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May 9

Monday Morning Mullet

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Monday Morning Mullet

Good Morning Mullet Fans! I hope everyone had a great Derby weekend.  While this will be the first of several Chow Wagon beauties I will present to you over the next few weeks, it is also certainly one of the best. 

This week, I am honored to bring you the couple of the century.  “Mr. Denim” and his girlfriend “Chastity”, who was every bit of 25 years younger than him, were truly a sight to see.  In her right hand you can see a zippo lighter and she had just finished her cigarette and her beer, the sad part (if you didn’t notice) is that she is pregnant.   I asked them if they had plans to dress up and go to Derby and their response was “Hell No! We’re having a Kegger!”

I hope she quits drinking and smoking for the baby’s sake, but I do love her mans Mullet as much as she does.

There’s no better way to start off the week than seeing a most awesome mullet on Monday morning. I pride  myself in  being somewhat of an amateur paparazzi, well at least when it comes to mullets and other hideous sites.  If you would like to send me your own pictures of an awesome mullet or anything else I might enjoy, please e-mail at

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