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May 27

People of Walmart Special

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Looker of the Week

Personally I love a store where you can buy motor oil, underwear, propane tanks, fishing lures, c antelope, cupcakes, tire foam, potted meat, potted plants, wiper blades, fish food, end tables, rain boots, lawn mowers,  wrapping  paper, spiderman sleeping bags, rolaids, hair netting, door mats, diapers, contraceptives, birthday balloons, pet food, eggs, tic-tacs, prescription glasses, Red Lobster gift cards, chia-pets, Magic Markers, dish towels, Power Wheels, prom gowns, hat racks, camping tents, baby bedding, Miracle Grow, fountain drinks, Mothers Day cards, get your tires rotated, and pick up all your groceries in one simple stop. That store is Walmart and everyone of you have been there before, don’t act like you haven’t been. You’ve been, and it’s highly likely you ran into one of these characters, let’s just hope your not related:

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