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Apr 27

TGR To Appear On The Leach Report On 1080AM WKJK Louisville Friday

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: Random Notes

Let’s just get straight to the business at hand. Basically, TGR is becoming an absolute media darling! For years and years we have tried to avoid “selling out” to the media, but damn it, things have changed. We have always held out for monetary compensation from any suitors of our services, and now, that has still not happened.

Friday, around 12:15, I will be a guest on The Leach Report on 1080 AM WKJK Louisville. The show is normally hosted by the voice of the cats, Tom Leach, but Friday a very capable, Ryan Lemond, will fill in for Tom. We will talk all things Kentucky Wesleyan baseball, Indiana high school athletics, and Alan Cutler’s mustache. If we find time, we may talk Kentucky football and basketball, or whatever else Ryan would like to discuss.

We really appreciate Tom asking us to come on with him and look forward to it. We will put up a link to remind you to listen Friday, but you can listen tomorrow as well, right here. C! A! T! S!

Connie Goodpaster said on 04/27/2011 6:49 PM

Excited about this. Good luck

Master P said on 04/27/2011 8:38 PM

This should be classic