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Apr 2

Throw Those Stones Husky Fans… Just Throw Those Stones

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Pre-Game Nonsense

Since the Cats and Huskies last met so many months ago on an island in the Pacific Ocean, a lot has happened to both teams. Obviously, both teams have improved greatly, on the floor. The problem for UConn and head coach, Jim Calhoun, things have changed in his life off the court. As much as John Calipari is criticized for things in the media, that have never been found to be true by the NCAA, Jim Calhoun flies under the radar. That is, until February, when the NCAA ruled on the violations they found to e be valid concerning Calhoun and the UConn basketball program.
Before the meeting earlier in the season in Hawaii, TGR told you about the NCAA’s allegations concerning Jimmy and his program. Here were the issues…

-Impermissible phone calls and text messages to prospective student-athletes

-Impermissible benefits provided to a prospective student-athlete by a representative of the institution’s athletic interests

-Impermissible benefit to a prospective student-athlete by a member of the basketball staff

-Allegations against two (2) members of the basketball staff for providing false and misleading information to the NCAA Enforcement staff and to the institution

-Providing impermissible complimentary admissions or discretionary tickets

-A failure by the head men’s basketball coach to promote an atmosphere of compliance in the men’s basketball program and a failure to adequately monitor the program to ensure compliance with NCAA legislation regarding telephone calls, text messages and benefits provided by a representative of the institution’s athletic interests

-A failure by the institution to adequately monitor the conduct and administration of the men’s basketball staff in the areas of: telephone records, representatives of the institution’s athletics interests; and, complimentary admissions or discretionary tickets

When we first told you about these allegations, we told you that Lil Jimmy had denied any knowledge, although UConn admitted they found 1,400 calls and 1,100 text messages that were improperly sent to improper people. In February of this year, the NCAA made a ruling on these allegations and found that Coach Calhoun failed to create an atmosphere of compliance within his program and he was suspended for the first three Big East games during the 2011-12 season. Slick Jimmy was spared any post-season sanctions, but UConn was hit with scholarship reductions for three academic years, recruiting restrictions, permanent disassociation of a booster and three years’ probation. Calhoun said this about the ruling, “I am very disappointed with the NCAA’s decision in this case. My lawyer and I are evaluating my options and will make a decision which way to proceed. In the meantime, I will not make any further statements about the case as our program prepares for what I hope will be an exciting and successful postseason.” No matter what it takes, right Jimmy?

Yet, UConn fans still criticize Calipari? Be careful Husky fans, your entire campus is built out of glass. C! A! T! S!

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