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May 11

DeAndre & My Wife

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Crazy Stories

Fertig’s post about the most memorable DeAndre Liggins moments got me thinking about my most memorable Liggins moment, or at least my wife’s. You may have to know my wife to understand how funny this is. You will know by the end that she is not a person who is shy in public or in the presence of “celebrities”.

As I have told you before, my wife is a big fan of the women’s camps the UK athletics department puts on for certain sports. Her first women’s basketball camp was Coach Caliper’s first year, Liggins’ sophomore year. My wife’s favorite part of the camp, and I assume most of the lady’s favorite parts, is when they are given a tour of the UK basketball facilities and allowed to get the autographs of the current team.

In the first year, the player’s were put in different positions around the facility to demonstrate certain parts of the building. Some players were b being taped, some were in the weight room, and some were in the Wildcat Lodge. If you have ever seen DeAndre Liggins around town, you know he is not the most-outgoing person in a crowd. He keeps to himself and does not seem comfortable with being a “superstar”, as some UK players are.

As my wife toured the facility, she came upon DeAndre sitting in a chair away from the group. She of course wanted an autograph and a picture, but not your average fan-hero picture. She asked DeAndre if she could give him a “noogie”. Before you run and tell something crazy about my wife, let me explain a noogie if you are not familiar. Actually, I will explain it to you as she explained it to DeAndre when he asked, “What is that?” Jess told him, “It is when I rub my knuckles across your head,” with her best Bath County accent. DeAndre said, “Oh, OK”, and the picture happened.

She went back this year and got a similar picture of the two of them giving each other noogies and the entire world is right! Well done Mr. Liggins, you will be missed.

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