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May 23

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

With only being a year or so old, we have missed out on the chance to make several of the Kentucky villains over the years our Looker of the Week. Petrino, Laettner, Walsh, Rasheed, and several others did something to make UK hate them, and then went out and did something dumb enough to earn our award, but it didn’t exist at the time.

Rarely do we get a shot to have our way with a past villain now, in the TGR age. Most people learn from their mistake of crossing that line into a world where everyone hates them, well, at least BBN. The only person I can remember being able to honor with TGr’s Looker of the Week long after his initial “crossing” of BBN is Coach Rick Pitino. But, he is a little different since he continues to attempt to bring down the nation and upset its citizens.

Today, we honor a man who enraged Big Blue nation many times, many years ago. The mere mentioning of his name will get a very passionate reaction from even the slightest UK fan. He is receiving the honor of this week’s Looker not because of anything he did to UK, but because I could not pass up the opportunity to allow something he did last night to embarrass him and his family for all of those years of torment he forced upon us. Here is a video from last night’s Heat-Bulls game 3…

Yes dear, that is former Florida Gator, and current Chicago Bull, Joakim Noah, yelling “F**k you, f**got!” at a Miami Heat fan after picking up his 2nd foul and being forced to the bench. Around where I grew up, this would be considered as the “Pot calling the kettle black”, but I am just saying’. Kobe Bryant was fined earlier this year for a similar comment to a fan, and I hope Joakim’s fine is even larger and attached to a suspension. Of course he backpedaled after the game and gave this statement, “I apologize. The fan said something to me that I thought was disrespectful, and I got caught up in the moment, and I said some things that I shouldn’t have said. I was frustrated and I don’t mean no disrespect to anybody. I just got caught up.”

No matter the excuse, we are proud to honor Miss Joakim Noah with this week’s TGR Looker of the Week award for his comments last night on South Beach! I am sure I express the sentiments of all Kentuckians when I say, “F**k you too beotch!”
C! A! T! S!

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