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May 3

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Tweets from across Big Blue nation for your reading enjoyment courtesy of tailgate Review!

Draft Express: “UK Combine was supposedly a big disappointment for NBA people. No competitive action. Just drills. Nothing much to learn. “

Chip Cosby: “Facebook friends.. I wanted to announce that I’ve accepted a position with Insight/CN2 as SR managing editor for sports programming where I’ll be hosting a sports TV show and helping to build the website. I want to thank the Herald-Leader for 14 wonderful years and the opportunity of a lifetime. And thanks to everybody who has supported me through everything.”

Wayne Turner: “Normally I’m not one for killing people but USA USA USA finally got him”

Darius Miller: “Lmao u one of them lil monkeys wit the pink butts“

Eloy Vargas: “I feel like I got smart in the library last night.. I was in there from 7 to 3 this morning.. I can’t believe it (T-pain voice)“

Doron Lamb: “I miss my mom and dad“

Twany Beckham: “I couldnt wait for the lakers to lose….im up all night talkin wats good lol laker junkies hahahaha“

Kyle Wiltjer: “Watching two of the best white guys battle againtst eachother. Taking notes“

Anthony Davis: “This guy is giving a presentation and idk what he is talking abt……get me out of here”

Mike Gilchrist: “Pennsauken Prom OO LET’S Do It!“

Demarcus Cousins: “Man this has been a great day…Found out the kings are staying in sacramento and I’m headed back to Lexington today …”

Daniel Orton: “Even if you’re a hater of mine. I love you and so does the man upstairs. Praise Him and give Him all the glory!!“

John Wall: “It was a great honor to go to the White House Correspondents Dinner…enjoyed myself!!!“

Patrick Patterson: “3 days in a row I have gotten a large Oreo Milkshake from BR…fat boy“

Tee Martin: “”You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.Better throw biscuits & keep it movin”!”

Randall Cobb: “Just laying here looking back on life.. I’ve changed SO much but for the best. I made many sacrifices to get to this point… I will probably continue to change. I believe that is part of growing as a man“

Winston Guy Jr.: “Its way to early to be giving presentations at 9:00am“

Qua Huzzie: “Done for today final number one done with“

Andre Woodson: “B.I.G. -Ba ba baby!!! (biggie voice) lol”

John Conner: “Having a great time in LA at the game”

Stevie Johnson: “Stay Positive, Optimistic, Have Fun and Handle Business! Trust ME You’ll Appreciate Life Much More! Be That Positive Influence!“

Ricky Lumpkin: “Lol holy rain and if you know me I don’t wear jackets or own a umbrella lolol so I’m soaked from head to toe“

Micah Johnson: “My Own man in My Own World On My Own MIssion!! Depending on Nobody but GOD!!”

Jake Lewellen: “This rain is beyond annoying!“

Jeremy Jarmon: “You can look me in the eye and see I’m ready for whatever. Anything that doesn’t kill me makes me better.“

Not Jerry Tipton: “Purvis decommits from L’ville. Most compelling story going forward? The investigation by Pat Forde & Pete Thamel of whoever he commits to.“

Thomas Beisner: “Kentucky’s Alex Meyer one of MLB Draft’s top prospects according to SI “

Larry Vaught: “Talked to Derrick Locke tonight. More with him Tuesday, but he’s very confident he’ll still play on Sundays“

Dave Telep: “Figure this out. Proposed NCAA calendar defines weekends in April as Sat/Sun BUT in July its Fri-Sat-Sun. That’s just a starting point.“

Jeff Dalessio: “More SEC alums (17) on remaing NBA plyf rosters than any league. Next: ACC/Pac10 (14), Big12 (13), BigEast (12), B10 (8).“

Matt Jones: “Chip Cosby leaving the Lexington Herald Leader and joining us at CN2 as the Managing Editor of Sports. Very excited to have Chip come aboard“

Dick Vitale: “Talk about a gutty & Courageous attack- wow the details on our commandos mission on bin Laden shows it was a Masterpiece!“

Bluegrass Baseball: “Former UK OF Collin Cowgill was named the player of the week in the Pacific Coast League on Monday“

Brett Dawson: “Saw DeMarcus Cousins at the Joe Craft Center today. He’s in town for about a week, he said“

Aaron Kall: “Calipari thinks some NBA personnel may tell some UK players they need to stay in college for another year“

Bill Simmons: “Hawks!!! Grizzlies!!!!!!!! It’s the NBA Finals on ABC!!!“

Ben Roberts: “Kyle Wiltjer comes in at No. 3 in the final 2011 Canadian player rankings from Nolan Shulman”

Tuscaloosa News: “Tuscaloosa fatalities still at 40; missing 240, 771 cleared. 11 search and rescue teams.“

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