brayden this week…

Dear Bray, What up. This is Uncle Rob, but you can call me Uncle Wob, most toddlers do. I am your favorite Uncle, no matter what your parent’s other stupid friends say. I am coming to meet you for the first time this weekend. I am actually missing a chance to go to Kentucky’s first Final Four in 13 years to do so. I have no regrets about this decision; in fact, I am pumped to meet you. I ask only one thing of you for the rest of your life, due to me making this decision, whenever I ask, you must get me a beer. No matter the situation, location, or any other factor, if I ask, you must find me a frosty delicious snack. The other perpetrator, your Aunt, agreed to do this exact task when she married me, so don’t feel slighted.

I can’t wait to knock a few bottles back with you Saturday.

Much Love, Uncle R.A.

P.S… C! A! T! S!

Mar 30

Who’s Going to Produce the Most for UK?

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Category: Basketball

Mar 30

Big Blue Morning Review

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Category: Morning Links

– The team is off this morning to Houston. I’m not, which makes me very uneasy, it could just be the McDonald’s snausage and egg biscuit that’s unsettling.

– Keeping it all things McDonald’s, a little game that features 4 future Cats is tonight on ESPN.

– Coach Cal admits that he’s finally figured this team out and that is why they are playing their best basketball at the right time.

– For that very reason he’s requesting the fans back off a bit until its the right time to celebrate. I couldn’t agree more, let them focus on the task at hand. We will have an entire summer to relish it.

– The Cats are the early favorite to win it all in Vegas, coming in at a 7/5 odss, here are the rest of the bets you can make if you have any clue what your doing. Personally I don’t bet on the Cats.

– Brandon Knight was on the Dan Patrick show, and said he wasn’t thinking about the NBA. I wouldn’t be thinking about millions of dollars either.

– Coach Cal told Jim Rome that he almost kicked Harrellson off the team early in the year. In other news my car is dirty.

– Check out Coach Cal’s newest installment on “Coach Cal’s Mailbag” on, he answers all questions related to UConn and some details on the team’s trip to Houston.

– Karen Sypher is scheduled to report to jail this Friday to begin her 7 year prison sentence. Do to the court mandated n0n-conjugal visitation rules, Richardson is on his way to Louisville as we speak.

– For those of you lucky enough to be taking off of work and heading to Houston for the weekend the Cats will hold an open practice on Friday at Reliant Stadium 1 P.M. CT.

– President Obama congratulated Kentucky the final four run and asked Diane Sawyer how much the Cats will win by.

Mar 29

Videos From the Day

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Category: Basketball

(videos courtesy

Mar 29

A Betting Man’s Final Four?

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Category: Basketball

It’s bad karma to bet on your own team, just ask Pete Rose. Don’t do it, it’s been known to jinx a brother a time or two.

Speaking of jinx, I expect all of you to wear the same UK gear, sit in the same seat, do the same nonsense pregame routines you’ve been accustomed to on Saturday. Why? Because they are working. Do it!

Thanks to Eric Crawford of the Courier Journal for posting this earlier, here’s the current odds:

Odds to Win National Championship
Kentucky                                  7/5        (+140)
Connecticut                               9/4        (+225)
Butler                                        13/4      (+325)
VCU                                         9/2        (+450)

Odds to win the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament MOP
Brandon Knight (Kentucky)                     2/1
Kemba Walker (Connecticut)                  2/1
Shelvin Mack (Butler)                             13/2
Jamie Skeen (VCU)                                10/1
Josh Harrellson (Kentucky)                     10/1
Jeremy Lamb (Connecticut)                    10/1
Terrence Jones (Kentucky)                     10/1
Joey Rodriguez (VCU)                            12/1
Matt Howard (Butler)                              12/1
Brandon Rozzell (VCU)                           18/1
Alex Oriakhi (Connecticut)                      18/1
Bradford Burgess (VCU)                         20/1
Deandre Liggins (Kentucky)                    20/1

2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game – Exact Matchup
Kentucky vs. Butler                                2/1        (+200)
Kentucky vs. VCU                                  11/4      (+275)
Connecticut vs. Butler                            11/4      (+275)
Connecticut vs. VCU                              4/1        (+400)

2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game – Championship Game Result
Kentucky over Butler                              13/4      (+325)
Kentucky over VCU                                17/4      (+425)
Connecticut over Butler                           9/2        (+450)
Connecticut over VCU                            6/1        (+600)
Butler over Kentucky                              7/1        (+700)
Butler over Connecticut                           15/2      (+750)
VCU over Kentucky                                9/1        (+900)
VCU over Connecticut                            10/1      (+1000)

Which will be the highest scoring team in the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four Round?
Kentucky                      9/5        (+180)
Connecticut                   12/5      (+240)
Butler                            3/1        (+300)
VCU                             4/1        (+400)

Which will be the lowest scoring team in the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four Round?
VCU                             8/5        (+160)
Butler                            13/5      (+260)
Connecticut                   3/1        (+300)
Kentucky                      4/1        (+400)

Will Either Final 4 Game or the Championship Game go to Overtime?
Yes                  +300
No                    -450

Will Both Final 4 Games get to a Double Digit Margin During the Contest?
Yes                  -150
No                    +110

Will Either Final 4 Game or the Championship Game Be Decided by a Buzzer Beater?
Yes                  12/1

Who will score the most points in the Final Four Round?
Kemba Walker               4/5        (-125)
Brandon Knight              5/2        (+250)
Shelvin Mack                 3/1        (+300)
Jamie Skeen                  7/2       (+350)

Will Brad Stevens be the Coach for Butler for Game 1 of the 2011-2012 Regular Season?
Yes                  -300  (1/3)
No                    +200  (2/1)

Will Shaka Smart be the Coach for VCU for Game 1 of the 2011-2012 Regular Season?
Yes                  -600  (1/6)
No                    +400  (4/1)

Will Brandon Knight enter the 2011 NBA Draft?
Yes                  -1000 (1/10)
No                    +600  (6/1)

Will Terrence Jones enter the 2011 NBA Draft?
Yes                   -600  (1/6)
No                    +400  (4/1)

Will Charles Barkley correctly pick the winner in all of the last 3 games of the NCAA Tournament?
Yes                  5/1

Kentucky vs. Connecticut
Kentucky                       -2
Connecticut                +2
Over/Under                  140 Points

Brandon Knight – Total Points
Over/Under                    18

Brandon Knight – Total Assists
Over/Under                    4.5

Brandon Knight – Total 3 Point Shots Made
Over/Under                    2

Terrence Jones – Total Points
Over/Under                    13.5

Terrence Jones – Total Rebounds
Over/Under                    8

Josh Harrellson – Total Points
Over/Under                    12.5

Josh Harrellson – Total Rebounds
Over/Under                    9.5

Darius Miller – Total Points
Over/Under                    10.5

Deandre Liggins – Total Points & Rebounds
Over/Under                    13

Kemba Walker – Total Points
Over/Under                    25.5

Kemba Walker – Total Assists
Over/Under                    5

Kemba Walker – Total Rebounds
Over/Under                    5

Kemba Walker – Total 3 Point Shots Made
Over/Under                    2

Alex Oriakhi – Total Points
Over/Under                    9

Alex Oriakhi – Total Rebounds
Over/Under                    8

Jeremy Lamb – Total Points
Over/Under                    14.5

VCU vs. Butler
VCU                             +2.5
Butler                            -2.5

Over/Under                  133.5 Points

Jamie Skeen – Total Points
Over/Under                    16

Jamie Skeen – Total Rebounds
Over/Under                    7.5

Joey Rodriguez – Total Points
Over/Under                    10

Joey Rodriguez – Total Assists
Over/Under                    5.5

Bradford Burgess – Total Points & Rebounds
Over/Under                    20.5

Brandon Rozzell – Total 3 Point Shots Made
Over/Under                    2

Shelvin Mack – Total Points
Over/Under                    17.5

Shelvin Mack – Total 3 Point Shots Made
Over/Under                    2.5

Matt Howard – Total Points
Over/Under                    15.5

Matt Howard – Total Rebounds
Over/Under                    7.5

Mar 29

The Yankees Brian Kashman IS Aware of NY-UK Connection

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Category: Basketball