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May 31

Could Purvis Still Be a Cat?

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Category: Recruiting

According to a video on Coast to Coast Recruiting, the 2012 combo guard said the Cats are still in the running  even with Harrow’s commitment. Rodney was at one point committed to the Dirty Birds, but backed off when Tim Fuller left for Missouri.  Also in the video he lists his favorite schools as Duke, Kentucky, Louisville, NC State, and Memphis. There is also some footage of him talking about what his strengths and weakness are, and some other small talk. Check it out below.

May 31

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: TGR's Tuesday Tweets

We are approaching 90 degrees here in the bluegrass, but the Tuesday Tweets have been boiling over for months! I tried hard to make that work…

Rich Brooks: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to TC Drake and his family. Hit on motorcycle by drunk driver and he was not wearing a helmet. Hope for best!“

Tom Leach: “coach Cal thinks new block/charge arc will help UK’s Dribble Drive; says he doesn’t “know the answer” on doing away w/ divisions in SEC“

Matt May: “Cal said the Dominican Republic approached him to “help build basketball in that country”“

Perry Stevenson: “I’m pretty sure Betty white was never younger than 143 years old but she is HILARIOUS.“

Chip Cosby: “Radio Silence sounds like a good name for an underground grunge/heavy metal band. I’mma start one up. Who’s with me?“

Darren Rovell: “Avg listed ticket price for tomorrow’s Bruins @ Canucks game is $1,697, according to seat geek. Cheapest is $728! Avg listed ticket price for tonight’s Mavs @ Heat game is $1,060 according to seat geek. Cheapest is $130 standing room only.”

Micah Johnson: “Oh yeahh..and HangOver 2 waz wack as hell!!!!!! I barley laffed! Had 2 tweet that b4 the plane take off!”

Terrence Jones: “With everything I’m facing I’m still gone make it!“

Aaron Boyd: “Magnesium Citrate! Waiting for it to kick in 0_o“

Blue Grass Baseball: “No Ky teams in NCAA tourn., but Ky HS alums Jeremy Dobbs & Jack Snodgrass (Austin Peay), Nick Maronde (Fla) and Spencer Petett (Belmont) are“

Mikie Benton: “Man lil kids be bad as hell at the doctor’s office!“

Thomas Beisner: “Cal takes subtle shot at Big East regarding NCAA Tournament berths vs. success. Followed by a subtle dig at Duke and their flops. He’s batting for the cycle today!!!“

Kyle Wiltjer: “In about a week ill be a college student. crazy“

Mike Gilchrist: “Good Morning world! Last week of school“

Gary Parrish: “Josh Pastner will announce Tuesday that he’s hiring Damon Stoudamire to be an assistant on the Memphis staff, a source told“

Daniel Orton: “I refuse to give up. Never will give up. God give me strength….“

UK Athletics: “UK Softball set five single-season offensive records in 2011, including runs scored, home runs and RBI.”

Nazr Mohammed: “For all the OKC fans that keep asking me about my free agency… My goal is to come back to OKC next season. I hope everything works out.“

Randall Cobb: “Get comfortable w being uncomfortable. Frustration comes when I can’t do something but I will continue to work until I get it”

Twany Beckham: “What if i kissed u right now…..”

Eloy Vargas: “I ate chicken, fried rice and eggs for two weeks straight.. time for something different.. Yessir..“

Stacey Poole: “Bored… watchin Wayne bros“

Ryan Harrow: “After this move and do my daily routine I need to be getting in someone’s pool“

Bill Simmons: “The Ohio State scandal didn’t scare me off — I’m going to continue trading ESPN memorabilia for tattoos.“

Steve Jones: “Miami Coral Reef rush end Julian Leslie told me UK is his favorite after getting offer from David Turner last nite“

Bleed Blue Kentucky: “Rashad Cunningham (2011-WR) who signed with UK in Feb. Will report to UK on June 18th. This should end any speculation regarding eligibility“

Doron Lamb: “The Show Basketball Wives is crazy“

Not Jerry Tipton: “Will Cal apologize to Forde & Thamel when their full length story on his generosity & UK’s APR is published, thus explaining radio silence?“

Oscar Combs: “The just-released Sports Illustrated story on OSU & Tressel should be required reading for every coach & student-athlete in the USA. And the story should put fear in the heart of every coach/administrator/athlete/fan/booster in USA. And no one should cheer.“

May 31

Calipari Addresses the SEC Teleconference

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Category: Basketball

Fresh off the white sandy beaches of Destin, FL (where I want to f$#%ng be right now) are Coach Cal’s comments from the SEC Teleconference earlier this afternoon. He gives us some stuff we’ve never heard before which is good, including his thoughts on the new NBA Block/Charge Arc rule change.

Cal went first but Dave Baker and Tony Barnhart continue the show here. Coach Cal’s comments are below:

On the progress he’s made at Kentucky in his two years as coach… We haven’t won a national title yet. It’s a different kind of job, but I’m enjoying it. The challenge of it is high, but so is the support, the fan involvement and the passion we all want as coaches. The problem that goes along with all that stuff – the sellouts, going on the road for everyone’s Super Bowl – is the high expectation of winning and not only winning, but winning league championships and national championships every year by 20. It can’t be an eight-point game.

On discussions about re-seeding SEC tournament and improving NCAA chances… You always have to look at it and says, ‘How do we make our league better? How do we get more teams in the (NCAA) Tournament? How do we make sure our best teams have high seeds?’ You look at league’s across the country and that’s what people are doing. How do we get our best four teams to get the highest seeds they can possibly get to the win the national title? It’s not about bringing those teams back to the pack, it’s about the SEC winning national titles.

The other side of that is, how do we get six, seven or eight teams into the NCAA Tournament? What’s the best way for us to do that? I don’t know the answer. I’ve been through this a few times now (in other conferences). I’ve lived what Alabama just went through. The whole time I was saying, ‘One division, one division, one division’. The bottom line is I would like to think everyone (in the SEC) wants to play us twice and get us in their building. Well, the only way that happens is if there is something rotating (in the schedule).

On feelings on talks of a possible 18-game SEC league schedule… Again, is it going to help our top teams get high seeds? Is it going to get more teams into the NCAA Tournament. What moves the needle more than anything else is strength of your non-conference schedule and a high RPI non-conference. What happens in leagues where their non-conference winning percentage is (.750 or .780) as a league is when they start playing each other none of it hurts. This is no knock on the Big East but they’ve had 19 teams in the Tournament the last two years and how many have made it by the first round? How is this happening? When they start playing each other they say the 11th team is really good. What? We have to figure out how you play the best schedule you can play and still win. That’s different for all of us. I think that’s more important than 16 or 18 (conference) games.

On his thoughts of how the SEC has been in reality compared to what he thought from outside… It’s a solid, strong league top to bottom. You have great coaches, unbelievable facilities, great support. It’s that next level of what you’re trying to do and what you want to coach in. You have a bunch of schools with very like missions. Even the academics – you get the chance for academic success too.

On the NCAA’s new NBA-like block/charge circle rule… It depends on how wide it is. My thing is make it so that when you’re running the Dribble Drive offense (opponents) can’t just stand in the lane (and take a charge). We drive the ball. It’s a benefit to us. Not to throw shots, but you know how Duke used to do it, they come off the weak-side away from the basket and you run into the guy and he’d fall. You can’t do that. What it does is get guys away from the rim a little bit. This takes the whistle away and makes it an easier call.

On his coaching the Dominican Republic national team…The Dominican thing was they approached me. They wanted me to help build basketball in their country. That appealed to me. I don’t need to coach a national team but if you want me to help build basketball and get involved in grass roots and how they’re teaching it, that’s what appealed to me. Right now it’s exciting but when I’m in the middle of it I’ll probably say, ‘Why in the world did I do this?’

May 31

Enes Set to Meet With 4 Teams

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Category: Random Notes

Enes leave Lexington

The Hoops Report is reporting that Enes has meetings, interviews and/or workouts scheduled with four teams. The Utah Jazz, Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Minnesota Timberwolves. The 4 teams with the first five picks, a good sign? All signs point to that being a yes. Duh.

He will begin by meeting with the Utah Jazz on Friday in Chicago, then Enes will meet with the Toronto Raptors on June 6 in Chicago.  On the 7th Kanter will head to Cleveland to meet with the Cavs and on June 16th he will go to Minnesota to meet with the Wolves.

Kanter did state that he would prefer to play for the Wizards if he had a choice, but no official meeting has been set for the team with the #6 pick.

May 31

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

After turning on Sportcenter yesterday morning, I was sure that Ohio State’s Jim Tressel was going to be honored as TGR’s Looker of the Week this week. I actually considered several young men and women that I came in contact with this weekend around the Winchester Memorial Men’s Match Play Championship golf tournament. There are always suitable candidates in and around Winchester on Memorial Day weekend. This year was not the exception. But, the debacle that is Ohio State Buckeye Football could not be denied!

It would be easy to make the recently dismissed, I mean, retired, Jim Tressel, our Looker. It is easy for us to say that it is near impossible for one man to watch over 100 football players to make sure they are not doing wrong, but then again, that is what Jim Tressel is paid to do. If one or two underclassmen who have used their redshirt and medical redshirt before they have ever stepped on the field for OSU were dealing gear for tats over and over again, I could understand how Jim might not know or care, but we are not talking about scrubs in this case.

OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith and OSU President Gordon Gee are also fine candidates for our weekly honor. I love when the executive branch gets all “high and mighty” in a crisis situation such as this one. Gee said this in his statement yesterday, “In consultation with the senior leadership of the Board of Trustees, I have been actively reviewing matters attendant to our football program, and I have accepted Coach Tressel’s resignation.” It took meeting with the Board of Trustees for you to figure out that things were not on the up and up with your football program Gee? Also, am I misspelling your last name or is it really missing that many letters?

As well as these three fit our definition of a “Looker”, no one this weekend fits it better than Ohio State star quarterback, Terrelle Pryor. Not only was it Terrelle Pryor that Tressel seemed to always be defending and protecting from OSU and the NCAA, it was Terrelle Pryor who showed up to the team meeting Monday morning in a 2007 Nissan 350Z with temporary tags with a May 24th date on them. If you are not familiar, one of the scandals around the program currently involves the use of cars by OSU athletes provided to them by a local used car salesman.

Since Terrelle Pryor either does not give a good damn about anyone or anything, or the poor kid is dumber than a moon rock, we have decided to make Mr. Terrelle Pryor our honorable TGR Looker of The Week! He is all tatted up, driving a sweet car, and forcing his own coaches to retire! Terrelle Pryor is a stone cold pimp and our looker! Congrats!

May 31

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

From rain and overcast skies to heat and humidity, seemingly overnight. We are looking at clear skies and 90s for the majority of the week folks! Enjoy it for at least this week before you start complaining about how hot it is, please!

The most important and most disturbing story over the weekend was the report that former Kentucky tight end, T.C. Drake, was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident in Nelson County. Drake was riding his bike without a helmet when a driver under the influence pulled out in front of him. T.C. hit the passenger side door of the vehicle and was thrown from his bike, suffering major head trauma and was flown to Louisville hospital. I hope all of Big Blue Nation will take the time to send the most positive of thoughts to Drake and his family.

– Coach Cal sent a message to his “haters” last night when he tweeted, “Radio Silence is the sound you hear on twitter from the triumvirate & compadres when there are positive stories about UK. Can you hear it? “I am guessing Cal is referring to the story Fertig told you about last night. There are more than one national writer out threw who will not acknowledge when Kentucky or Cal does anything positive, and Cal has noticed. As R.D. Mercer might ask, ‘How big a boy are ya?’…

– Cal and Joker are in Destin, Florida today for the beginning of the SEC meetings. Cal has basically taken over for Mike Slive as the head of SEC basketball, and may dip into the football side of things if Mike doesn’t straighten up. I would guess there is a better than average shot that Slive will be discussing cheating, ridding of the divisions in men’s basketball, over-signing in football, and the beautiful women on the white sand beaches of scenic Destin!

– Word yesterday that Ohio State’s Jim Tressel was forced to resign as their head ca coach put a large Memorial Day smile on my grill. I love when things are in an “up roar” in Knoxville and I also enjoy a little controversy in Columbus. I hope for months and months of chaos to ensue within Buckeye Nation! Love you OSU! Couldn’t have happened to a better fan base.

-King James and his South Beach talent will host Game 1 of the NBA Finals against Dirk tonight in Miami at 9:00 on ABC. If there were to be a Game 7, it would not take place until June 14, which is nuts. Way to drag it out NBA! After declaring in the preseason that I would never cheer for LBJ again, I am going back on my word and pulling for him to get his first ring. The fact a pair of his Nike endorsed shoes exist with a UK logo on them is enough for me to forgive him.

– News that former cat, Derrick Jasper, will join Billy Clyde’s staff is beyond perplexing. This is the same jasper that transferred from UK after Clyde seemed to pressure him back on the court with a less than healthy knee. Is this proof that BCG was not exactly what he seemed to be? Good luck to DJ and BCG in lovely Lubbock.

We will try to sober up and give you all of the TGR posts you would love to read or ignore this week as we go along. Stay tuned as much as you possibly can. C! A! T! S!

May 30

Generosity Pours From Calipari

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Category: Basketball

“There’s not a day goes by that he’s not trying to help somebody.” Those words from Larry Brown nearly sum up the excellent entire article written by Brett McMurphy @ CBSSports. If you can find the time it’s well worth the read, primarily touching on the philanthropy Coach Cal has shown well beyond his time at Kentucky, proving he’s a better person then most outside the BBN give him credit for.

If your in search of another heart-warming Coach Cal article then you’ve found it.

May 30

It is Not Memorial Day Weekend Until I Mention My Enes!

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Category: Basketball

I refuse to apologize for my lack of production this weekend. Since late Friday night, I have been completely jacked up on Mountain Dew and Kentucky softball, or something like that. I will be back tomorrow to give you what you need!

In the mean time, eat your hot dogs, drink your cold beer, and smother your sorrows in as much potato salad as you have left in your fridge. You may also enjoy this video of the love you never had, Mr. Enes Kanter. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

May 30

Jim Tressel Resigns, Happy Memorial Day!

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Category: General News

Thank you to our service men and women who have served this country. Your actions give us the right to be free and we are forever indebted to that. Thank all of you from TGR.

– Jim Tressel is accused of pulling a Bruce Pearl and knowingly provided false information to the NCAA, amidst other possible infractions. Today he resigned. As Pitino would say, how dare you bring this up on Memorial Day. Urban Meyer to OSU tomorrow, I’m starting that rumor right now.

Nation of Blue has a some great comments from DeMarcus Sweat, Joker’s most recent commitment. Here’s what Jeremy Jarmon’s cousin had to say, “Dang, it feels good…It feels great to be a Wildcat. I told Coach Phillips, ‘I’m ready when you offer,’ before I left campus. They gave me the offer and I pulled the trigger. We both just wanted me to go home and talk it over with my parents to be sure it was the right decision. Before I even committed I knew I was going to play in the state of Kentucky. It was either Kentucky or Louisville, whichever came first with the offer. Kentucky is just home for me. That’s all I can say, it’s just a great home and I can’t say no.”

Congrats to the women’s softball team and their remarkable season. Falling short of the world series stings but it was a magical, historic season for the ladies and we congratulate you for that.

– Lee Todd in his final few days on the job had some things to say about Rupp Arena and the apparent need for improvements. Here goes it:

Q: Will you acknowledge that UK prefers a new arena rather than a renovation of Rupp?

A: “UK prefers it be downtown. That is our first preference. And we would hope it’d be downtown and accommodate the needs of our program.”

Q: John Calipari and Mitch Barnhart talk about how UK basketball needs to be the gold standard. Why doesn’t Rupp Arena represent the gold standard?

A: “If you go out and compare it to amenities in other forums that are out there, (Rupp Arena) has got a lot of things missing. The suites. The club (seating), which is very attractive to fans. Video boards. So it is lacking some things. We want to keep it an up-to-date arena.”

Q: Why is keeping current important?

A: “It gives fans a better experience. And it gives you the opportunity (to boost) K Fund donations. We’re in the lower third (of the SEC). The more money we can generate, the more things we can do with that funding. We’re missing an opportunity, I think, to maximize the potential we can get from the fan base willing to pay it if we provide something different.”

According to KSR, former Cat T.C. Drake has been hospitalized after a motorcycle accident in Bardstown. He is in stable condition at a Louisville hospital.

– Did anybody even pay attention to the Senior PGA Championship?

Off to the pool.

May 29

Coach Cal to Head Off SEC Spring Meetings Tuesday

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Category: Basketball

On Tuesday Coach Cal will lead off the annual SEC Spring Meetings, held at the Sandestin Beach Hilton in Destin, Florida.

Here’s the full schedule
, all times are CST:

May 31 11:10 a.m. John Calipari, Kentucky
May 31 11:20 a.m. Dan Mullen, Miss State
May 31 11:30 a.m. Commissioner Slive
May 31 11:45 a.m. Will Muschamp, Florida
May 31 12:00 p.m. Pete Boone, Ole Miss
May 31 12:15 p.m. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
May 31 12:30 p.m. Nick Saban, Alabama
May 31 12:40 p.m. Mike Anderson, Arkansas
May 31 12:50 p.m. Pat Summitt, Tennessee
May 31 1:00 p.m. Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt